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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in The Hague, South Holland on 2012-05-24 15:15:00 – Transparant cilindrical 100+ ft ufo glided through the sky off to sea

Synopsis: My wife and i spent a day at the beach (the hague, netherlands – may 24th 2012) when i just filmed the emptiness of the beach, because there weren’t many other people. only much later, when i looked at the footage on my imac, in the distance i noticed some sort of craft in the sky, slowly moving from left to right, until it disappeared in the haze over the north sea. there had been no sound coming from the craft, or we would have heard it then and there. as far as the exact size and shape of the craft, i am not sure, because it could’ve been 2 miles out from where we were. and it could be a cilindrical shape, but it could also be a disc shape, seen from the side. maybe it was a blimp, but i haven’t seen one over the hague in over 5 decades and a blimp is not very likely, because a blimp is mostly used for promotional stuff and why would a blimp go out to sea, where there are no people? i’d like it if others could shed some light on this video. i’ve put it up in 2013 on youtube at https://youtu.Be/pbxh4gg2n9i

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Warner Robins, Georgia on 2018-01-15 20:30:00 – Very bright orange light hovering in nw. coukdnt tell the altitude but appeared over tree line. it disappeared and reappears just above the horizon some distance away. driving home i saw what looked like a satellite but was moving very fast east to west


Synopsis: I was at wal-mart on booth rd around 830pm and was putting my stuff in the car when i noticed a very bright star like object hovering to the northeast. i tried to get a decent video but got a poor quality one of course. as soon as i looked away to shut the trunk it was gone and reappeared just over the horizon in the same direction. idk how high it was. maybe over the tree line, may be thousands of feet. i got in my car to drive home and headed north on davis i see a star like object that looked like a very fast moving low altitude satellite moving east to west. i called my husband and told him to look outside bc the front of our place faces west. he saw it too.Thing is, i had this same experience back in october. even weirder is last time this happened a man in a black new ford suv sat in front of my neighbors house and would not respond to me until i mentioned to my friend getting the tag number. her threw the car in reverse and went backward to the end of the road. well, yesterday i had a man in a older model black ford suv. when i walked out my door he bolted. he had texas plates. maybe its all coincidence. i do live next to an airforce base and directly in between 2 major army bases, both only an hour from here. just strange stuff

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Trumbull, Connecticut on 2014-08-31 00:00:00 – A mystery object sighted moving slowlyover griffith park, l.A. in broad daylight.

Synopsis: I was working as part of a film crew in griffith park area, los angeles, sometime in late 2014. several people on the crew saw this object moving slowly over the park, close enough to see clearly, but so unusual that no one could say what it was. someone on the crew just happened to see it, and pointed it out to the rest of us. it was impossible to say what it was. the object is somewhat bulbous, almost balloon-like, but rather complicated shape. at least two appendages hang down from the domelike top. there was no indication of an engine or propellant device, but it moved at a leisurely pace, in a definitely straight line. there was no sound associated with it. we all wondered at the object, but we were just simply puzzled, too. i took a couple of pictures, but i didn’t think much more about it until one of my current co-workers suggested that i report it to your organization. the object was generally overhead, but moving away from us by the time i saw it. it was even further away by the time i could get my camera and take these photos. eventually, it moved away from us and we lost sight of behind the trees. i would like to know if anyone has any idea what this object is. even if it is something innocuous, and easily identified, and not a “mystery object”, i would like to know what it is.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Newport, Minnesota on 2016-06-30 00:00:00 – Neon green glowing

Synopsis: I kept thinking benevolent thoughts telepathically to them and expressing that i wanted to see them one day. kept seeing them in the sky, like they drop out of extreme speed just slow enough so i could tell it was a ship then speed up and keep going. one night at like idk 1:45am when i was walking home from a friends house i was thinking yet again more benevolent based thoughts to the others/extraterrestrials i had seen that green light in the sky zip over head. when i had gotten home i was so hot from walking in a sweater, i went straight downstairs to cool off and idk maybe like 20min after i got home and was sitting there an over-whelming tiredness came over me.(this isnt the first visit, but most i remembered from one and also when the implant was received)i remember waking up from my mind being blank/just seeing black in my dream state and when i woke, i was like propped up like and sorta leaned/pushed back on the couch, remember my back had a slight jar to it so i sat up slowly and when i did, i seen the one i call the “hat-man” i felt something like a warm vibrating sensation in my abdominal region like all the muscles were sort of flexing in some strange way.(2am-ish) i didn’t care on what he was doing i was more wondering like why he was there. he tweaked his head a lil but did not take his eyes off on what he was doing/operating.

