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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2013-07-18 03:44:00 – Alien was in my bedroom.

Synopsis: I had fallen asleep in my mom’s bedroom from watching a movie with her. i woke up after seeing a light turn on in the kitchen. for some reason it felt like time stopped, it was like white noise and for some reason my mom nor the dogs were waking up. i saw this entity, that looked male. he was picking up different things and staring at them for a bit before putting them back down. i grabbed my bedside lamp, fearing he was a thief. he moved swiftly and quickly through the kitchen and living room. before i knew it, he was in the bedroom and my mom and the dogs were still not waking up. i was holding the lamp over my chest trying to protect myself. the man/alien moved closer towards me and i turned on the lamp that i was holding to my chest to see better thinking i might as well see the person thats about to hurt me. it was weird, he was probably like 5’10ish and had the body of a man and his face was like a human but the eyes were frightening.His eyes were small slits and completely black and glassy. he was wearing a completely black outfit, long sleeves and pants. he also didn’t seem friendly, he looked at me and gave me a creepy smile. i felt very afraid, like i had met him before and knew what was coming? then he moved forward and touched me and everything went black and thats all i remember. for some reason, i had this strange feeling when i woke up that he was a hybrid? i don’t know what that means, like half human half alien? i also had a strange marking on my face that very faint, it was 2 blue hexagons near my mouth and i had light bruises on my body, was also kinda sore.

Headline #2:  Black Triangle Sighting in Surprise, Arizona on 2016-07-14 23:45:00 – While star-gazing, it suddenly looked as though a rip (wave/clear) in the sky showed itself, then a very large triangular craft was now in my sight. hovered overed our house, lurched forward to hover over neighbor’s house, then shot out of sight due west.

Synopsis: My name is david c. sitzman and i testify this account is true and accurate. no drug use or alcohol plays any part of this instance. on the night of july 14th, 2016, around 11:45pm, i was tossing garbage out, then decided to look-up at a beautifully star-lit clear night before turning in. while cranking my neck straight up to view the stars, a sudden ripple-like clear wave happened and instantly a huge, dark, triangular craft then appeared. i watched with stunned amazement as this craft (being about 3 house sizes big) hovered about 800 feet or so over me standing in place, then after about a minute or two, it lurched forward to hover over my neighbor’s house. after a minute or two more,         it then very suddenly shot away due west. ****the most curious factors of this event were that:1)it seemed as if this craft suddenly came out of a warp, thus producing this tear or rip in the clear night sky. and when it 1st appeared, it blocked out a number of the stars i had been looking at, so i knew it was something physical.2) put off no noise at all. 3) appeared to be the same triangular shape as the “atari” asteroids craft with a slight scoop at the bottom.4)each of the 3 corners of the craft had a very bright white light. no beams or anything like that.5) watching it shoot out of sight at such incredible speed, holds true to just about every other sighting i’ve watched on history channel’s “ancient aliens” shows. unless luke afb has gotten their hands on something big, none of our military craft can maneuver at such high speeds with no sound. i didn’t feel frightened at all, but more intent on mentally capturing everything going on at that time. i was terribly excited afterward, but felt unsure about reporting it immediately.

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Marysville, Washington on 2017-12-21 05:20:00 – I was outside in the morning and when i turned around it was right there! so bright, its hard to look at, then it jetted to the south leaving a orange heat trail behind.

Synopsis: On that morning i took the dogs out and smoke while i wait for them. we have our deck on the second story, the land is all cleared as a housing project is going in next door,i had my back to it when i turned around it was just sitting there!Around 100 ft away and about that fron the ground . i don’t know how long it was watching, it makes no sound.As i was looking at it, it almost seemed to get brighter,it hurt my eyes almost like a cloaking light,i couldnt define the shape…Then. im sure it wanted me to see it and me to knowit saw me as well. all the sudden it shot to the south into a very low orangeish cloud,leaving an intense orange streak like a meteor, as it was leaving when it was farther away i could see the blue exaust color right under the ship,it helped me see the bottom outter rim shape and some brushed metal look and there was a small black area. after it went out of my sight i kept looking it was way up it did a zig zag higher each time then moved in a half circle to the westas high as i could see. its odd because i was not filled with fear, i did not want to closer to get a better look because of my dogs.I think they were looking at the construction site, because of artifacts. the news mentioned it in passing the day after, talking about broken cloud syndrome but i haven’t seen that lady newscaster lately, king 5 i think

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Galveston, Texas on 2017-12-25 08:35:00 – Sighting picked up by camera when i stopped to take sunrise pictures over gulf

