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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Michigan on 2018-02-01 00:00:00 – Bright circular pulsating color-changing object s se of us. possibly selfridge base?

Synopsis: The first time i saw it was approx. jan 30th. it was bright & something was trailing off of it..Too far away to tell what it was. this event that i’m contacting you about happened while looking out a window at the deer with an ir camera. the object was back so i decided to take a pic & video. it was high in the sky..A plane actually passed under itat one point. it moved faster than we have ever seen. it could change directions on a dime. it also spun around in a circle 3x. when i zoomed in…I could see it changing colors. it stayed for quite some time then just disappeared. we saw red, yellow, blue, green and purple colors around it & a completr black circle around the entire object at times. cant explain it. dont know if it’s anything or not..Just looking for another opinion. you can see some black object pop in & out near it as well. my friend thought it was a star at first..I thought maybe a planet..But this object moved too fast & moved in different directions. thanks

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Mayfield, New South Wales on 2018-02-03 00:00:00 – N/a

Synopsis: It happens almost every night, i will be in bed and all of a sudden i will freeze after hearing footsteps (usually resulting in me dropping my phone on my face :/) and 1 – 2 greys but more like asguardian(stargate) with human eyes seeing as i have a massive fear of aliens i usually can’t move or talk they either just sit or stand their looking at me and eventually walk out and leave. tonight was different it happened about an hour ago i was watching tv and my dog started to growl and they appeared on the bed next to my dog then i black out (i’ve lost around 1 hour 20 mins of time) the weird thing is i woke in my lounge room where i left but with no pants (found on bed folded up)

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Wasilla, Alaska on 2015-08-15 14:00:00 – From my front porch, walked down porch steps, was there for a little while, then gone

Synopsis: I spent a nice warm sunny day with a friend on the front porch of our house. as a member of a chem trail website, i would often look up, on this day, when i looked up i saw a giant red glowing disc during the middle of the day,i was shocked, in disbelief, it was the size of a full moon, i checked, the clouds were between 5 to 10 thousand feet, the disc was above the clouds. the disc had a smaller circle in the middle of it’s bottom side.. i looked up several times, it did not move or make noise. then i looked a 4th or 5th time and it was gone, i waited over 2 years mainly out of disbelief

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Panama City, Panama on 1977-06-17 00:00:00 – Newspaper photos and blog about second jimmy carter related ufo in panama in june 1977

Synopsis: President jimmy carter has spoken of a ufo he witnessed in the 1960’s. when he visited panama in 1977 to broker the torrijos-carter treaty on one of his visits ufos were tracked over the isthmus of panama witnessed across the country. as a child i read about this ufo in our local southern command newspaper and in the star and herald which was our english language panamanian newspaper. i believe it also made both the us southern command tv news called scn and local panamanian tv news, but at the time the ufo news was overshadowed by the unrest in the country because of the treaty. this blogger has clickable images of the star and herald newspaper from that ufo encounter plus descriptions of the ufo, midway down the page: http://horadelmarciano.Blogspot.Com/2012/03/jimmy-carter-y-el-ovni-en-panama.Html for years i thought the carter ufo incident was this one because it had been well documented at the time, but now i realize there are two occasions where there were ufos related to carter. many years later i thought maybe the ufo had been a stealth fighter prototype, though at the time i believe the ufo the witnesses spoke of was round. there may be us military staff that have more info on this, or it might be available with a foia. i believe the panamanian reporters and the photographer would be willing to talk to you guys. thanks for the great work you do!

Headline #5: Black Triangle Sighting in Amarillo, Texas on 2005-06-30 00:00:00 – Triangle ufo, 4 lights, 3 yellow, 1 red, next to nuclear assemble/disassemble plant.

Synopsis: I was driving home in the dark and noticed some lights that were out of place, at first i thought to myself, how are those lights up so high? it looked like a pick up truck just hovering in the sky (i could only see two of the lights at this time)… i kept driving for a couple of miles, the closer i got to the object, the bigger the lights got. once i got close enough to it, i noticed a few cars pulled off of the highway and people out of their cars looking at the object, i did not stop, when i got underneath it, there was one faint red circular light underneath and one yellow light on the front of the object (this is how i realized it was triangular in shape)… i went home to get my mother (now deceased) so that she could see it too. she would not come with me to look at it again. i didn’t return to see if it was still there. the pantex plant is a bomb assemble/disassemble plant that this ufo was stationed by. i believe i have also seen one additional ufo near this plant, silver orb, purple glow. i don’t recall being frightened during either sighting

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Springfield, Oregon on 2008-08-01 09:30:00 – Looked like a shooting star or falling star white in color with white exhaust

