Archangel Michael, Update on State of Emergency, January 13, 2018, by Christine Preston

Christine: The following message is from Archangel Michael and was received for by telepathic communication:

Lord Michael: This is Archangel Michael and this message is intended for you, Christine, as well as the lightworkers. Dear ones, I would like to say that you are doing well despite your occasional feeling that you are struggling with , or lack of it as well as tiredness. These feelings will pass. We are entering a new era, a new with positive changes, due to the Astrological influences and the magnitude of work on the part of the Lightworkers that has been carried out in years. Their holding of the Light, its balance, as well as their prayers on a large , have permitted us to go into action and go with a multitude of tasks at angelic celestial level, to push with some enormous developments to forge ahead with new for a . With regard to the State of Emergency declared last week which put the forces of Heaven on alert, this is not being removed yet, the being that we still have hurdles of a political nature to with. I will let you know more about the outcome of this in the near future. The Aquarian astrological influences are doing their work so for the time being, we just hope for the best and trust in the Divine Plan that we are going to obtain positive results for a wonderful unfoldment of destiny.