Archangel Uriel, We See Reconstruction on the Horizon, December 20, 2017

Christine: For those who are being thrown at the deep end with this transmission, I receive dictations from the Ascended Masters and Archangels, as well as beings who reside upon higher dimensions. This takes place by telepathic communication. The following message is from one of these Emissaries of the monadic I Am Presence, who work with the Great White Brotherhood, the Hierarchy, the Cosmic Celestial, or Heavenly, Orders, and Galactic Federation of Light. It is a message I have received from Archangel Uriel, by thought transmission or telepathic communication. I receive dictations which are messages purposely designed for the Lightworkers, to inform them about what is in a way behind the scenes of the world in relation to the great Awakening, , and Ascension. The following message was received in two parts: on December 18 and 19:

Archangel Uriel: I would like to tell you, dear ones, that we have passed a particular line in the Ascension process, and the awakening of the souls of the world, in the sense that there is no more time for the laggards, those dark ones, to be given a chance, or opportunity, to bend the knee to the Light and change! It is now time, as decreed by Almighty God, some time ago, when declared ‘Enough is enough!’ and please refer to a dictation entitled ‘Leaps and Woes’ on Matt Muckleroy’s Playlist for this particular statement. It is now time to start building and recreating civilization as we have stated many months ago, in that period following that of the Transition. The month which Archeia Faith revealed to draw a symbolic line which you will be crossing over, is February 2018. And the date is the 18th, more exactly.

So, yes, I mean there is little time, less than two months now, and it is not sufficient to perhaps make the reluctant souls, those evil doers, change their course with complete surrender to the Light, and, as Christians call it, repentance for their past deeds, some of which have had a hard impact upon you all, dear Lightworkers, who have been sent to this world to your time in , by doing more than being yourselves, or realigning yourselves with your real higher identities, those that you are integrating right now as you attune your lower bodies with the Divine Will. This Divine Will also is that of your higher counterparts in as there is complete alignment between your Higher Selves and God’s Will and it is not by some kind of sacrifice but rather by finding joy in doing so. The human being sometime has a difficulty to understand this concept, and it is incorrect that Archangels do not have a choice, and do not have freewill. The truth of the matter is that archangels have made the choice to desire God’s Will to be manifested for so long, without cease, that some individuals have wrongly speculated that they do not possess freewill. Well, they do! And are reaping happiness in doing so!