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Headline #1: Black Triangle Sighting in Visalia, California on 2012-03-15 01:00:00 – Hang-glider like object quickly flew over

Synopsis: I was outside cleaning my pool filter (turned off), gettingvit ready for summer. it was a clear dark night, almost a half moon or just after, with no traffic noise. i was looking up and thinking about pruning my palm tree and other trees to reduce leaves in the pool, (direction of focus was upwards for about ten to 20 minutes. while looking to the east over my house, i saw what was either a hanglider size at the smallest (if it was within 150ft), or extremely large aircraft (if it was more than 500 ft, football fields size or larger), jet black triangle fly completely silent from east to west.


it’s hard to explain but the visual cues were not normal. if it was low, some city street lights or building lights should have illuminated at least a little or reflected some kind of light. if it was that low, some kind of sound should have been heard. it cast a larger shadow over me and the white poolside concrete as it flew quickly over. i first thought it was a hang glider but there was nothing hanging under, it actually looked like a two dimensional triangle the entire time. it looked like it was moving around 50-70mph if it were at 150 feet above me, or way too fast, and too large for anything above 1,000 feet.


it definitely wasn’t a bird, a kite, frisbee, or a drone. there was no color to it, i just saw the triangle shaped absence of light between the stars and me. it moved at a constant horizontal speed and did not change direction until i could no longer see it. the only thing other than black that i saw, was when it flew over a brightly lit parking lot/shopping center about a thousand feet west sw of me, and it was a faint orange/amber reflection from the orange lights from the parking lot. that was kind of confusing because that would mean it was too low for an aircraft and i should have been able to see at least some profile of the vertical axis. i still saw a 2d-looking isocoles triangle. but no sound other than like what you would hear if someone threw something close to you like a quiet whoosh. if it was higher up, it would have been too massive to be anything like a a normal aircraft, almost like an aircraft carrier or cruise ship size. it would also have been moving past the speed of sound… going by air show experiences only, and no sonic boom or contrails behind it. there is no place even remotely close that someone could have jumped from a stationary object to hang glide over. there’s no one i’ve even heard of that has a hang glider within 50 miles either…

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Northridge, on the 118 & , California on 2018-01-05 12:00:00 – Metallic sphere shape

Synopsis: 1) i was driving on the route 118 and right before i pass the tampa exit. 2) i just happen to notice something flying close together, in formation, with the sun reflecting off of it. 3) i wasn’t sure what to think, i just pulled out my phone and started recording. as i was recording and watching these objects, i realize that this was something i’ve never seen before. 4) first i noticed the reflection, and it was metallic looking, sphere shape, 5) i was a little unsure about it, but after five minutes of thinking about what i saw, i was really excited. i was even more excited when i saw the video and seen that i caught it on video 6) these crass went over trees then i lost sight of where they were heading

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Richmond, British Columbia on 2003-07-27 12:00:00 – Disc-like. reflcted sun on top. curved bottom.

Synopsis: I was riding shogun in my father’s car. in the middle eastern sky i saw some sort of object. disc-like and just hovering. at first, i thought it was an airplane coming to the airport, as i live quite close to one. but this craft was too far south and had a curved bottom. i don’t think it lasted more than minute. i had to shield my eyes from the reflected sun. when i uncovered my eyes, to perhaps get a second look, the reflection and whatever-it-was was gone. my father didn’t see it as he was watching the road. i was inside a moving vehicle so i couldn’t get out to see if it had moved. this was my first ufo sighting. any doubts of some other intelligence (and other forms of it) out there, greater than our own, was a thing of the past. i did draw on the computer what i saw, but it is on another computer and i don’t know how to send attachments. the other computer is not connected to the internet

Headline #4: Black Triangle Sighting in Cardiff, on 1991-07-15 00:00:00 – Black triangle with 3 lights silently passed overhead. similar to corine saebels. 1hour unaccounted for.

