When a Psychic in Stilettos Investigates a Cold Case?

Friday, February 16th, 2018 at 11 pm ET, Paraversal Universe ’s au courant couple of the para-weird, Kevin and Jennifer Malek as they discuss the many challenges of investigating missing persons and cold cases with Evidential Medium and Psychic in Stilettos Amelia Pisano.


Amelia Pisano | When a Psychic in Stilettos Investigates a Cold Case

Amelia Pisano is spunky, curvaceous, dark haired, Toronto born beauty; who is an Evidential Medium, Psychic, and Empath, all balanced on stilettos.

Amelia Pisano, the ‘Psychic in Stilettos’, stands out from others for her kindness, and caring soul. She stands out for her accuracy, confidentiality, and willingness to help. Amelia never forgets to be thankful to God for the blessings and gifts she was given. Her gift has helped those here on earth, and in the spirit world as well. This amazing, Psychic in Stilettos, is a blessing to all. – https://www.ameliapisano.com

Everything You Need to Know About an Evidential Medium in a Nutshell

An evidential mediumistic reading usually begins with messages that give you evidence that your loved one in spirit is truly communicating with the medium (sometimes referred to as a psychic medium). A reading with the psychic medium generally starts with a presentation of physical evidence, such as her appearance, cause of death, age, and sex. The messages then describe your loved one’s personality, including what she liked and disliked, identifying speech patterns, and unique characteristics about her that serve as evidence that it is truly her who is coming through in the reading. The psychic medium will likely even use words or phrases that your loved one would typically use. Then there will be some messages to describe your loved one’s history growing up, her family situation, her marital status, and if she has had any children or pets.

The purpose of evidential mediumship is to help you overcome any skepticism you might have about spirit communication. Evidential messages are the messages that people often describe as follows: “The psychic medium knew things about her that he could never have known unless he was in direct contact with her.” When you’re getting a reading from a psychic medium who is a stranger to you and knows nothing about you—which I recommend—then this evidence is even more powerful. Then after all the evidential messages have been delivered, the medium will present the messages that are meaningful and loving, though nonevidential. – credit

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