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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Cornwall, Ontario on 2016-06-16 19:15:00 – Object captured in view of moon.

Synopsis: I was out shooting images with my kids on the side of my house, just randomly shooting the moon and clouds. i captured the days images using a canon sx60hs which has zoom capabilities allowing you to zoom in on the moons craters. i did not notice the object while shooting, in this particular moment i was using 3 shot burst and just trying to get the circumference of the moon. it was only when i was going thru the days images, i noticed what seemed to be a mark on my monitor screen. after trying to remove it the old fashioned way by licking my finger and scrubbing it off i realized it was in the image and i blew it up only to notice an object in view of the moon. the object seems to resemble a hat shape, likely metallic, and what i would call a disc with an elevated dome of sorts. it does not look to have many attachments at all. i was immediately shocked by what i had captured, however, with my kids there i asked them “what do you think this is?” they all respectively said they thought it was a “ufo” or “spacecraft”. i am unaware whether it could be military, dimensional, other-worldly… my only certainty is that i have never witnessed anything like it. unfortunately, this was a still image, however, there was no object in the two subsequent images, meaning it was either faster than the shutter speed on 3 burst, or it was there and gone, disappearance.. not sure. i was utterly afraid to report this object, i did not want to be subject to ridicule, i did post it on my fb page and shared it with some friends and family, who have all encouraged me to report the sighting and get my story out there. my children who were reviewing the images with me all witnessed the finding. there were 5 of us in total, the kids aged 8 to 12 and myself. so with that said here is my sighting, i appreciate any feedback as to what it is i witnessed that day

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Marion, Virginia on 2015-01-10 00:00:00 – Army osprey following orbs that change direction fast and at 90 degree angle.

Synopsis: I was inside the house and heard loud aircraft. went outside and saw 3 of the 4 ospreys (rotors in helicopter position) that flew over from north to south. about 15 minutes later i heard them coming back from south to north. three passed over the house, the fourth made a fairly quick bank and turn around and head south. i had my son come with me and jumped in the car to see where it was going. by the time we got in the car and went over the hill the osprey was coming back north a couple hundred yards in front of us at about 400-500 ft altitude we saw a tiny bright white light in front of the osprey, as it passed over us there were two lights and one darted wast at a 90 degree angle and went out of sight, the other went east a second or so after the first one and the 2nd one darted east and the osprey went in that direction over the ridge and out of sight. the ospreys fly over this area all the time but it is very rare they do after dark. i figured this was something they (army) have or use but the speed and physics were pretty fast compared to today’s drones, especially in 2015

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in North Carolina on 2018-01-01 00:00:00 – Red orange candle flame shaped objects flying s from the north up to 30.

Synopsis: It was the 2018 new year and my neighbor and i were out in the backyard enjoying a fire when i noticed a couple of these orange objects in the sky.I had not been drinking for the record! i first noticed that they were not blinking like aviation lights. we live in the city and are constantly having air traffic in our area, yet there seemed to be a lack of it in this time frame. they looked like orange-red candle flames traveling from the north to the south. they kept coming one after another. it looked like a huge ship was passing by at a low altitude. all of the lights seemed to travel at the same speed and distance from each other, not passing or deviating from the path. the only thing that seemed to differ some were the altitudes of the objects, but not by that much. excited, i called my wife to come see these objects. we now had 3 people observing this. this lasted about 20 to 25 minutes. it was from about 12:15 to 12:40 am. the sky was overcast. but i could see fireworks coming from freedom park area which is maybe two to 3 blocks away. so it seemed that there was a low ceiling of visibility lending me to believe that these objects were definitely under the radar. we realized that there were so many that we should start counting. we both determined that three were at least 25 to 30. i have now witnessed 3 events. the first was a pulsating violet/blue orb around crowders mtn, nc in which i was in awe and then a few years later a white orb and a tr3-b in dallas, nc. which made me and my ex wife feel fear and we ran and hid. these were both in the nineties. this event i didn’t feel anything but awe. i think most of what i have seen was exp. military crafts in my opinion. nc is home to fort bragg/pope air force base as well as camp lejeune and cherry point. i took some pics on my verizon revere flip (dumb)phone…A total of 4 pics. for such a crappy phone it picked up a white sphere. and also the orange flame but when it took it seemed to look like some other images of craft that i have seen on the web. i will try to upload these later

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Marblehead, Massachusetts on 2016-06-20 21:40:00 – I was driving and saw 2 lights ahead, hovering just above the tree-line. there appeared to be light coming from it, like a helicopter beam, but that light wasn’t there once i got close to it.

