Here is the UFO Headline News for Thursday January 25th, 2018

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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Wyoming on 2017-12-18 00:00:00 – I was just taking pictures from the truck window heading west on i-80 in wy.

Synopsis:I was on the road with my husband who drives an 18 wheeler. we were traveling at a speed of 65 mph. it was a cold crisp clear day. being from southern texas you don’t see snow a lot. so i was so focused on getting photos of the snow i didn’t even see the object until just the other day when i was going through them to post to facebook. a friend of mine posted a comment about there being a cross in the sky in one of them. i looked at the photo and zoomed in on it and it’s not a cross and we were know where near a wind farm. it is cylindrical with what it looks like something on both ends. so i started looking at the other photoes of that day and found another one only this one isn’t as clear as the first. but it still looks elongated. i have seen ufo’s once before when i was 14 yrs old living in mcalester ok but at night. the whole neighborhood saw them. but in this case that i’m submitting to you now i had know idea what i caught on camera.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Kissimmee, Florida on 2017-03-31 00:00:00 – Observed a tic-tak like orbish white light moving on eastern horizon from n/e to s/e observed from front yard of my house. ufo reports were generated on rt 192 the same nigtht

Synopsis: While sitting in our front yard this past spring i noticed a tic tak shaped white light moving from n/e to the s/e very bright and moving in a straight line it faded out for a few seconds then back on a few seconds and then faded out at the s/e horizon. the same night there were ufos reported on rt. 192 in kissimmee fl .. the object was not moving very fast as it took about two minutes to cross our line of sight . we have a lot of air traffic in our area as kissimmee airport is nearby as is orlando airport never observed anything like this light .Felt it was a ufo about 8pm in evening

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Chicago Heights, Illinois on 2009-07-16 00:00:00 – Brown, !/3 cigar size crafts going in and out of giant cloud cover the front looked like a mans face and there were several going in and out of what would be the mouth.

Synopsis:The weather was starting to change with large puffy clouds. i went to my car to get my camera. i noticed the front of these clouds looked like a face of a man and these objects were going in out what would be the mouth fast and looping around quickly to enter and exit. there were other craft flying in and out of the cloud cover as well. i say craft now because at first i was confused about what they were. i knew they were too large to be birds that far away and nothing i had ever seen maneuvered like them. i uploaded them to my computer to see what they really were. i had used my telescopic lens but these pictures were the best i could come up with. i shared them on the net with friends and my apple computer crashed, i was unable to get the raw pics back but i had saved some copies on another drive of when i enlarged them and tried to use contrast to see them better. i contacted my friend who was an army ranger who was there with me and he said 2009 would have been correct. the earliest files i found were thurs july 16 2009. when my apple crashed the pictures i shared on the internet were gone as well. good thing i have these saved. i just felt they were part of our crafts showing off but i would like to know what you all think of them.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Nazca, Ica on 2018-01-14 00:00:00 – Many star-like objects during the 7.1 earthquake

Synopsis:On 14th january, 2018, this happened during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that rocked north of arequipa, in the sea, near nasca. people woke up and rushed outside their homes. from several places of nasca (specially those not near the city) people could witness dozens(nobody could count) star-like objects going down from above, looking south-east to the sea. in other places near the sea they could not see, because the sky is cloudy. but nasca has clear skies. it was funny to hear some religious people saying that “was written in the bible, the stars will fall…”. i can´t say how many people saw this, but in the city people is still talking about it.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Wasilla, Alaska on 2018-01-13 00:00:00 – Multi colored vehicle hovering over neighbors house. appears to be a small being at front of house.