Synopsis: It was 2008 i lived in lapine, oregon me and a friend were in his truck up in sisters, oregon going for a drive while he drinks a couple of beers. he got pulled over for a duii. he went to jail i got to walk home down the side of the highway. i walked until i got between sisters and tumalo oregon. as i am walking i get this urge to look behind myself, so i turned around moving from my right to my left i saw what i thought was a shooting star white in color. it followed along earths atmosphere, then out of nowhere it plunges into earths atmosphere it didn’t even burn up 4 orange sparks shot out from behind it like a trail but disappeared instantly. then once it broke through earths atmosphere it took a rounded left into clouds i could still see it moving through some clouds it looked like a giant motorcycle head light moving through fog. then it traveled east to west through a worm hole. then i saw a donut hole cloud it worm holed it self into the center of that donut hole cloud, directly at me it became the size of two nfl football stadiums side by side. my feet hurt to bad to continue watching.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Lawrenceville, Georgia on 2018-02-02 06:57:00 – Light flashing looked like lights were in department’s with gaps between lights

Synopsis: Taking 15 year old to highschool around 6:56 am i saw blinking lights moving faster than anything i ever seen, i live only about 43 miles from atlanta airport and see planes and helocopters all the time day and night, but what caught my eye was the speed!! i never seen anything move that fast, and stop in midair, and move lattery and stop again at that speed! it hoovered off and on and then moved more slowly in difference circular motions while it would slow and hoover. i along with my 15 year old grandchild, could not believe what we both were seeing. as the sun appeared around 7:05 i could still see it except at a longer distance, when the dawn light of the sun, was shining off it, it looked metallic. i didn’t see it leave when i went around a corner, but it had left, around 7:09am. i don’t do drugs or drink. and i know what we saw

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 2013-09-05 00:00:00 – 3pm all three of us witnessed disk shaped craft heading east it stopped hovered for a seconded then tilted slightly before ascending through the cloud which made a halo opening

Synopsis: My wife, daughter and myself were having lunch out on our back deck around 2pm early sept 2013 when my daughter said dad whats that, my wife and i turned and saw a disk shaped craft about the size of a school bus about 5000ft in the air it was metallic in color, it was moving forward (west to east direction) but had a wobble effect at the same time, we observed it for about a minute, then it stopped, hovered for about 2 to 3 seconds then tilted slightly before ascending through the cloud which as it went through the cloud it punched a hole open in the cloud which we observed as well. after observing this craft i turned to my wife and daughter and asked both what they saw they both were silent as if unsure on how to respond then i asked both did you see a disk that was as big as a bus no wings stop in mid air tilt then ascend at bullet speed up through the clouds they both said almost at the same time was that a ufo we all just stared at one another and finished our lunch. the next day reports of red orbs in the night sky where reported by many in toronto

Headline #9: Black Triangle Sighting in Regina, Saskatchewan on 2012-05-25 02:00:00 – Black, large triangle ufo

Synopsis: I was out side by myself on my driveway in front of my house in the city of regina and was looking up at the sky to look at the sky and stars. it was a nice night out with a bit of fog patches in the sky. after 5 min of looking at the sky a huge black triangle ufo flew right over me. id estimate it was going 100 km/hr or less when it flew over me. i had a powerful lazer light in my pocket that creates a beam in the sky that i would use to show my friends out in the country the stars like the big dipper and such. as soon as i seen the black triangle ufo, i grabbed my lazer out of my pocket and shined it on the ufo and oddly i seen the beam go right up to the ufo but did not reflect back and seemed to absorb the light. this sighting lasted id say 20 seconds. the ufo had no sound at all. i was surprised the ufo went over a city like regina, usually they avoid city’s unless its orb’s.

Headline #10: UFO Sighting in Topeka, Kansas on 2018-02-01 21:37:00 – Shapeshifted, cloaking device suspected, variety of sizes during encounter, multiple colors of light

