Lauren C Gorgo ~ Energy Report FREE-VERSION ~ The 11~11 Portal of The Mirror
October 29, 2017


After a scorching summer of transmutational fires incinerating our most ancient fears…liberating our from human bondage…and a super intense entrance to autumn (in the north), we arefinally beginning to find a rhythm with the sacred flow of new Life.

In September, a clear month of endings right on the heels of the solar eclipse…we energetically bottomed out. In October (a universal 2 month) we started laying the foundation for our -to-be in the new year with a special focus on partnerships…a preview into the major theme of 2018 (a universal 2 year). In November we bring into manifestation our final harvest for 2017 as we begin to refill our very empty chalices after the glorified gutting that was last season.

In preparation for the new year, some of us are readying to test our newly resurrected wings…to see just how far we have come by putting our newly alchemized fears to the test thru some very new life choices, while others are being drawn deeper inward, assessing the remaining density and outdated be-lie-fs that have surfaced during the eclipses.

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