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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Tully, Queensland, Queensland on 1990-07-31 00:00:00 – Star-like but much brighter

Synopsis: the event happened while i was living in a small converted garage with a friend. i was backpacking around australia. there was no glazing in the property (tropical climate), only mosquito screens on window openings throughout. the main entrance was an existing garage door, therefore large and facing the road which was about 20m away. this opening was netted also and had a wooden frame with a normal door size opening to enter,within it. opposite this opening, against the far wall, was my single bed. it had a window (netted) over the bedhead facing the other direction. behind the house was forested swampland with no properties. on the other side of the road was a forested mountain; mount mackay national park and as such there were also no properties in the view from the entrance. this mountain was regarded by me as somewhere between a hill and a mountain. it is completely undeveloped with dense and tropical rainforest cover.


on the evening in question, i got into bed to go to sleep. it was probably around 9pm to 10pm and dark as sunset was around 6pm. my friend had also retired for the evening. all lights were off and it was totally dark. there were no streetlights or any man made lighting to be seen in this location at the time (quite remote). i remember it being a clear evening, no wind and in the mid 20’s degrees celsius, i estimate. normally i sleep without problems of any sort but after what must have been an hour of tossing and turning in bed, i found myself asking the question, “what’s wrong?” it soon dawned on me that the reason i could not fall asleep was because i was afraid! i remember distinctly feeling that this realisation startled me into full alertness. i realised that i had the distinct feeling of being watched! i immediately sat up in bed and peered through the mosquito mesh through the window behind me. as it is low lying wooded swampland in that direction, i couldn’t see a thing, there was nothing but total blackness.


after reassuring myself that i was being “silly” i turned back and as i was lying down again looked out of the entrance/ garage door opening opposite and i could clearly see mount mackay, silhouetted against the night sky. it was really rather bright in this direction. i saw a lone star above the mountain and to the right and thought, “wow, that’s a bright star!” then it dawned on me that it was way too bright to be a star. it was illuminating the hillside forest and i estimate that it had a similar intensity to a full moon. it was however smaller than a full moon. looking back, its actual size was difficult to gauge. as i said, it was like a very bright and very large star. it was close to the ground, a few hundred meters maybe, again it’s hard to give a good estimate for something without features or sound. then i remember that i said to myself, “that’s not a star, that’s a u.F…” to my astonishment, and before i could finish the sentence, the object immediately moved to the left and down, in the path that i would describe like if you roll a coin off of a table, a parabolic arched path maybe?!It did not seem to accelerate but moved from a standstill and kept a constant speed. the timing of my realisation and its starting to move out of sight was the most alarming thing about it. to this day i am convinced this was not a coincidence, but rather it had been monitoring me and my thoughts. that may sound like paranoia. regardless, i genuinely believe this fact, and given the very real fear i had experienced beforehand, point logically to the possibility of this. the object disappeared behind the ridge of the mountain which i estimate to be 1 or 2 km away. i took about 1 second to move from a standstill to being out of sight. i looked for just a few seconds waiting for it to reappear but it didn’t.


i then went to sleep, without any problem, the feeling of being watched had gone! looking back, i am surprised i did not question it; wait longer for it to reappear; search its possible landing site the next day, etc. later that year, while picking grapes as seasonal work, i went to the library and found a book on ufo sightings in australia. i read it and it discussed finding swamp-weed cicles (like crop circles) in the swamps around the tully area! tully, queensland was approx 5km from the location of this incident. it may have been the book; alien honeycomb: the first solid evidence of ufos by john pinkney and leonard ryzman as i read this book around that time in australia, though not 100% certain. i remember this passing explanation in the book for reasons obvious. this is not the only ufo sighting i have had, but i think it was an encounter of the “second kind” and as such, felt it worth documenting for research purposes. i hope it is of some use. i have attempted to make a photo-montage rendering using google earth showing the exact location, and it is attached. this is a very close approximation of what i experienced showing the objects position before it moved. thanks! ds

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Znam’yanka, Kirovohrads’ka oblast on 1990-10-03 21:15:00 – Not yet reaching the zenith point, the object took a diamond-shaped shape. at the edge of the diamond-shaped object have flashed sequentially of light white lamps. around the object was a purple glow, similar to the northern lights.

Synopsis: The object flew from the west. was shaped like a white ball. from the ball disconnected another ball of the same size. which flew abruptly in the northern direction. the main ball-object continued to fly east. not yet reaching the zenith point, the object took a diamond-shaped shape. at the edge of the diamond-shaped object have flashed sequentially of light white lamps. around the object was a purple glow, similar to the northern lights. at the zenith point, the object paused and then slowly flew to the east. witnesses were many, because everything was happening over the station square near the railway passenger station

Headline #3: Black Triangle Sighting in Portsmouth, England on 2018-01-09 17:15:00 – Ufo over portsmouth harbour

