El Morya Teacher
January 11, 2017

through Natalie Glasson – January 12, 2018 – Original source: School of OmNa
4K resolution and processed with the highest quality


In 2018 we enter an exciting time for those on Earth who consciously connect with the light of and wish to awaken the sacred light within others. Those who recognize the light within and around their being and on Earth, can realize the expansion that takes place within their . While this change in ascension is what all light-conscious have been asking and waiting for, it may also require the activation of their inner courage, as well as the release of fears.
Every human being and being on Earth has a channel, this is a direct link to the Universe of the Creator that exists almost like an energy funnel that extends from the coronary chakra and fuses with your chakra column. Each being has the ability to and deliver the energy of the Creator through its channel, grounding and anchoring these sacred qualities in the dimensions of the Earth. The channel of each is already and in daily use. You are channeling throughout your day without realizing it. Energy can be expressed through its channel in multiple ways and forms, each is a unique expression of an energy that can not be described, labeled and explained. It is for all to discover, to explore, to dominate and to advance in its channel, progressing towards evolved expressions of the purity and truth of the Creator. Many beings channel aspects of their ego, mind, emotions, and spiritual guides without realizing it. To advance in your channel is to your channel to the supreme truth of the Creator, allowing this to be from which you the divine.