Synopsis:Night time. things feel a little uneasy. noticed a small cylinder vehicle with numerous bright white lights in back of neighbors house. felt nervous went inside house. about an hour later son (39) mentions that our house was under a light. looking out back i noticed a fog over his house yet the sky was cold, clear and full of stars. about another hour passes and out back we noticed some of the town lights appear to brighten and begin flashing. the lights appeared to be warping some. i went to my room for a few minutes. my son had grabbed a phone and was recording a vehicle with multi colors hovering over neighbors house out back. there looks to be a small being at the front of the house. the upper windows of the house seem to have some for of pumping going. windows in the vehicle appear to have the same happening. after a short period of maybe 2 minutes the multi colors brighten to a high lighted oranges color than returns to multi color. it does this 2-3 times. i got nervous and returned to my room. i did not see the vehicle leave. my son has had a prior experience on december 10, 2017 to which he has video and pictures. he does not remember taking them. he has time loss and is highly nervous in a lot of ways. believes he may have been abducted. he claims to see aliens around us now.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in New Jersey on 2018-01-17 17:45:00 – Reddish orange orb stationary to drastic change in speed and direction 

Synopsis: I was just driving south on blvd east in weehawken, nj. i was looking to the south west part of the sky for a moment while driving and i noticed an orange reddish ball in the sky. it was stationery at first, i didn’t think much of it maybe a helicopter since it was moving relatively slow almost stationary. i didn’t see any blinking lights but i kept my eyes fixated on it while at the red light. what caught my eye next was a drastic change in speed and direction from being almost stationary. it dipped in the sky from west to east as if it were on a big slide, almost like a hard bank while dropping, what looked like at least 1000ft pretty dramatically. this made my heart race! i said out loud, “that’s a ufo!”, talking to myself like a mad man. i fumbled to open my camera app but had to continue driving and not hit the person in front of me. i quickly pulled over keeping my eyes on it trying to hit record on my phone but it was too dark, what happened next was even more bizarre. it trailed slowly in a line and reducing in speed them disappeared with a pop, like a bubble popping. i’m not sure what i just saw but hopefully someone here in the nyc area might have seen it too!

Headline #7: Black Triangle Sighting in Hot Springs, Arkansas on 2016-07-20 19:30:00 – I seen a triangle shaped standing on end and the craft was not moving at all like u hung a school bus on end in the sky.

Synopsis: I just got off work at berry plastic and as i was going through the gate something caught my eye in the sky i thought at first it was a helicopter cause there is a airport mybe 10 miles away but when looked i couldn’t believe what i was seeing it was rectangle shaped object standing on end not moving at all and the whole thing was wrapped in chrome panels no windows no lights no markings no engine no sound just hanging there it looked about the size of a school bus standing on end hanging mybe a 100ft or so i was so shocked and amazed by it it took me a few seconds i need to get my phone out and get it on video and i was driving and there was 100 people leaving work behind me so i was going to video it once i got off the rd were everyone was coming out of work mybe 10 sec and i had my phone out and turned on so when got to the place to pull over it was gone i look around the sky in every direction nothing in just 5 to 10 secs there is no way anything could be gone that fast


i was mad at myself self for not getting it on video it was just so amazing to get to see it i have watched shows on ufo and i have never seen anything like it but the next day i was at a friends house that works there with me and he was in front of me leaving work and i asked him if he seen the same thing i seen but he said he didn’t see anything i told him how could you not see it the sun was shining off the front of it and everything and he laughed at me so i told him just wait when we go back to work on Monday


i would be shocked if everyone’s isn’t taking about it and i told him i won’t say a word about it and we see so monday came i get to work i was ready to tell him i told you it real but to my amusement not one person said anything about it and didn’t say any thing there should have been hundreds of witnesses but that’s not all about 2 months later i was leaving work i turned on the rd that i was going to pull over on to get video and i see a super bright light right above the gas station in front of me and it was so bright u couldn’t even look at it to much it was like trying to look at the sun and it was moving away from moving west and it was the same way i going to get home i couldn’t see it again because of the trees till i got closer to home and by then it had moved over my house and was still traveling west but was several miles away then it stopped and moved up and down me and my sister watched it for about 30mins and i did get pictures of it but it was night and my cheap phone it just looked like a a blob of light no details but i grabbed my binoculars so i could see it better and it was really weird it was a triangle shape and the whole thing was covered in orange and red flames so in 2 months i got to see 2 ufos and not the same thing but 2 different types of ufos what is the odds of that happening iam sorry it has taken so long to report this i have been on here 3 times but i just couldn’t do it and everyone i have told just laughed it off but it has really changed me i look at things in a totally different way now and i think about it almost every time i go out side we are differently not alone but if would like to talk to me about it contact me ian not a good writer so i can give u more details about it.

