By Marilyn .

Dear ones, we come and support to help you better understand what it means to be spiritual while having human experiences. Know that if you resonate these messages, you have done the preparatory work over lifetimes and have attained a state of Consciousness that is prepared for more.

You have experienced many difficult and short lives as well as long and happy ones in order to experience and learn. You have had every color skin, been both male and female, have been warriors as well as priests, and have done things that you would now find abhorrent. This is because you had to experience all aspects of living in the energy of separation in order to beyond it.

There comes a point in every spiritual journey where there is no longer the need for intense struggle and hardship. These are often the tools necessary for those still enmeshed in three dimensional energy, but most of you have or are in the of graduating beyond the need for them. The journey has become about living and being that state of consciousness you have worked so hard to .

Living out from truth is not unattainable, something only possible for the “saints” of old or those willing to sacrifice everything “human”. These concepts of spirituality obsolete teachings that would have you believe that the spiritual world is separate from ordinary world. They are not nor ever could be separate, dear ones. There is no such thing as certain music, , activities, or people etc. being “profane” while (according to the limited awareness of the those who these concepts) a select group of other things are “sacred”.