Synopsis: I was heading home to see my family after christmas and i thought i would take a picture of the spinnaker tower in portsmouth harbour to post up to social media announcing i was back in the area. i went up to the top deck of the ferry and stood outside to take the picture. it was only after i had taken the picture that i noticed the strange red/orange coloured lights in a triangle formation to the right of the tower. i looked around and could not see the lights a few minutes after the picture had been taken. i checked to see if there was building work, but the hight of the object not only appears to be too high but the area it is in is over water. there was a small amount of cloud cover and the white light to the side must be a bright star.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Great Falls, Maryland on 2017-08-04 00:00:00 – A ufo above the washington monument at the nationa mall

Synopsis: Me and my family were in dc for a white house tour. we walked to the lincoln memorial and i climbed the steps, the view from there is awesome, you can see the whole mall, so i decided to take some pictures. it was areound 11 am and i took about 3 pictures in a row of the washington monument. at the time i didn’t see anything but later that night, when i got home, i was looking through the pictures when i noticed something odd about one of them. the first picture was totally normal, but in the second one, on the right of the washington memorial, i saw a little black disc shaped object just hovering next to it. i swiped to the 3rd picture to see if it was in that one too but it was gone. it must’ve disappeared quickly, as these pictures were taken within seconds of each other. i don’t know the exact size of it but it must’ve been big if it showed up on my phone camera. at first i assumed it was just a plane or a drone, but if i’m not mistaken, the skies above the mall and the monument are a strict no fly zone, as the capital and the white house are in close proximity. it’s been on my mind for a while, i just want an explanation for it. i would’ve reported it sooner but i wasn’t sure how

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Carron, Scotland on 2018-01-05 17:32:00 – Unknown object aqua blue centre with two white lights one higher than other move from left to right at 17:32:15

Synopsis: in living room watching television, window is next to television 2 brightness of two white lights and really bright aqua blue centre – aqua blue not really visible due to shortfallings of my cctv camera. 3 initially a drone but too big and too perfect a flight path. 4 aqua blue fuselage and two extremely bright lights – left one slightly higher than the right. lights flashed on and off. 5 confused as to what it actually was. 6 object carries on flight path behind large tree in front garden and re-emerges for a few seconds past the tree. footage starts at 17:32:15 and finishes at 17:32:40.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Douglas, Alabama on 1976-03-31 00:00:00 – The ufo descended, hovered a few feet from me, and communicated telepathically.

Synopsis: This is a mundane account for a sighting, however; i believe that “they” communicated with me telepathically. the communication gives me hope for mankind. my aunt lived on a vast amount of land in a small cottage on the hill. everyday after school, weather permitting, i would walk miles down the hill with the dogs, singing, twirling, and enjoying. i was only 16 years of age, and one day while walking down the hill, i turned and glanced a white shining orb advancing my way. i took my glasses off, cleaned them, and looked again. trying to convince myself it was just a white glowing sun playing tricks on my eyes. i choose to ignore it and began walking down, then i looked again. it was a mere 3 ft. from me, across the street, and just about a foot over my head.


i just had to tilt my head slightly to see it. it was a bright shining orb with no glare, it was easy for my eyes to look at it. looking at it in disbelief, it’s as though “they” knew what i was thinking, at that instant, it turned as if on an axis, and just outside the lighted orb i saw some kind of metal silver rim, that was turning, then again only the orb. my mind was convinced it was real. then a question came into my mind, something like, “would you like to go to our planet, to come back and teach our ways back on earth. i did not have any fear, and my thoughts were too many people would worry about me, i can’t go. then i thought what if it can’t read my thoughts, so i ran up the hill and into the house. at the same speed of my pace the ufo came up the hill with me, it wasn’t until a turned toward the house, it veered toward the opposite direction of the pasture. after looking out the window it was just outside, across the street, above the pasture. my aunt asked, “what did you see?” i told her, thinking she would tell me i was imagining things. she asked my to go to the porch with her to see if we could see it. we were holding hands, the sky was dimming into night, and we watched it together descend into the sky. it simply looked like a star that faded into the night.


that week, some boys camping reported to our town paper, they had witnessed a ufo. my aunt took me for a hike through the pastures the next day, we walked forever with walking sticks. we didn’t talk much at all, we came across a “clearing” if you will. it was huge, sunken pit, the tree line grew around this pit, very little vegetation inside the pit. i thought this could be where they land. my aunt told me she saw them all the time. her kids confirmed she had told them about the sightings, though they never saw them. i wonder sometimes if they chose me because at that time in my life, because i had an innocence and optimism about life. my experience left me with the assurance that this particular life form, is benevolent. i had no fear, and i do not believe i was abducted in anyway. since that time i have seen other ufo’s near lake travis, in texas. my kids have witnessed them as well. one event is well documented in the news, orbs speeding down above lake travis. my son and i witnessed that one together.

Headline #7: Haunted House

Synopsis: Hello, my name is Mark and one of my true paranormal stories was read on one of your videos, but I decided to share another one. As some people know from that other video, I am male and a senior in high school.

Before I start, I would like to apologize as this will be a VERY VERY long story… These stories that I am going to share is from when I lived in this haunted house for a whole year by myself as a freshmen in high school. Due to some complicated family circumstances, my parents didn’t want to see me for a while as they have actually done something like this in the past. They put me in this house that was given to us by a really good friend. Actually, it was right next door so it wasn’t too bad at all.

