This is A , a course in mind training that intends with a full faculty of bright realization to teach you who you really are. I’m called an “advanced teacher” by the simple idea that I have practiced sufficiently within my own mind a determination that there had to be an to this idea of death, the idea of pain and loneliness that this apparent body . That available to me on a moment-by-moment basis was a solution that showed me a complete reality based on my connection to Mind. This under the complete auspices of my savior, Jesus Christ, who said very simply, “You must undergo an experience to come to know who I am and what I am offering you, and I will you with that experience if you will make a fundamental admission of your responsibility for what’s occurring out in the world.”

Those of us who now are gathering together under the auspices of this Course in have begun to have more and more illuminating experiences, which are accumulating in our connection with each other, based on our certainty of the complete alternative. So this is a joyous occasion if we to look at it that way.

What’s occurring in the offering of this teaching, is in a literal sense a communication of mind on the realization that we share a singular mind. And no matter what pretense we operated on in an historic of our own memories within our own body identity, somewhere we were very certain that we were employing the same singular power of in order to express our aggregation contained within space/time.

The Illuminate Mind Training Series
with The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles.
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