Synopsis: On Christmas morning approximately around 8:30 am,my husband and i were in galveston,texas to celebrate with family. we were driving down seawall blvd. approaching 61st street. i had my husband stop(he stopped our auto facing the pier) so i could get out and take pictures of the sunrise to send to other family members who were not in galveston. i stood on the seawall sidewalk taking a series of pictures with my apple iphone se. i stood in the same place and position,as i rapidly took several pictures. later that evening when i was reviewing the pictures i had taken that day, i noticed the greenish orb on 3 of the pictures. it was apparent it was moving eastward and upward when compared to the clouds and using the pier house as a reference point. again i emphasize i stood still in the same position just taking picture after picture in quick succession. when i enlarge the object, i am able to see a grid pattern and what is either windows or some type of white orbs docked on it. i do notice in the succeeding pictures the white lights or orbs seems to be moving around the green object and are not stationary. what is strange to both my husband and me is that neither of us saw this large object with our eyes. he was facing the pier waiting for me in the car and i scouted out what i wanted in the pictures prior to taking them. also, no other pictures that i took that day or even later has this object showing, so i have ruled out any dust or dirt on my camera lens. i am attaching 4 pictures by time sequence. the 1st picture has nothing showing. the next 3 pictures do.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon on 2018-01-19 11:15:00 – I was on the 6th floor of a building. it was heading north. elevation was higher than a helicopter a bit and moved less speed than a jet.

Synopsis: I was ion the 6th floor of a building at the crosstreets of alder and 10th street. the object was observed in the southeast heading north. the sky’s were close to the same grey and lead color of the object. it was a sphere shape and had no lights that i seen. the elevation it was traveling at was a bit above the normal height a helicopter would travel. it was just a consistent speed but nothing exstremely fast. as it headed north and started to come over the building it seemed to be spinning i’m assuming cause it was wobbleing like a top when it starts to slow down. i didn’t take a video cause i was in awe trying to figure out if i was seeing what i was seeing. i don’t have a logical reason of any device being able to fit the discription. no lights, no propellers or blades. no landing gear or anything. just a sphere moving across the sky.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Peterborough , England on 2018-01-07 19:35:00 – Bright lights expanding

Synopsis:I was stood in my back garden on the 7th january 2018 having a cigarette looking at the stars, out of the corner of my eye a saw what i at first thought was a plane as it was a bright light with lots of different colour lights underneath it. i got my iphone out and tried to take a photo of it, i got a picture that just looked like a star but not rounded, it was more like a tear drop shape facing side wards. i told my wife and daughter and they got our camera which has a x30 optical zoom, the pictures we took were really strange, it moved in strange directions and even in 1 picture she took it moved so quick that she got a line of lights all different colours. she then took more photos and she caught it as a light and then it disappeared although in the photo it appeared dark in colour but very large. we took lots of photos and a video which it was shifting around all over the place. we came in as it was cold out side. that was about 7:30pm gmt, we went back outside about 2 hours later and it had slightly moved to the south, but still doing the same thing flashing lots of colours and then disappearing and coming back to a bright white light with lots of coloured lights underneath

Headline #7: 

 UFO Sighting in Bow, Washington on 2018-01-14 04:19:00 – Took 30 second shutter speed picture.Object puttered by like a jetson mobile.

Synopsis: 4:19 am went out to takebstar pictures and when i started taking a 30 second shutter speed picture i saw a almoat typical ufo shaped ufo puttering along in the sky slower then a shooting star but faster thenplanes and it was litterally puttering. the picture does do justice. it was like 15 or 20 sexonds long. i couldnt wait to see if i caught it on camera and i did and dont know what to make of it.

Headline #8:Alien Encounter in Los Angeles, California on 1976-09-30 00:00:00 – I was alone in the park, was startled and began running up a hill and the target i was running toward kept getting farther and farther away.

Synopsis: One fall day when i was seven years old, i walked to the park like i always did as a kid, looking for kids to play football with, but the park was virtually empty when i got there. as i walked east across the large playing field toward a road that led to the parks craft center, i was startled by something, i’m not sure what, and i began running desperately up a slope, but the target i was running toward kept getting further and further away from me, almost as if i was in some sort of time tunnel. and the next thing i know, i’m on the swings on the other side of the park. not long after that, maybe a few days i suppose, my mother and i noticed an odd, circular shaped indentation on the top of my thumb that was not caused by trauma and had not been there previously. that mark is still on my thumb to this day, 42 years later. this profound event that i think of every time i look at my thumb is as fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. incidentally, there are three large power lines adjacent to the event location.

Headline #9: UFO Sighting in Ruffin, North Carolina on 1976-12-31 00:00:00 – Seven red objects ejected from a larger white object and followed the larger object in a straight line formation until out of sight.

Synopsis: In january of 1977, two friends and i were driving home after visiting a friend. it was around 11:00 pm and we pulled off the road, parked the car and stood outside the vehicle to observe, after noticing a red object eject from a larger white object. while observing from outside the car, every few minutes, another red object was ejected from the larger white object until there were seven red objects of the same size following the larger white object across the sky in a straight lined formation. we continued to observe for approximately twenty minutes until all of the objects passed into the distance and out of sight. the white object and red objects all appeared to be round shaped. they also appeared to be at about the same distance from us as planes normally fly. when we first noticed the white object, we assumed that it was an airplane; however, after observing the first red object eject from the larger white object, we were amazed and pulled off the road to observe while standing outside. we became fascinated as additional red objects ejected from the larger white object every few minutes until seven red objects of the same size followed the larger white object in a straight lined formation across the sky until they passed out of sight. the entire event lasted approximately twenty minutes. afterwards, we discussed and speculated concerning whether the objects were related to military/government aircraft or possibly even extraterrestrial in origin. we have discussed it many times through the years and considered reporting the event years ago. this is the first time that i have reported the experience although i have described it to friends and relatives through the years. i discussed the event with a local physics professor during the mid nineties and he revealed that he had witnessed a disc shaped object hover over a rock quarry on the same country road that our experience occurred. he also pulled off of the road and observed the object until it departed at an unusually fast rate of speed. there was also a story passed around for years, concerning a close encounter on this same road, (dating back to 1929) with two beings entering a disc shaped craft and taking off at an amazing rate of speed.