Synopsis: Finished work and was going to a private party at a nearby public house. a friend was asked to go to his shared house by his landlord to pick up a box of wine. i offered to go with him. i was looking at the crossword when my friend said something like: “what is that light in the sky?” i said”probably a plane.” my friend said “that’s not a plane.” without looking up, i said “probably a helicopter, then.” my friend said “that don’t look like a helicopter.” at this point i looked out and asked my friend what exactly he was looking at. he pointed towards the sky (to his right) and said “that!” we were approaching a roundabout and the car stopped. we both got out of the car. another car was stopped on opposite side of roundabout. the craft passed overhead silently.


it disappeared behind some trees. i remember looking at the man on opposite side of roundabout and shrugged as if to say, wtf. the man shrugged. we got back in the car and went back to the public house. when we got back everyone was asking where we had been. the journey to the house was 15-20 mins, there and back but we had been gone for nearly 1 and a half hours. i thought the clocks had gone forward so adjusted my watch accordingly and was late for work the next day. the clocks had not gone forward yet my watch was an hour out.


subsequently, i awoke one morning and my brother asked what time i got in the night before. i said that i hadn’t gone out and had gone to bed early at about 10pm. my brother said “you weren’t in bed when i got home.” as i sat up in bed, i felt a pulling of the hair on my chest. i looked down and there was a substance like wallpaper paste but much thicker. so thick that i had to shave the area to remove it. i also noticed a bald spot below my bellybutton and slightly to the right. to this day, no hair grows there and it is soft as a baby’s bum. i have woken many times since with weird markings, series of dots in various places that i cannot explain, with the time on my android/tablet being out by an hour even though it is on auto config as dictated by the web. i have remained quiet about these experiences for fear of being ridiculed. i have lost touch with my friend who was driving that night but am sure he would give a similar account of that nights events. the craft was like a triangle but the one corner was slightly off. i have no pictorial evidence as cellphones were not as prevalent as they are today.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho on 1986-05-31 01:20:00 – No ufo,just grey aliens at a childhood slumber party. arrived when all girls were asleep and walked among us.

Synopsis :I was approx six years old and had gone to a friends birthday slumber party. we were all tucked into our sleeping bags and chattering like girls do, there must have been 10 or so of us. my friend’s parents and younger brother were sleeping in their rooms down the hall. our sleepingbags were located in the living room that looked onto the kitchen and feom the kitchen window is where i noticed the bright light flash, all of the girls were asleep and i had just remained awake enough to notice the light. once my eyes adjusted, i saw 6-10+ grey alien looking figures starting to walk into the room without any sound. i tried to pretend to be asleep as they moved between our sleepingbags. if they noticed me, they did not show it. in a flash of an eye they were sucked back out the kitchen window and gone. i ran out of my sleeping bag and crawled into bed with ashley’s parents and i spent the night there

Headline #6:  UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas on 2018-01-14 00:00:00 – Seen it flying then hover then let off a big brite light for maybe 10 seconds then proceeded to continue to come my way which is west

Synopsis: my kids and i were on our balcony after watching the football game and we noticed what we thought was a plane until we seen another object come from it and went left of the object then it stopped then went right of the brite object then the brite object lit up in the clear dark sky like the moon well that’s when the hairs on our body stood up as we could not believe what we were seeing the smaller object continued going south as the brite object continued west we all captured the event on our cell phones

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Metairie, Louisiana on 2018-01-15 00:00:00 – Loud aircraft hovering above home then passing.

Synopsis: This morning around midnight i awoke a few minutes before i heard an incredibly loud aircraft pass over my home. i live in what’s considered “old metairie”, louisiana near the causeway and there’s quite a bit of noise outside–day and night. with the highway being so close there’s constantly the drone of cars and 18-wheelers passing, not to mention i also live about 15 minutes from the airport so i’m used to hearing planes as well.  last night was different though. i woke up a couple minutes before it happened in a short coughing fit (it’s flu season and i’m getting over it now) and laid in bed in silence with my dog before i heard what, at first, i thought was a helicopter approaching. i say it sounded like a helicopter because it was almost a pulsating whirring instead of a steady building of noise like an airplane. but my heart started to race because it seemed like it wasn’t passing at all and instead was getting closer and louder until i certainly thought, at the volume it was at, there’s no way it couldn’t be right above the neighborhood.  i couldn’t bring myself to look outside and see; for fear of seeing anything other than a plane or helicopter, and instead i laid there holding my breath waiting for the noise to subside. after about two minutes or so it did but not without me trying to justify in my head what would have taken it so long as any other aircraft takes only seconds to pass no matter how close it sounds. i’d like to add that i also grew up on a military base so i’d consider my ears incredibly accustomed to the noise of training exercises and transport at all times of the day but i couldn’t shake the feeling last night that it was something i had never heard here before

