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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Miami, Florida on 2018-02-02 21:00:00 – This is real deal! orbs, disc and boomerang shapes and coming 50-70 a night past 2 weeks!! military choppers and boats as well.

Synopsis: Ok…For the last two weeks, miami is being inundated w/ufo’s and many nights see coast guard choppers and helicopters with no lights buzzing the ufo’s, boats in biscayne bay w/no lights and i’ve heard military jets multiple times. i live on 33rd floor of a miami high rise and look straight north over biscayne bay with unobstructed views. starting two weeks or so ago we started seeing whitish orbs basically popping up in the sky out of nowhere. for the past few days, they are popping up further north and sometimes northeast over ocean and moving very slowly to about 150th to 41st north and the middle of biscayne bay. they then hover for 5 to 30 minutes at an altitude of approximately 2-4 thousand feet moving occasionally up, or in other directions when commercial aircraft are coming their direction then going stationary again. when they move out of view they start moving from hovering position to the west towards the city or south over my building and climbing sometimes very high then out of view. i have a ton of video and still shots showing this and from directly underneath. from underneath, they show different structural make up. maybe 3 or 4 different types disc, tube, boomerang, and some other shape i cannot discern. never, never do any make a sound…Completely silent. they only come out at dusk and continue throughout the night. these are not lanterns as they hover then move in different directions other than with the wind and at times zigzag out of commercial traffic’s way. not drones either. whatever is going on is the real deal and needs to be investigated immediately!! 50-70 per night and only at night. i’ll send some video and stills but have much more if you need to see.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Bellerose , New York on 2018-02-12 18:15:00 – The object wss hovering in the south east sky, hard for me to say the distance or size of the object. was hovering and flashing several colors then it slowly descended towards sse

Synopsis: The object wss hovering in the south east sky, hard for me to say the distance or size of the object. it was hovering and flashing red,blueish white, and very bright white, it also seemed to be changing shape,then it slowly descended towards sse. i had just dropped off my coworker at the buss stop on jericho turnpike at the queens nassau county border, about 5 minutes after dropping him off he texted me to look up in the southern sky, i was at the bank by then and my line of site of the object was obscured. once i got to my apartment about 10 minutes later i parked my car and looked out into the southeast sky and i saw it. i started taking photos and recording the object. from the time my coworker first txt me to the time the object descended to the sse was approximately 15-20 minutes. it made no sound that i could tell, it was very bright. because of the hovering, shape, and brightness of the odject i did not belive it was a plane or any other kind of conventional aircraft i’ve seen in the past. it was also very close to jfk airport which led me to believe it was not a drone due to the fact that it is illegal to fly drones near an airport also the size and brightness and height all also made me believe it not to be a drone. i was truly amazed during the time of the sightjng. my coworker and i both belive what we witnesses was by all accounts was an unidentified airail phenomenon.

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Davenport, Florida on 2018-01-01 02:30:00 – Length of 3 football fields. round object

Synopsis: My girlfriend and i were returning home from friend a few blocks away. it was now new years morning. we noticed it right away and it was in the sky even after we returned home and looked out the back door to the yard it was still there. largest craft i’d ever seen. and ive seen a few.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Mena, Arkansas on 2017-02-18 22:00:00 – Near mena, arkansas, 3 vertical beams of light appeared at night about 300 ft tall

Synopsis: The following describes an initial light event witnessed on february 18, 2017, reported to mufon by phone, and was investigated by mufon’s special assignment team (sat). due to the fact that this location, board camp crystal mine, near mena, arkansas, has been the site of ongoing phenomenon and investigation since the february 18, 2017 mufon investigation, this event was not publicly reported online until now. the reporting parties are the property owners and/or witnesses of the numerous ongoing events at this active location and are reporting for the benefit of public education and scientific research. in recognition of the one year anniversary of this event, which was featured in the october 2017 issue of the mufon journal, as well as featured on “expedition unknown: hunt for extraterrestrials” episode 4 on travel channel, the witnesses (and property owners of the location) are officially publicly reporting this sighting as follows: on the night of february 18, 2017, at the property known as board camp crystal mine, near mena, arkansas, the 3 eye-witnesses (2 of them being the property owners) were standing on a hill gazing out over the crystal mine property. about 10 pm, about 900 feet south of where the witnesses were standing, the witnesses saw a glow of white light appear at the treetops of the horizon silhouetting the treetops from behind. three large white vertical beams of light appeared out of the glow, seeming to be 30 feet wide and seeming to shoot up to about 300 feet high above the ground. the beams were described as being flat across the top, and appeared for a duration of about 10 seconds, then disappeared, and the glow receded back into darkness. there appeared to be no lights at ground level and no sound of a vehicle or animals. the witnesses were astonished by the sighting, thinking it was man-made, but not understanding how it could be, as it would be difficult for a vehicle hauling 3 large spotlights to enter the fenced rural 40-acre property without being noticed. although a small airport is located about 8 miles west of the location, directly south of the event site, there is nothing but undeveloped land, no roads, etc. the next morning, thinking they might find evidence of a human visit such as footprints or tire tracks, the 3 witnesses visited the crystal mine pit where the sighting occurred. to the witnesses’ surprise, there was no evidence of a human visitation, but all metal objects such as fence posts and tools were noticed to be affected, characterized by movement of the objects from their previous positions. mufon was contacted by a third party and the witnesses were phoned by arkansas state investigator race hobbs. because of the credibility of the witnesses and the strong physical evidence left behind after the light event occurred, mufon sent the sat to investigate, led by chase kloetzke. race hobbs accompanied the sat. during the sat’s examination of the metal objects with various devices recording readings for radiation and electromagnetism (em), it was confirmed that the metal objects at the event site were not only magnetized but also polarized, and em and radiation levels were increased. soil and rock samples were obtained and all information was forwarded to various labs for professional analysis. mufon has since issued a full investigative report.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Alberta on 2017-03-09 00:00:00 – Two lights flying past plane i was on.

