Sheldan Nidle’s update for December 19, 2017

Selamat Balik! Welcome. After considerable delay we return to give you a brief review of what is taking place around your world during this of the year. At it is difficult to grasp what is manifesting on your planet. We wish to take a moment to review what has transpired for us at the Galactic Federation. We finally have been invited by your allies to play a more active part in rolling out your promised prosperity. Therefore, let us use this time to gather ourselves and for the monumental changes that are to unfold over the coming weeks. Your Allies wait in to utilize our strategies that will eliminate the cabal’s persistent intrusions.
Constant interferences by the cabals and their numerous associates often make creating policy most difficult. Despite these challenges, the must inevitably achieve those victories that you so richly deserve. workers are destined to use their guile (intuitive wisdom) to bring about such results. By creating a constant between the Light and the dark, we mean to attain eventual success.
Your absolute victory is paramount. The demise of the cabal is crucial before you are able to move ahead and create a new and pristine galactic reality. Therefore we are employing strategy and caution as we advise your Earth Allies on how to the cabal in divine time. It is imperative for you to understand that the demise of the cabal is further along than most of you believe. Our plan has been to advance at a slow and steady pace. We are to achieve victory for all at the right divine time.