Marina Jacobi, We Thank you, from the 11th Dimensional Beings.

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Hello dear Family, we are the 11th Dimensional Beings.
We wish to express our deepest gratitude to all of the White Hats inside the governmental . This message is for you. We thank you for all your in the name of humanity.
Help is on the way. We finally reach the levels that are no turning back. We have the to infinity. No longer negative structure will be able to penetrate the reality. We finally build up to collapse all the negative structures. We wish to tell you to please continue your excellent work. We know you are and we see you we you. We guide you in your sleep and some of you are already having contact with some of us.
Know that humanity is ascending. It is done.
We have the momentum and it is manifesting as we speak. You must know that we collaborate only with the that have a contract with us due to the level of consciousness and . We are all one family one unit we are you. So please collaborate with us and each other. With in three you will see big changes and the positive results of your hard work. So we thank you. All the love from us, we are so humble of what you are all doing.
Most appreciation from us to you all.
We Salute you.
Hello dear , if you wish to register for the new quantum structure coarse, please sign up from the below.
Much love,
Marina Jacobi