Experience the Merging! January 13, 2018
by Christine Preston
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Christine: The following reading is the kind of prayer, or , you may make using the tools released to mankind by the Ascended Masters through the of the I Am Movement in previous decades. The tools are the Science of the Spoken Word, a dynamic form of prayer that will produce manifestations in the world of materiality or physicality, and bring solutions to resolve all problems, whether personal or to do with situation. These prayers are designed to accelerate your journey upon the path of Initiations and Ascension, as as to accomplish Soul Merging. Please do look for more information about these from the Summit Lighthouse, or by visiting TSL.org . What follows is a Call I have composed for a daily attunement with our monadic Presence. This is our immanent Spirit Within, a spiritual capsule of the Almighty Father in Heaven, who Himself to Moses saying ‘I Am that I Am’, meaning ‘I Am that I Am in you and all souls who possess the with me’. This is at etheric level in the heart. It is a threefold flame of Love, Wisdom, and Power which we need to expand and balance. The dual polarity of Father-Mother God exists within the I Am Presence, and is reflected in the 12 Higher Selves whom each I Am created. Please refer to previous videos for the concept of each of these higher Selves lowering their consciousness 12 extensions of themselves, for the manifestation of the holy number of 144. My I Am Presence speaks to me when I raise my thoughts to him with the kind of prayer that follows. I a masculine voice. It is not something I in a loud way, but as in a , and there is with it a character of masculinity and of great authority. I sense more authority from my I Am Presence than from the Ascended Masters or the Archangels who communicate with me by this system of forms,