The Dragons, Channeled Jennifer Lucas
February 2, 2017

It is written in the dragon realm upon the world of auwa, once a dragon is created from a soul of the infinite, it is incubated inside the energy of source love. Each egg that forms from the ethers of creation manifests inside the cavern of tranquility. Here are countless eggs to be born a new from the love of who is pure. Keepers of the cavern plant each egg into the nests. At the moment of hatch, it is given to the dragon masters who bless the birth and is then placed within the of the one it belongs to. Within that , the infant is nourished and grows. As it grows the soul of the dragon is energetically imprinted and bonded as one and mind. Can you feel it’s presence within your soul? The essence of your dragon is within your , for your is your dragon’s . You begin to feel it beat strongly in connection. You begin to it. You begin to know it. You are the one who nourished it’s growth. Do you not remember this? Do you remember the moment you looked into the eyes and touched your hand upon him or her? Can you remember what it like to witness the of your dragon? Those of the of your own galaxy have kept hidden the keys to unleashing our realm into yours once more. Those keys have been given to the masters of new earth. We have been awaiting your return to us. We now welcome you here. We you our highest honor and bow to your presence.