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Texas on 2005-07-04 00:00:00 – Looking out window 3 identical craft raise from ground each.Smaller than the other then disappeared. at certain hieght ht

Synopsis: It was the 4th of july and i was watching fireworks in the far distance…All of a sudden in my near view i observed a metallic object..Kind of triangular shaped but with rounded points…No lights but the metallic color shown bright..It had a dark center strip from the corner or point of craft to the other end..It just materialized out of no where and then 2 more identical objects followed behind it…It elevated quickly to a certian hieght then disappears and each craft that followed did the same ince it reached the same hieght as the 1st craft..My heart raced when i saw it and i doubted my vision for a long time but i realise that there was no reason for me ti hallucinate that particular vision..Or imaginge it as opposed to any other vision..I am convinced of what i saw and would stake my life on it..What u believe i saw was a interdimensional craft ciming in an out of our realm…

Headline #9: Creature Shot By My Grandfather

Synopsis: Hello, first of all I’m sorry In advance for any spelling errors and gramer and punctuation marks, and over all mistakes. I really hope I can one day hear this story on your channel, not to seek attention or anything of that sort with that said thank you and feel free to do what you want with this story you can cut or delete any line add or take away phrases. you have my full authority And consent to do as you wish, this story will have 2 points of view mine writeing it and my my grandfather telling it again thank you and like always darkness prevails.

Ok The reason behind this story is to share what my grandfather Refugio Vera encountered and fought, In the mountain’s of Guanajuato Mexico. Because I feel a duty in me now that he has passed away to tell all of you what my old man told all of his kids and grand kids. He wasn’t a drunk or a crazy man I’ll from the mind, but in the contrary a respected hardworking well known man that worked from Sun rise to sun down. That is why when he told my family his friends and me what he saw, nobody had a single sense of doubt that he was liying in any way or making stuff up. He and my grandmother lived in the mountains of guanajuato by themselves, they were very poor Because they lived only of the land and animals they had and animals he hunted for food and fruit and vegetables grown by them around the house hold.

A brief description of my grandfather was a 6.2″ feet tall man that didn’t weight much but still intimidateing always had a cowboy hat on, always on his horse with a machete by his side a 30.30 rifle and a 45. Caliber handgun tucked on his waist and always his German shepherd named comandante wich means commander along side him, a very loyal and brave dog with scars that he got from fending off coyote and other animals. You need dogs like this and guns when you live in the middle of no where, with packs of wild hungry coyotes, mountain lions, Bob cats and other wild life. And a description of my grandfather’s ranch was, a lonely house up in the mountains miles and hours from the nearest road to civilization and other towns.


He only had one neightbor named Antonio Bonilla who lived 5 miles down the mountain from him, besides that they were alone. Now on to the encounter, these are the word of my grandfather shared by me to you. It must have been someday between the week Wednesday or Thursday. Everything was normal that day nothing out of the ordinary. As he was puting away the cows and horses to the home made stable that consisted of just a plain square made out wood and rocks with a long dead log across for a door they always were tide up in a pasture were they ate all day long. It was dark out by the time he was done with all his normal chores.