Synopsis: 2/01/2018 @ 9:37pm i was at home and decided to go to the gas station just up the street from my house to get some 20 oz sodas. i put on my coat due to it being only 18°f outside grab my wallet and my keys and head out to my truck. as i start my truck i look up in the sky to my south/southeast (this is the way my truck is facing parked on the street) and i notice this extremely bright light that resembles a candle flame. it looks like a flame dancing on a wick. seeing as how this is not something that is very strange in the sky i say out loud, what is that?!?” as soon as i said this it immediately stopped flickering and appeared to take on the shape/features of an airplane. naturally after seeing this my eyes were glued to this thing in the sky. slowly it started to look as if it really was a plane because it appeared to start slowing moving, so i started to drive to the gas station. i had to turn around so now i was heading due north and stopped at the stop sign at the end of my street. i was at a complete stop and looked both ways and saw that no one was coming so i tried to spot this thing again just to reassure myself that it was an airplane. much to my surprise, i find it just as it looked as i came outside to my truck when i first saw it. it had gone back to resembling a candle flame. so without hesitation i turned left(westbound) and hurried to the gas station and kept checking it in the sky. i has to turn left again at the light and so i was going southbound and now i had a great open sky view of this thing and what it was doing was changing brightness and hue from the candlelike orangish whiteish to stark white and as it did this is appeared to be vibrating and started to look almost fuzzy. the base colors of light were the candlelike colors to the bright whiteish but within that light tiny dots of all the colors you could possibly imagine randomly blipped on it and in no apparent order. i get to the gas station and get my sodas and rush back home to see if it is still there. i park on the street facing south and shut off my truck and look in the sky to the south/southeast again. and it is still there doing the “freaking out vibrating changing colors thing” so i get my phone out to try and see if i can hopefully catch something on a video or at least a picture and as soon as i get my phone out, before i even unlock it, this thing stops all movement completely. then slowly this thing started to dim and then it slowly started to go higher and as it did it looked like a circular object like a meteor falling to earth like the tail of one of those but in the opposite direction as it was going upwards and the top of it looked to be rounded off. and a few seconds later it was completely gone. the actions of this thing when it stoped and changed, felt to me like, it had a conscious knowledge that i was watching it and it changed or camouflaged itself to avoid being found out. i didn’t feel threated or in any danger but i was definitely concerned as i don’t really know what it wanted or what it was doing over a lake. it’s like it was letting me know that it knew i was watching it and that it too was watching me. it also felt familiar to experiences seeing this same light growing up. in the same position in the sky (south/southeast) and appearing to be over a lake. i wonder how long it has been watching me. i wonder if it’s the same beings that have come before. i wonder what they want. overall i feel positive about it, but wouldn’t mind some answers. also i need to note that it was completely silent.


Headline #11:  Ouija Horror

Synopsis: I’m pretty young that doesn’t mean I haven’t had much experience with the paranormal world. I’m like a ghost hot spot, always something. But this is by far the scariest paranormal experience. One night my sister had about 3 of her friends over, not to bloat but I was a cool little kid. I had always appealed to the older crowd. So I would hang out with my older and only sister. My brother had over 1 friend that I could consider a brother.

As the day got closer to night we all got bored so we took a walk. It was fun for everyone, but it wasn’t for me. I felt watched. I glanced over my shoulder, I saw someone! I couldn’t open my mouth to say what I needed too. It felt like my lips were glued together. I look back at the road ahead of me. Everyone was laughing, talking, and telling jokes. But all I could do was worry about the big fat stop sign ahead (which meant we had to turn around) I could see it in the distance. Each house I passed I got sicker and sicker.

I looked back again, still there, same distance a man. We got the stop sign and walked back, I still felt watched, but nothing was there. When we got home I ran in the house and locked the door. They were still outside. My mom was outside too. I unlocked the door and tell them everything. The were shocked!

My brothers friend said he couldn’t deal with any of this and walked to his house. To clarify I hated my old house It was just scary i’d see things all the time. We did the Ouija Board, now this is were everything goes down. My sister and her friends did it. They asked typical questions. My sister thought it was one of her friends. Now to make sure it wasn’t any of them she asked a question that only me and my sister know and I wasn’t playing and I trust my sister very much she would not lie to me. She asked “Whats my great grandmother’s name?”

The board answered “E-V-E-L-Y-N” It was right! My sister is never scared, but she was now. I was in the restroom which is in the room too. But it was just this time that I got the balls to go out the restroom when they were asking that question.

I walked to the corner of the Board and cried I don’t know what or why I did it I just did, I cried so hard.I stopped and went into the bathroom very scared.After that it went crazy it said i’d hear screaming at 5:00 in the morning. My sister had this on audio and camera. She asked “What color are the walls?” it answered correctly. We decided to stop playing and said goodbye. We almost forgot to review the footage and audio, then my sister remembered. It haunting in a deep deep voice it said “Walls” then the same second someone ran past the camera. That night I couldn’t the whole night. I don’t know what it was but i just passed out at 4:58.

In my bed (which is the bed we did it under) I would have horrible nightmares . I’d wake up in the middle of the night crying. We moved soon after that. My grandmother moved into the house. She said the most chilling thing to me, she said “Who drew in the closet?” (in the bedroom there was a closet and a bathroom I had to share the room with my sister so it was the master bedroom.) “What?” I said. She said “There are words in the closet its says goodbye, help, get out, no (or 20), and … hail satan” I froze “What?” she showed me. I took pictures, but they went missing from my phone. We left the house. I visit the house a couple time a month/year.

I had one good nightmare of my house before that was it. I had recently visited it I took a selfie. There it was, a hanging little girl behind me. It was all black behind me but you could see the tiny cubes making a rope and a little girls face behind me. I still have it. No explanation on this entire experience.

This was by far the scariest paranormal thing to happen to me. I still have experiences too today, but nothing this big. Thank you for listening to this true story.


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