Here is the UFO Headline News for Monday February 5th, 2018

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Headline #1: Black Triangle Sighting in Momence, Illinois on 2009-07-04 00:00:00 – A huge triangle that reflectice flames moving silent.

Synopsis: My family and i just dropped a friend off from a fireworks show around 10 pm. my oldest son looked up in the sky and and asked hey what is this and pointed to the southern sky. i looked up it was a huge triangle my guess it was about 2000 ft to 3000 ft above us . it was flying in a sw to ne direction . it was glowing orange/ yellow flames , the type of you would put on an old muscle car. we jumped in the car and followed for 15 min , it wasn’t traveling very fast . we were in open desolated area and my wife became frightened and wanted to turn around and i agreed thinking that was a good ideal.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Brandon, Florida on 2018-01-07 20:00:00 – Diamond shaped object with green lights outlining the craft and a bright org red beam that grew

Synopsis: On this sunday evening, i was waving a tearful goodbye to my sons following a 3 week visit. as they turned the corner, and were out of sight, i stood in the driveway, crying. suddenly my attention was on what i thought was some kind of christmas light in my mohter’s neighbor across the street’s live oak tree. then it occurred to me that christmas light ornaments don’t move. i moved away to get a clear view of the object, which appeared to me to be like a 1980s style space ship. i watched it moving northward when suddenly a burst of light obscured the green and orange red lights and 4 lights separated and two were significantly brighter from my perspective, and had moved in opposite directions from one another for approximately 5 inches of sky and then stopped immediately. the lights were now whitish and resembled stars, as if some object was using a star light to camouflage itself. however, above these lights, what i saw is very difficult to explain, but i think the best way to describe it is approximately 3 or 4 swirls of fireworks. it looked like some kind of inter dimensional portal opening up. it was very surreal. some things about this event at about this time are confusing to me. i dont have “missing time” but it seems like maybe i should. i tried to get video shortly after i began to see the object, but my camera on my phone would not pick it up. i have kept it as a time stamp and as a diary for what i described. i was suddenly overcome with a feeling of assurance that all would be okay, and that something had not wanted us to be sad about parting. i felt a million times better, instantly after seeing the object separate. i texted my sons, but before i could send it, i received a text from my son, exclaiming that the three of them had seen something crazy. he also sent me pics from his iphone, and apparently they all watched this for several minutes as well. i can give you all of their contact info and sign parental release for them to answer any questions you may have for them

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Metairie, Louisiana on 2018-01-23 23:10:00 – Glowing orange/red enomoli in sky above the moon

Synopsis: Approx 10:40 pm on january 23 2018.. i was walking outside to my truck.. when i got in my truck i happen to glance at the moon. i noticed 2 glowing orange/red glowing enomoli in the sky directly above the moon. 1 of these enomoli is and can be seen very clear. there was a second enomoli just to the right and above that was more faint and not as clear! this did not appear to be a ufo.. but it appears to be a celestial object of some kind! i believe either the tail of a comet or asteroid. but there were 2 of the same objects in question.. which lead me to believe that it might be part of the nibiru planet system.. as i returned home approx at 12:30 am january 24th 2018.. the enomoli was still present n the sky only appearing to be 3-4 enomoli this time all glowing.. the objects in question then proceeded to fade in the night sky to faint to achieve any more pictures… i truley believe that i have captured something extraordinary!! the smoking gun that there celestial object in our solar system.. i believe with out a doubt that this proof of nibiru planet system or part of its debris field lighting up our sky.. please get back with me.. as i await your opinion..

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Deltona, Florida on 2018-01-07 19:10:00 – This changed my life. i was the only witness, i cannot cope with what i have seen now.

Synopsis: I had just dropped off my fiance at work and was pulling out of the parking lot in my van. i looked up and saw a very bright orange light. i knew immediately that what i was seeing was strange at the least. i pulled forward into the publix parking lot at dupont lakes center. i continued to watch the bright orange/red object as its light went dim. i got out of my car to witness the object with no obstruction. the light was orange with a red glowing trail behind it. it started to conduct maneuvers i have never seen any other aircraft preform. then another u.F.O. showed up and it was bright white, until it had seemed to be pulling energy from the first craft. then what follows next literally changed my life. i know in my heart this happened and i don’t blame anyone if they do not believe me. what i saw was a what seems to be the very fabric of the sky itself open up. what lied beneath appeared to be holographic. the two orbs held a light/energy between each other. the light turned blue and it was amazing. truly this was just as beautiful as it was shocking. the blue light covered both ufos and they disappeared instantly any remnants of the lights were gone, just like that. i stayed in the parking lot and after losing my shit. i collected my cool and realized no one would ever believe what i had seen. i saw the light once more appear about 100 feet away from where i saw the first and then expected the lights to follow it again. but this time is was only the orange light and then poof gone again. i took a video in hopes i would catch it on camera but i sadly could not. i got a call from my mom very shortly afterward and she had asked me to bring the van back, i told her what had just happened and now she thought i was on drugs. she demanded i bring the van back home at once. i knew i should keep my mouth shut but i also told some friends in hope they would believe me knowing i don’t make things up like this. i’m not even into the whole u.F.O. thing. they also did not believe me. but if you live in deltona please look up.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Greenwater, Washington on 2018-01-16 00:00:00 – Filmed a music video in near mt.Rainier only to later discover massive ufo traffic in the footage