Synopsis: I waited a long time to submit this because i have had trouble describing what i saw and have been looking for reports of anything similar. i came across mufon case 75504 and finally, saw a object/experience that was like my own. i also had another experience a few months later, in september, which has video but a completely different type of “object” or objects(multiple). anyway, on 6/20/16, i was driving home from vinnin square, down tedesco st.,into marblehead. tedesco is a long, straight road. the first intersection is a 4-way stop. it’s visible from a decent distance on tedesco. driving toward it, i noticed 2 headlight-like lights, very bright, hovering not too far above the tree-line. i also thought i saw light coming down from the object, and assumed it was a helicopter. i wondered what was going on-what had happened. i expected some sort of movement, even hovering, helicopters tend to “waver,” as do their lights, but it held steady. there is an elementary school on the corner and i was also expecting that it might move to land there, or that another would appear and land. it was a very quiet night, there was no one else on the road. this whole time, i was coming up on the intersection, waiting for some sign of…Anything, and it still just wasn’t moving at all. i had deliberately slowed down to watch and to try catch the red light–there was no one behind me, so i went very slowly and let it turn red, and still the object just sat there. i swear to you, i don’t know why, but i 100% felt it “knew” i was looking at it, and it was looking at me. we sat like that for about 10 seconds and then it started moving toward me. i rolled my window the rest of the way down and at the same time, was detaching my phone and turning off the music because i felt i needed to pay attention. still, “intellectually,” i guess, i was sort of expecting that with the window wide open and the music off, i’d hear the sound of a helicopter and see the wind generated by one, but there was nothing. it was noiseless. no wind. it had gotten a little lower in those 2 seconds or so and was just beyond the intersection it got almost right in front of me, then smoothly veered to the right–up maple st., diagonally, as if heading toward salem or out to sea, and was gone from sight. the lights in the intersection and on the “vehicle” turned it into a fuzzy silhouette. it looked like it had corners and curves. there were more lights on it, but i didn’t see the beam-like light anymore. i wasn’t sure i had seen it at all. i wrote 2 facebook posts about it right after.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2018-01-07 13:35:00 – Multiple shiny objects mostly spheres and some pill looking ones

Synopsis: I was standing on sidewalk of frank sinatra dr., facing south when i noticed a plane (from the southwest) giving a chem- trail that was thicker and whiter then usual. i followed it until it was just right above me, when i noticed what appeared to look like a bunch of balloons above the planes path. after focusing more on the “balloons” i realized that were very shiny, metallic layer on them and that they were perfect spheres, and that they were the same size of the plane flying by with the chem trail, but higher up. the objects were in a mass group with the spheres in the front and pill-like objects towards the rear. the plane with the trail, was traveling northeast while the objects were in perfect line with the planes trail traveling southwest as if to cover the objects. as this was happening there was another plane below the plane with the trail and the objects, traveling a high rate of speed towards the southwest appeared to look like a fighter jet. about two minutes after watching this a blackhawk helicopter flew right over head, maybe about 100 ft. above ground moving very fast, heading north. i was overwhelmed at the time but managed to capture some photos

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Capon Bridge, West Virginia on 2018-01-13 20:24:00 – 4 lights that emitted material from them

Synopsis: My wife and i saw four bright glowing lights that we though were airplanes from martinsburg airbase or some other air planes. we observed the lights right above the trees in the direction of slanesville. the lights were very bright and did not move or blink and dropped some sort of bright material from them. the lights pulsated from a yellow to white blue color. after the lights dropped material they remained in the area for another two minutes and then flew off at an extremely high rate of speed in the direction of slanesville. on the 14th we drove up to the area where we though the lights were hovering above and found some metallic drops that look like soldering. the side of one tree had a thin burn mark with the material laying at the base of the tree. we did take a couple of soil samples and scrapped bark off some of the trees

Headline #7: 

UFO Sighting in Bruneau, Idaho on 2017-01-14 18:15:00 – Object emmiting bright light high up in the atmosphere that changed directions and quickly dissapeared from sight