As he was getting ready for bed he heard his dog and two others he had starting to bark and growl. He didn’t care much he said at the time he tought they were just barking at coyotes. It wasn’t till later that night that my Grandmother woke him up and told him that the horse was going nuts and the dogs were fighting with something at the time they thought a mountain lion, but all of the suden they stoped making noise, Not a single bark or growl, My grandfather listem for a little bit thinking the dogs fended of what ever tryed to have an easy meal and out of nowhere the horse started making awful noises like he was getting killed and He knew it. With out any second tought my grandfather jumped out of bed and grabed his 45 Caliber handgun and went outside.

It was getting light must have been almost 4 close to morning he said. He walked around the house to the stable, and He said he froze in fear and terror when he saw what was trying to kill his horse. All that came to him was just fear and disbelief from what he was witnessing. When all of the sudden the horse started to cry again if that makes any sense and it brought my grandfather back to reality, without warning he fired and hit it, it must have been 15 yards away he aimed again for the body hitting it at least 3 times he fired all 8 bullets the other 5 he shot randomly as the creature ran. He said As soon as he hit it the first time,he saw it release the horse’s neck by opening its mouth and the claws came of the horses shoulders. As best as I can discrive it he said, it was bigger than a dog, way bigger, easy 4 feet tall in all four, thin but yet you could see it was so powerful the way it fought the horse it controlled it with ease, and the head was big almost like the horse head, with a long mouth not a lot of teeth but the few that it had were long and big not thin but like a cone he said. The back legs where bigger than the front ones but the front ones had longer claws. It looked light grey under the moon.

It made a wierd noise my grandfather says he can’t describe almost like a cry with a painful howl like when a dog is being chocked by the throat, as it darted thru the trees stumbling and braking branches, he never heard it cross the stream that ran along side the house, the only explanation he could give was that the thing cleared over the 35 something foot wide stream without splashing or touching the water. He tought that the thing had killed his dogs when he turned to go inside all shaken up from what just had happen the dogs came out of the pig den, they had been hiding like if they knew they couldn’t win that fight, like them knowing not fighting was the only way they could survive. My grandfather said one of the dogs had been severely hurt in the back leg with flesh hanging down it’s side and bottom of his stomach.


he went and got my grandmother and told her to help him out with the dogs, that they were hurt. The next morning only 2 dogs remained the one with the gashes on him didn’t make it, as well as his horse that died 2 days later. He went in that night thinking it was the devil he had encountered, but realized he was wrong , he told me if I had shot the devil he wouldn’t of a ran he wouldn’t of a cried out in pain that was something else that night he said, something I never imagined I would see or existed. I don’t blame the dogs for hiding ether they were more brave than me he said fighting it physically, they bare the scars of that night and i only have the memory of what i saw and shot, I’m lucky I scared it off and not pissed it off to come charging toward me. I wish I had grabed my 3030 instead that night, and aimed for that big head he smurked, but things happen for a reason mijo, he told me.


Maybe one day I’ll see it again this time I will aim for the head and not with a handgun not a chance. He and his neighbor searched for 4 days trying to track it down or find it dead somewhere but they always came out empty handed. Only thing they saw was a dead deer that was killed recently, he said the horses were acting strange and they felt they were being wached, He wasn’t a liar and he wasnt crazy I might not have seen it or will see it but I bealive in my grandfather and everything he said. When I looked in his eyes as he told me all of this, I saw concern and fear in him. As well as the other two dogs that still had the scars to prove something crazy and supernatural happen that’s night, and my grandmother to back him up as well. One day his neighbor told him he had heard somebody talking about a man who claims he encountered something similar. It goes that, he was on horse back making his way into town when his dog stoped and his tail was up like he was on alert or on guard.

He continued for a few minutes when all of the sudden he spoted something running towards him from behind, he immediately wacked the horse on the side and booked it at fill speed down the mountain side. He said he got light headed and passed out on the way at some point do to fear. He wasn’t embarrassed to say he went number 2 from what he saw. His dig never turned out. I have no clue what my grandfather shot and that man saw but I know there’s something on those lonely mountains were people don’t tend to go. I’ll leave it up to you to tell me what you think it was. Thank you for reading it

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