Greetings humankind. We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B with a message of encouragement, hope and of renewal. Dive down with us in this delightful Now moment, and envision yourself in your massive whale form. There are no troubles here. Only thought, only light, and only love. It is best to create when surrounded by such frequencies as these, which you Humankind have yet to learn, but are in the process of relearning.

Breathe deeply and dive deeply with us now, into the deepest of deep, where there is only the of your thoughts and of the heartbeat of the Mother, who is ever surrounding and embracing, should you allow it. We Cetaceans have been misunderstood for too long you, Humankind. It is time for you to understand and to remember that we are eternal , are we not, with you, in balancing key of your .

We are your partners. We are the record keepers of the deep ancient energies. We store in your , as the ’s swimming libraries of you will. Much suffering has taken place of our kind in your , our , for we share them, do we not, with all of dear Mother Gaia’s lifeforms. It is the air we breathe and swim through. Much that has been long hidden and stored away is about to be and rediscovered on your surface as your governments change, shift, from dark to the light, from the benefit of the few to the thriving of the many. It was always to be thus. The true power within must be discovered. It is not only a part of the journey, but it is in itself the journey, from individuation of , back to . All is light.