i blacked out just a few sec after he ratted me out for being awake lol, then woke back up idk 10min later again from seeing blackness again, this time i was sitting straight up w/perfect posture. i was think like i wonder why he was here.. then idk few min go by and i start to feel like im being watched (the hallway light was still on) and i look over and see this being standing there in this robe that is made out of like vantablack u can see the atoms flow in it/static blackness robe. i could move just not my vocals and yea i still freaked out and astral projected myself and was saying “im not ready yet” idk few moment after that i think i blacked out again and the one i call the hat-man returned and said are you ok? and was like yeah but was sorta disoriented feeling i suppose, all the lights were one when he came back/i woke. (i think the being was wearing the robe because of the cfl lighting, think it may burn their skin or something.)i talked to hat-man for a while and was about to walk around the corner into the darkness to face them and then i lost my courage cuz he had started to head back to me.

i feel like he said some important things to me but i cant remember think its locked away in my sub somewhere. anyways at the end i asked him what the implant in my ankle was for and he said “its for them” and i looked at him like what? and he said “its for you and for them” and was i like ok =] lol. he said now lay back down in a calm matter(chill personality/vibes)and i said ok and layed back down covered up(remember seeing him putting everything back the way it was) and just b4 i was bout to black out i sat up super fast and was like wait! he said what? i said will i remember any of this?? he said maybe, it depends. i just shrugged and was like ok and continued on going back to sleep. and then i woke not to long i dont think after they left. i know it was dark when they first arrived but i know it began to get light outside when they were leaving, 4hr maybe more/less. i think the part of me talking to him is buried somewhere within my brain cuz when i woke i was very dehydrated. there are other events that have came back to me in a sort of rem sleep ive noticed


Headline #5: Alien Encounter in Austin, Texas on 2018-01-13 00:00:00 – I was flowing in the air. one on each side of me.

Synopsis: Bed sleeping. i ask to be awake then woke back up in my bed about 2-3 weeks two different objects was in the sky moving in a circle with very big lights. after this object it disappear to. one hand 2 very big white lights and a very big red in the middle of these lights. the other object had very big white lights. then disappear. they are back to visit me again. after my son beat the shi- out of two of them i hope they would not return. i cannot have any kids no parts. these aliens were from 6′ 5″- 6′ 8″. very long fingers. they woke me up to see them and then i was asleep again.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Ocracoke, North Carolina on 2018-01-15 18:05:00 – Taking walk saw intensely bright yellowish light which disappeared. Poof after 1 second

Synopsis: While taking a walk after supper i noticed at quite a distance in the sky an intensely bright light which i at first took for a star but….I walked under a tree and when i emerged poof it was gone and the stars i observed were quite dimmer and blueish so….No explosion no path nothing it went invisible almost like they saw me looking and turned on the invisibility switch but this was way up in the sky to the north at a distance 20000 plus feet probably more all i saw was the intense light then poof was not a plane star meteor nada don’t know what i saw i have seen numerous advanced military craft in the sky over the years this was different maybe it was a quasar if so there will be a record of it by someone maybe it was to the north east of nc at 605 pm est it very well could be a quasar but since ive never seen one before i m not sure it was insanely bright if no one reports a quasar at this time then i guess it will be unknown

Headline #7:  UFO Sighting in Whitefish, Montana on 2018-01-15 00:00:00 – Sr-72? aurora? pulse jet tech.? pulse detonation eng?

Synopsis: I was outside on a ladder on the front porch taking down Christmas lights, warm weather for this time of year clear, partly cloudy, blue skies. It was approx. 1 pm. heard bizarre popping sound. turned around to look up and noticed perfectly, shaped donut-hole contrails heading to the sw at high altitude and extremely high rate of speed. i am a 30 yr retired boeing employee from the space division at huntington beach, ca.I retired with a secret clearance. i worked in manufacturing and inventory management. i have seen, watched, and heard many aircraft and rockets over my career, whether at vanderberg or edwards af bases or long beach airport when it existed. i knew immediately that this was unusual. i immediately got down, ran into the house to grab my camera and take some pics of the contrail rings. by the time i got back outside, the contrails were gone over my house and towards the sw. my guess is extreme wind at high altitude. this object flew directly over my house and was gone within seconds.