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Mason, Ohio on 2017-07-08 19:40:00 – Amazing bright green orb with incredable moments. the story and how it appeared to me is just as amazing.

Synopsis: At the time i was under what i call a voluntary psychosis. i believed in many charlatans and was pulled in pleadians pop culture and false channeling. i was told to look at the skies by them and i would see a sign a few days latter. so three days pass, i go to take out the trash on this tonight. i see the moon and it was bright and beautiful. i decided to take a picture and this green on appeared in my screen. this gives the word hypocrisy a new meaning, because channeling is fake as wrestling took 7 no. to figure that out. however out my of my own belief this appeared to me. there’s some other things about this happening that is essential but that is the gist of it

Headline #9: UFO Sighting in Clarksville, Tennessee on 2014-03-15 22:05:00 – There were around 30-50 of them and you could see them from horizon to horizon! they made no sound whatsoever as they passed right over our heads. glowed orange/ red with no blinking lights and moved to slowly to be planes. moved slow but steadily


My wife and i are from dickson tennessee. we were driving home from clarksville one night on highway 48 a few years ago and saw this…. there were around 30-50 of them and you could see them from horizon to horizon! they made no sound whatsoever! we first noticed them while driving and they slowly flew in the sky. there were so many of them they could be seen as far as you could see in each direction.. they were not very high when passing directly over our head so if they made a noise at all we would have heard them. they e’re a orange red color and if you zoom in on the video you can see that they were round classic disk shape. it was an extraordinary sight. there is a military base not too far from the sighting… maybe 50 miles at the most… so i’d really like to know if they were flying something that night.. if they weren’t then these were by very definition ufos!!……. one video is what my wife took from inside the car and the other is what i took once we stopped to look.. these videos have been edited to fit the format necessary to send in emails!… thank you and please let me know what you think they may be as this is not the only experience we have had with these type of craft

Headline #10: 

Bigfoot with its child seen in Mill Spring, NC

Synopsis: “There’s nothing special about me.  I am just an ordinary person who witnessed Bigfoot about a month ago from today.  It was about midnight.  My friend Bobby and I were walking back home from visiting another friend who lives in the same neighborhood.  The neighborhood we live in is mostly backwoods and the houses are pretty well far apart.

“Going the backway on the dirt road from her house to ours was a lot closer than taking the main road, so we walked with flashlights.  When we approached a home, we turned off our flashlights so we wouldn’t disturb anyone.

“As we walked past one neighbor’s home, all her outside dogs started to bark, but as we walked on, they stopped barking.  As we started up the hill approaching a light pole, we turned our lights out.  At the same time, we both saw what looked like a Bigfoot creature. Bobby quickly squeezed my hand firmly and we both stopped walking.

“This creature was walking up someone’s driveway under a light pole.  It looked to be about 7½ feet tall with brown hair all over.  It walked almost slanted over but upright.  Its arms were long, like almost past its knees, and its fingers were curled under almost like an ape.

“The creature took about four strides up the driveway and at the top it turned around and headed back down where the trees and bushes hid it.  But when it turned around, it had a young Bigfoot by its side holding its hand. We just stood there in fear for a few moments and then started walking again.  We both know what we saw.  It is not made up.”

Headline #11: My son saw an angel

Synopsis: My kids an I were sick one morning and I was so scared. I got on my knees and prayed and I kept calling the name of JESUS. All of a sudden my 3 year old son said (mama why you keep calling him, there he goes right there), pointing up to the window. We all felt so much better. He said it was a lady standing there with one hand in the other. It was a great feeling to know someone was watching over us. ~travismn

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