Lord Michael, De-cloak and Risk Demonization, December 1, 2017,
by Christine Preston,


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Lord Michael: You know the Masters do not like to a confrontation about truths before it is time to do so, or even before a messenger is ready to receive them, or even to consider them. They are tolerant in the and operate in ways that you would regard as very unconventional. Blavatsky’s writing was a of studies of her own, with a focus on controversial , even the Book of Dzyan which she claimed to be of Tibetan origin. Some researchers associate her with Nazi and you can see how wrong this is! That particular group of researchers who expect some extraterrestrials to appear in the sky, seem intend to spread the idea that the Masters are antichrist. Yet there is in the teachings of the Ascended Masters that is not good or that is against Christ, well to the contrary! We the fact that there is a Universal Christ , and that the path of Ascension consists in integrating this . It leads to a freedom and resurrection from immortality which is what Jesus Christ taught as well. These researchers do not perceive the fact that it is the Cosmic Christ that is unique, or that could be called ‘the Only Son of God’. of their reasoning is that the ‘Sons of God’ of Genesis 6 are Nephilim, or fallen angels, and they do not understand that it was the progeny of those Sons of God, that caused the corruption of the Old World. They genetically inherited from their fathers a psychic power that they misused.