Synopsis: I was walking towards my house it was towards the end of dusk when i noticed an bright white light moving across the sky at a high altitude, heading northeast climbing from about 60° climbing towards 70°. i thought it was the internatinal space station until the lights went from pulsating to blinking as it broke from the path before a brief absence before the object flickered coming back into view briefly down 55° heading southeast as it appeared to rapidly accelerate out of sight. the overall appearance of the light appeared almost as if emitted from the objects drive and the various phases appeared to correlate with the change of speed and direction. i live beneath the flight path of mountain home airforce base and have seen every sort of aircraft they fly including project aurora and this wasn’t like anything i’ve seen

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Medford, Oregon on 2018-01-13 22:20:00 – I saw an orange orb. suddenly very bright white orb shows up next to it out of nowhere

Synopsis: I had come home at about 10:30 pm saturday jan 13 – i looked around and saw an orange orb hovering over south medford – at first there was an orange orb. i knew it was alien because i had never seen a light there before. suddenly a very bright white orb shows up next to it out of nowhere and just as quickly as the white light is gone but the orange orb is still there. i watched it for 15 minutes waiting for it to leave then went inside

Headline #9: Black Triangle Sighting in Crescent City, California on 2018-01-14 19:50:00 – Observed one coming over horizon followed by 3 more then ascend then more coming over horizon then ascend also several more same but in different areas , see pics

Synopsis: I was sitting in my dining room it was dark outside. my cousin was at the kitchen sink. i looked up towards him to ask him a question, i noticed a bright reddish/orange light in the sky out the kitchen window. i told him look out the window! what the heck is that?! we ran out to the back porch and suddenly several more appeared coming over the mountain range, i ran in got my camera. we stepped down into the yard and i took pics. more came as the others appeared to ascend. more would follow. if you look closely at the pics you will see trianguler lights and what appears to be a lead craft. no sounds no trails nothing that would be like a plane or helicopter. no flare either. i was shocked and some what frightened thinking maybe we were under some kind of attack. watching them ascend was even more confusing. they ascended and were no longer visible. i hope there is a good explanation for what we saw. iam still shook up 2 hours later.

Headline #10: Black Triangle Sighting in Redford Charter Township, Michigan on 2004-03-31 19:20:00 – The object i saw was large and hovering at a low altitude moving slowly as if it was looking for something.

Synopsis: In 2004 i saw a unknown flying object while standing in front of my home looking up at the moon with a telescope facing ne in redford, mi. the object i saw was triangular with rounded corners and dim white lights centered in each corner. the object hovered over me, for how long i do not know. it wasn’t until i turned around to go into my home that i noticed the object. it made no sound as it hovered over and slowly began moving sw over my neighborhood. moments after the object cleared the horizon, i heard then watched two fighter jets pursuing the object in the same direction.     the object i saw was large and hovering at a low altitude, moving slowly as if it was looking for something. i never shared this story with anyone after my family did not believe what i had witnessed during the time of this incident. for a week after i watched news channels hoping to hear about others who had seen either the object or fighter jets in the nights sky to no avail. since this time, i have wondered about what i saw on that night in private. i have also wondered about how long the object was there before i had noticed it.

Headline #11: Could recently found stones be a giant’s spearheads?

Synopsis: The Nantahala National Forest in Jackson County, North Carolina is a hotspot for unusual sightings and discoveries. Most recently, a man discovered a trove of very large stones that look like they might be ancient spearheads.  He found them when he was cleaning a swampy area on his property so his creek would flow better.  He was amazed at what he found.

Photos of some of the stones he found are shown below.  Clearly, they are too big and heavy to be useful to a normal size human.

“I was just throwing rocks on the bank while cleaning out the swampy part of the creek so it would flow better,” BJ explained.

“As the rocks piled up, I noticed they all had similar shapes.  Unlike smooth river rocks which I also found, these had sharp edges and appeared to be tooled.  A creek doesn’t create straight pointed rocks, so maybe they could be ancient spearheads. When I picked up some of them, they weighed like 10 pounds.

“An old friend of mine, whose mother was a full-blooded Cherokee, claims to have a spiritual connection and reads energy,” BJ continued.  “When she came to visit, she was overwhelmed by the energy and power of the place.  She felt people had lived there before the Cherokee.  You have to wonder if they might have been giants.”

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