What Everyone Ought To Know About the Law of Attraction

Monday, January 15th, 2018 at 6 pm ET, Keith Anthony Blanchard of Center of Light Radio invites Michael Losier to help us learn what we ought to know about Law of Attraction and its’ Impact on our personal and business lives.

You may not be aware of it, but a very powerful force is at work in your life. It’s called the Law of Attraction and right now it is attracting people, clients, situations, and relationships into your life—not all of them good!
Expert Law of Attraction trainer, author and former Oprah & Friends host, Michael Losier, teaches you how to apply the Law of Attraction to your advantage so you can use Law of Attraction deliberately to attract more of what you want in your personal and business life.

You will learn:

What causes negative attraction and how you can start attracting what you DO want
How to reset your thoughts so you can reset your results
Simple daily tools to help you be more abundant and more attract-able (able to attract)


Michael Losier | What We Ought To Know About the Law of Attraction!

Michael Losier is the author of the best-selling books Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You don’t.

Michael caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who interviewed him four times on her Soul Series™ radio show on Sirius/XM satellite radio. Michael went on to enjoy a year-long run hosting his own radio show on Oprah & Friends™ radio

Michael’s upcoming third book, Your Life’s Purpose: Uncover What Really Fulfills You, helps the reader and student get more clarity about their life’s purpose AND most importantly, what they need to be experiencing to live their life’s purpose.

His YouTube videos have millions of views, and his new live weekly Internet show, Hang Out With Michael, allows him to connect with fans of Law of Attraction in an exciting way. – http://michaellosier.com

Your Life’s Purpose: Uncover What Really Fulfills You

Your Life's Purpose: Uncover What Really Fulfills You by Michael Losier

In his bestselling book Law of Attraction, Michael Losier showed us how we can attract the things we want through our attention, energy, and focus. But what if you aren’t able to pinpoint what you want in life? What if you’re stuck, unsatisfied but unable to see what’s holding you back―unable to identify what will truly bring you joy?

In Your Life’s Purpose, Michael Losier dives into our most basic motivations and lays out a simple guide to help you identify your strongest needs. These needs, which he calls Fulfillment Needs, are the 4 core motivators that, when taken together, describe the meaning and purpose of your life.

Losier spent five years developing a proven methodology for identifying these needs. His easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide will help you understand not just what drives you, but how to integrate joy into your day-to-day life. Complete with interactive exercises, charts, and personal testimonials, this results-driven book will help you evaluate your job, build compassion and understanding in your relationships, and make big life decisions based on your level of fulfillment.

Michael Losier’s books, courses, and videos have helped millions of people around the globe to improve their relationships, redirect their energies, and find personal fulfillment. You may be surprised how easily you can find your life’s purpose! – Get the Book!

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