Synopsis: I was traveling back to calgary from visiting my sister in winnipeg on a westjet flight at 40,000 feet. i glanced for a sec outside and seen two white kinda tear drop things flying off in the distance. i had my iphone in my hand and quickly took one pic before the two objects were gone. they were white in colour with no exhaust trails which made them look real bizarre. i knew it had to be two ufos. sighting lasted maybe 7 secs. it was incredible!

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania on 2017-05-31 00:00:00 – I seen 3 seperate lights, one they lite up 1 at a time in a even circle motion like it was going around

Synopsis: A friend and i seen three seperate lights light up one at a time like it was going around a saucer shaped craft and it was very close to us and when me and my friend walked closer to where we seen it i felt weird like i was in a time warp but i dont think i missed any time but thought it was weird my friend was no where to be seen and i yelled where are you he didnt answer and i felt a feeling i cant really expplain then he appeared out from behind a house where i am at but where the ufo or lights where its a field that amish live on and have a farm.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Liverpool , on 1996-11-18 23:30:00 – Very long black cylinder shape

Synopsis:I just moved into my house a week previous to my seeing this object, with my new born baby! i went outside at around 23.30hrs for a cigarette it was a chilli november night, the sky was clear i could see some stars and airplane lights high up in the heavens! was wondering where they where flying to, then i to the left of where i was standing looking up i saw this huge long black cylinder shape object it was that long i could not see where it ended! i remember how weird there was no noise nor no lights coming from it! it slowly flew over head! honestly i shit myself, i couldn’t get my backyard door ( gate) open because my door had swelled up with the damp! and i just watched it until it went out of sight! i have never told anyone this. because i didn’t want to be ridiculed by family or friends! and i was a none believer, i need to see to believe! i’ve seen and i believe now 100% i still think bout that night almost 22 years ago! i will never forget it as long as i live! it made me feel excited at what i just witnessed an a little bit scared to. i know now we are not alone in this universe!

Headline #8: Creature on a Hike

Synopsis: After sharing my story about the lake creature, I have decided to share my other paranormal experience that had happened in late Spring of 2015.

I was on a hiking trip with my brother and by this time the whole lake creature thing was behind me and it was only a distant memory. So, me and my brother were planning to hike to a mountain were there would be little to no animals and the weather there was pretty calm. Anyways, me and my brother planned to arrive at the mountain on the 1st day and then camp there for 2 days.

It was a 10 mile hike but we were prepared for it since me and my brother loved the outdoors. Once we were a mile or so away from the mountain, we noticed this horrible smell in the air like a raccoon or a deer had died or something. The smell went away a few moments later when we continued on our hike towards the mountain. It was already late evening so once we arrived at the base of the mountain, we set up camp.

We started a fire and explored the area around our campsite to keep ourselves occupied. Even though it was nighttime, we had some really good flashlights we were able to see a couple of silver-haired bats and a white tailed deer. Once we got back, we just started talking while sitting around the fire. During a brief moment when none of us were talking, I heard some leaves crunch.

Thinking there night be some deer or raccoons trying to get into our trash, I quickly shown my flashlight in the direction I heard the crunch and saw I nothing. I just brushed it off thinking I might have just heard a pinecone fall from a tree. It was close to 12 in the morning once we decided to head into our tents. Me and my brother both had our individual tent. Anyways, I usually have a hard time falling asleep on camping trips, so it usually takes me a long time to fall asleep. Right when I was about to fall asleep, I heard the crunch again, but this time it was closer.

The crunches sounded a good distance away at first but they kept on getting closer and closer .

Then it hit me, the crunches that I was hearing had the same rhythm as someone walking. At first, I had thought it was my brother going to take a piss but I listened and I heard him snoring in his tent. Not trying to make any noise in my sleeping bag, I continued to hear the steps get louder and louder and more and more closer to our campsite. Then, right when the steps got right outside my tent, they stopped. I quickly got my folding knife ready, praying the thing wouldn’t intrude in my tent.

Once I heard the first sound of my zipper moving, I lunged forward at the thing.

I don’t know if I hit it or not and I didn’t exactly see what the thing looked like, but a few seconds after, it let out this horrible noise that sounded like a cross between a scream and a howl. It woke my brother up and before my brother made it out of his tent, it was gone.

“What the fuck was that man?” my brother said.

“It tried to get into my tent. Dude we have to leave NOW!” I responded.

Then it hit me. It was a couple hour hike from where we set up camp. “We need to run and get the Hell out of here!” I said to my brother.

The only things we left with were our flashlights and wallets. We didn’t bother to get anything else. But once we were already heading down the way we came, we had forgot to get protection. Our knives.

“We can’t go back. that thing will be there!” I said.

“We need protection man!” My brother responded.

He went back to the campsite while I waited on the trail. A few moments went by and I was getting worried, so I went back to camp to get him. I was a hundred feet away from our campsite when I saw a figure going through my tent. I quickly assumed it was brother getting some extra stuff and I was about to callout to him when I was pulled aside into a bush and my mouth was covered by a hand. It was my brother.

His face was completely pale.

“We need to get the fuck out of here.” my brother said.

The 10 mile trek back to camp would’ve taken us at least 2 hours. I’d say we did it in about 30 minutes. And during that time, we kept on hearing the howl a couple hundred feet behind us. Once we got back to the car, my brother floored it and we were home in no time flat. Me and my brother never talk about that camping trip and we never went camping after that.

It always puts me into a mood whenever I think what could’ve happened if I was still asleep when the thing tried to get into my tent.


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