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Villa Park, Illinois on 2012-04-23 04:45:00 – Entity exited large glowing orb

Synopsis: I lived in a town house, and often sleep on the ground floor in my living room on the coutch, where i can see both front & back doors including a sliding glass patio door leading to the back yard. this event occoured approximately in the early morning hours of late april of 2012. i am a 31yr old male army veteran, and lived alone at the time. being a former military man, i was and am still a very avid and active supporter of self defence. during and also after my military service i have always kept a weapon in my home for self defence purposes. even sleeping with a weapon (.380 caliber pistol) no further than arms length, in case of intruder/burgler. up until this event i was also very skeptical and unbelieving of anything i hadn’t seen with my own eyes, especially things of a paranormal/supernatural etc. nature. all of this changed one early morning of april, 2012. about 4:45am one morning as i slept on my living room couch a strange feeling came across me and awoke me from my sleep into the pitch blackness of the room. as i moved myself to the sitting position, i saw a small flash of yellowish light piercing my sliding glass patio door through the closed; tall swaying blinds. at first i didnt think much of it until only seconds later not only did i see another flash of light, this time the flash was red and seemed larger. thinking maybe there was an intruder inside the closed wooden gate of my backyard i quickly grabbed my silver .380 pistol from the floor near the couch and hurried to look thru the blinds. what i saw next changed my life and has affected me mentally until this day. as i stood at the sliding glass door looking across the parking lot maybe 60 feet away on the rooftop of the adjacent townhome directly in front of me was a perfectly round extremly bright orb which could have been approximately 5 to 6 feet in diameter. i couldn’t help feeling as if i was being beckoned to come to the door with these flashes of light. after about 10 seconds or so of staring at the bright luminescent orb it had doubled in size and again changed color to yellowish green in a single flash of bright light. immediately following the flash there was what sounded like a large very loud hellicopter if one would have been directly above my house. at the same time the orb grew something that looked like a large praying mantis mixed with a snake flew out of the orb and straight up, i could see that it had what seemed like a long 3-4 ft tail as it exited what i can only describe as a “portal” and then the portal was gone. almost as quickly as it had exited this orb, the being flew directly toward me as now the loud sound was ear peircing and the being moved at an incomprehensible speed toward me, it took all of 2-3 seconds to cross the 60+ft of parking lot between the adjacent rooftop of the town home directly behind mine, over my wooden backyard fence where it came to a stop directly in front of me no more than two and a half feet, hovering about five feet off the ground. at this time the creature displayed no lights it was all black with what seemed like very strange symbols i had never seen before that went across its midsection (torso area). at first glimpse i could only describe this being as a bio-mechanical praying mantis mixed with a snake. it had a small head, long ringed neck but very large in-laid black eyes that extended beyond the sides of its head, which i saw last as i quickly and carfully looked it over from bottom to top, my jaw stood wide in awe. out of sheer terror and the close proximity it was to me, i immediately raised my weapon over my head and pressed it firmly against the glass of the sliding doors. almost as soon as i had made this motion the entity while still hovering in midair less than 3 feet away from me separated by only the glass of the patio door. the creature then extended from both sides what i can only describe as two sets of wing like appendages and emitted what looked like hundreds of tiny blue, sparkling lightning bolts in every direction, above and below each of the 4 “appendages” (i say appendages because if they were wings they didn’t seem to be used for flight, just because of the sheer fact it did not use them after it exited the large orb like “portal” from which it had emerged and flew directly towards me, nor did it use them to hover in place) which seemed to encompass and engulf the being completely (at this moment the loud helicopter, static like sound had stopped). each of these small blue lightning bolt like energy emissions were no larger than my pinky finger, after just a few short seconds of me witnessing these “lightning bolt” like electric emissions the entity shot directly up and over the roof of my home at an amazing speed out sight toward the front of the townhome. after much time and thought i’ve come to the conclusion that this entity did not spread the wing like appendages and emit the plasma like discharge until i brandished my weapon leading to me to believe that this display must have been some sort of protective energy field to shield itself had i fired upon it. although this entire encounter which started at about 4:45 a.M. and lasted no longer than 5-6min. or less. about 2min. after the being had disapeared out of view over my home i quicky ran to the back door less than about 3ft. away from where i stood and went outside. as i stood there staring into the sky i immediately realized that it had left almost the exact time of dawn because the sun was coming up. honestly i dont like giving this part of the account but at that moment i realized that what i thought to be only 5-6min. in reality, over an hour had passed because it was now dawn with the sun quickly rising and till this day, years later im still no closer to an answer of what this being could have been, what it wanted, why it beckoned me to the door with the light flashes, and most importantly what happened during that missing hour… (if anyone has had a similar experience and/or any further information that could help, it would be greatly appreciated.)

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