Headline #10:  Alien Encounter in North Saint Paul, Minnesota on 2017-01-14 00:00:00 – It’s an angel. coming into view & accelerating while leaving a contrail. noticed it in pictures the next day.

Synopsis: I was taking pictures of the bright moon. it was cold and clear. i was really just messing with my phone’s camera settings. while leaning on my car i took several pics. noticed that thing the next day. compared to the helicopters & airplanes, this thing was in sight much longer. from 11:51-11:53, so that’s the potential of 90 seconds this thing was in sight. normal aircraft cover the field of view in like 30-40 seconds. oh yeah, i see lots of weird $#!%

Headline #11:  Little Creatures from Mexico

Synopsis: My mother has told me this story various times, especially since it’s one of my favorites. Not too long ago around 2-3 years ago my mother recieved a phone call late in the evening from a relative in mexico. I asked her what it was about and she told me she would tell me in the morning. The next day I asked her about it and she replied in spanish “If I tell you, you better not come to me at night saying you’re scared.” I immediately promised that I wouldn’t. But of course that was a lie and even as a grown adult I still seek her protection when I’m scared. She told me in that her niece who was an infant was staying at my grandma’s house for a while and one day in the middle of the night my grandma and my uncles and aunts awoke to the sound of small bells, laughter and the sound of feet running around her small adobe house. In mexico Duendes are known to make these sounds and are  notorious for claiming the souls of children especially when the child had not been properly protected while having crossed a river with their parent(s). Earlier they had passed by the river near my grandma’s house without even bothering to protect the child from the duendes, they had forgotten the words of advice many elders have told them.

Adults are usually warned not to bring children in or around rivers since chanos (duendes goblins/elves/gnomes) are notorious for kidnapping children and often times infants souls. If a person were to cross the river with their child/infant without saying “Don’t stay in the river or the chanos will take you!” The infants soul is usually stuck in the river and the infant will cry throughout the night until the duendes/goblins/elves/chanos retrieve the infant from it’s home.

In order to prevent this from happening you must go back with the infant and speak those words at the river you crossed with the child in arms. There is also a plant called “Jaral” which grows along the rivers that protects the child’s soul from staying in the river. According to many elders the infant/child must be wearing it for the chant/words to work.

My aunts and uncles had ignored the sounds of the chanos and had fallen back asleep since they had thought nothing of it at the time. The next morning the had found her by the door. My grandma believes the chanos tried taking her back to the river since it was impossible for the newborn to crawl from her mother’s bed to the door that was near the other side of the house.

I honestly fear these creatures and knowing I will have to visit my grandma one day gives me the chills. Especially since aliens,duendes,demons,lechuza and pretty much anything you can think of are known inhabitants of that rural area in which they live in.

Headline #12:  Strange Creature in the Forest of Mexico

Synopsis: I live near the coasts of California and I am 14 years old. Recently around 2 weeks ago me, my cousin and little brother decided to camping. Overall at the start we we’re having a fun time we we’re making jokes and eating junk food like Hot Cheetos until we heard slight cracking noises like an anvil was falling on sticks. And that got us alarmed as we thought a bear was going to attack us so my cousin went out with a big hunting knife, when I mean big I mean a 16.5 inch hunting knife made with the most durable materials but he came back screaming and tearing up.

He told me that he saw a white pale creature with really long bony fingers that ended in points, he said it moved like a dog and looked like one except it had no tail or ears not even fur. Then he described it as “Horrifying and disfigured” which I believed him the way he was talking so smoothly and how he was acting but part of me did not want to believe this story he was saying it sounded like a made up story like something your grandpa would tell you.

At this point we we’re freaking out all of us we’re. I wanted to get the hell out of there so we we’re packing up at 8:30 PM and we almost finished up by 9:00 PM, at that moment we we’re happy to be almost done. So we just sat in our tents to take a break horrified and all. But at the same time we felt like something was moving and the panic got worse. When we started to head out of the forests we heard something and my cousin forgot his Colt AR-15 at our house he left it under the bed.

Now I was scared to see what he described and there it was. Looking at me my cousin and brother, my cousin dropped his knife a the sight of that thing too scared to even try attacking it we saw it from a tree it screeched and ran it seemed like an hour of staring at this thing. So we packed up the rest of the stuff quickly and ran to the car I will never forget what I seen and I never want to see it again. So that’s why when we go camping in a few months i’ll make sure my cousin brings his Colt AR-15 so if we see that thing again we will try shooting it.

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