There were many things that happened in this house, but I want to share 2 stories. Keep in mind, everything is important in a way.

Anyways, I was supposed to live there with my eldest brother, but he hated living in his room and I didn’t know why. He just kept his stuff there and slept on the couch at the other house. My room was the last room down the hall. You look down the hall and the door would be right in your line of sight. It wasn’t to the side like my brother’s room was, which was the master bedroom. My bathroom was right across from his room and that was probably the worst thing for me. The layout of the hallway is very important. The whole house had this heavy, dark, creepy feeling to it, but my room was the only safe place. Everyone said it. You could even feel the temperature and the atmosphere change between my room and the hallway. It was like heaven vs hell.

A little background on this house, the good friend and neighbor died a few months before I moved in. He didn’t die in the house (he died in New York), but both of his wives died there… They died in my brother’s room, but they were good people and I knew them so I don’t think they would try to scare me or him. Also, this neighborhood and all of its houses were made more than 50 years ago, so there are bound to be other spirits. Also we live near 3 cemeteries.

Ah, back to the creepy part, I was home alone and sitting in my room. It was 10 pm and I got hungry, so I decided to go over to the other house to get a snack. I walked out of my room and I saw that my brother’s room was open and the lights were on. I thought maybe he came back home to get something and forgot to turn off the light, so I turned it off and closed the door. I kept the hallway light on. Then, I went to the other house and came back around 11 pm.

When I was about to step into the hallway, I saw that his door was wide open, but the lights were off. I had to pass his room to get to my room. I didn’t want to investigate. So, I took a deep breath, ran down the hallway, quickly shut his door, jumped into my room, slammed it, and I locked it.

I sat down on my bed and I called my brother. I was like: “Hey, did you come home in the past couple of hours?”

To my horror, he said, “What? No, I have been at work. I’m working over time and I am about to leave. Why? Did something happen with my room?”

I gave a small, “Yeah… Your room..”

Before I could finish, he said, “Oh, looks like I am not coming back tonight.”

He left me in the dust. I sat down wondering what I should do and I heard the sound of his door creek open… The doors of this house were very very old and just touching the doorknob made sounds. I was horrified, but I still didn’t want to check. Then I heard the light switch. I knew I was screwed. It was just me in the house.

A couple hours passed by and the worst thing that could possibly happen when you are home alone in a haunted house happened… I had to use the bathroom. Yeah, it was late at night, but this was when I still had my really bad insomnia. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to hold it in, but I didn’t want go out of my room, which was the safe haven.

But I manned up, and I ran for the bathroom that was across from my brother’s room. I took a glimpse at his room and saw that the door was slightly open, but the lights were on when I know I clearly turned them off. I ignored it and went into the bathroom as fast as I could. I did my business, brushed my teeth because I knew I wasn’t coming back, and I stood at the door. I was afraid to open it… Right when I was going to touch the doorknob, I heard my brother’s door slam open hitting the wall behind it and the sound of the light switch.

I wanted to cry. Honestly, I was terrified, but I ran out. My tiny Asian legs moved as fast as they could, closed his door, jumped into my safe haven, slammed the door once more, and I fell to the ground.

As I laid there, I heard knocking on his door… I never left my room for the rest of the night…

My last and one of the most horrifying experience I had in that house was this nightmare. This house was the start of my nightmares. My best friend wasn’t living with me at the time and the demon lady I mentioned before didn’t appear in my dreams, until this night. A few months before I was scheduled to move out, I finally fell asleep.

In my dream, I was laying on my bed, laying on my back. My room was dark and I honestly didn’t realize I was sleeping. Until, I felt this heavy pressure on my chest. I knew I was experiencing sleep paralysis again because I couldn’t move and I couldn’t scream. Then, I saw her. She was sitting on my chest. She took the green pillow that I moved to the side and started to choke me with my own pillow. I could hear her hysterically laughing as she pressed the pillow on my face. At this moment, I was able to move my arms and was trying to rip the pillow off my face, but that didn’t work at all, and I couldn’t scream or breathe.

Then I heard, “You are mine now.”

I immediately woke up after she said that. I was sweating and trying to catch my breath. I thought it was just a normal sleep paralysis moment, but when I finally regain my senses, I felt like the blood drained from my face… My green pillow that I clearly moved to the side before I went to sleep was laying on top of my chest…

When I moved out of this house, I asked my brother why he hated sleeping in his room. What I found out, horrified me. He said that there were these two porcelain dolls that came with his room. He moved them out to the patio and thought it would be alright. Then a couple days later, he found one of them on top of this brownish red dresser and one inside that same dresser that he didn’t use, but it came with the room.

After that, the dolls moved around the house and sometimes it would come back to his room. Not only that, he felt like he was being watched by many people… That was why he didn’t want to sleep in there. He said that he envied me because my room felt so safe and calming…

What bothered me was, when I moved out of the house and back into the original house my family owned… That haunting feeling left that house along with me… Well, now I know I brought something back with me and to this day, I still get these nightmares and see that lady in my dreams.

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