Synopsis: While filming a music video near mt. rainier national park i unknowingly filmed 50+ ufos traveling overhead. the objects seemed to be timed with the music in my headphones which leads me to believe that they were actually flying overhead with the sole intention of being in the video. at the time of the events i was blissfully unaware that anything had taken place only to later discover in the footage that i had filmed an unsettling amount of traffic. it was lightly snowing throughout the day which gives the benefit of the doubt that they may be snowflakes.        that being said it was not windy and the objects were traveling at an alarming rate. despite how the video may appear i was not alone on top of the ridgeline, however i dont believe anyone noticed because of the incredible speed. to further my point about them complying with my music video, i have included an image that shows one object literally splitting a light on the end of my hair. the object was seemingly aware of the camera position, as the line up and timing would be literally impossible otherwise. the compiled footage that i have is truly the most substantial abundance of ufos that i have ever seen. when i first reviewed the footage i was so taken back that i nearly threw up. because of the nature of the song i was filming and reviewing the footage, it has led me to believe that this may actually be intellegant water. i know that sounds outlandish but i have also included a clip that shows a snowflake hit directly in my back, and then a water object seemingly shoot from my face towards the camera lens. i have only included select footage, as i have mentioned, there were literally over 50 to 100. it was so busy that i actually had to edit ufos out of my video. thats craziness. who would edit out ufos. here is a link you can copy paste to my completed video. in almost every clip you can find objects. the most obvious to the naked eye is at 1:55. you can see how they coordinate with my motions. not featured in the video is a break neck turn made by one of the objects. all of the footage is unbelievable. i should note that they did not make a sound. also by the lake when i appear to be looking at them, i was actually looking at a mountain peak, basically not sure what kind of action i should have been doing. https://youtu.Be/6ttfucirlkw

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Harcourt, Ontario on 2017-11-01 05:15:00 – Observed object, diamond shaped, big as house, glowing pinkish rose. 515am- 645am.. missing time and observed entities at the end of oad

Synopsis: At 5:15 am around november 1st i had another strange, strong urge to rush outside with the dog. we walked around the corner of the crescent and i looked up and saw a diamond shaped object, as big as a 3 storey house, sitting stationary in the sky. it was silent, glowing pinkish- rose, with a symetrical pattern and i could observe 2 circle like windows that were the same colour and i stood in the middle of the street just looking , staring at it.. it felt like 5 minutes and i began to get that feeling again of a presence. i could sense it within me, someone.. i sometimes see a male, blonde humanoid..Along with the greys but i could see shapes at the end iof the road and my dog just flipped and turned suddenly, running with me close behind to my side door. he didnt even have his walk yet. when i got upstairs and looked at the time it was 6:45am.. 1.5 hrs had passed.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Hamilton, Ontario on 2017-12-14 12:30:00 – Looked like flock of birds, messy v that tightened into v, too high for airshow jets there were about 9 objects. chemtrailing followed

Synopsis: I was on hamilton mountain, looking at the sky as i normally do, due to chemtrailing. i saw what at first i thought was a flock of birds, but much too high. they/it was so high up, that identifying shape would be very difficult. there were approx 9-12 visible objects that at first seemed independent of each other, but as it pulled into a tight, neat v formation, and moved in this manner, as one object, seemingly. it was moving very very slow for the most part, tho it seemed to speed up and changed from travelling west, to south. it was just after noon, and the sun ended up blinding me as it moved more rapidly, and brought the sun into the equation. my eyes started watering really bad, by the time i could see again, maybe 15 seconds- 30 seconds, i couldn’t find it again, and immediately a cloud creating jet, that left the south skies cloud covered and extending into the north sky. i was left feeling very strange, i can’t explain the feeling, i wanted to stay there in hopes it would return, and i still get the urge to go back to that spot, but i realize it was probably a one time thing, sadly.


Headline #8:Alien Encounter in Žilina, on 2016-06-11 09:39:00 – Entity captured during exploring canalisation

Synopsis: You know what geocaching is for sure. if not, just google it. so there are some geocaches in my town and one of them is hidden in canalisation. i told my friend about that and we decided to go find it. the canalisation ends in a river and it is pretty easy to go inside. it is not locked and height of canalisation tunnel is about 1.8 meters. we went inside, found a geocache after about 300 meters from entrance and returned out. i was taking photos of everything. after about 1 month after it, i was viewing those photos and recognised a face on one of those. at first i only saw one eye and nose, but after a minute i noticed there is also a second eye. i didn’t see anything during the event. it is weird, as it is like 10 centimeters from camera. my friend was behind me all the time and it is not his face. also it looks like half of the face (down from over the nose) is covered by something transparent. it looks like there is some aura over the creature, but it is just a light from outside going through a hole for water to flow inside canalisation when it rains. i really don’t know what it is. maybe it was an alien that could be seen only through camera, maybe it was a ghost, maybe just a coinsidence. every time i see the photo, a tear comes to my eye. it is pretty scary for me. photos of enviroment can be found in comments. photo of creature is in photos section. please write a comment if you have a theory on what this could be.

Headline #9: Vampires in the Woods

Synopsis: I remember my childhood very clearly. I remember the huge Victorian style home that I grew up in. It was in a big patch of woods in northern Louisiana, so the trees were very tall pine trees. I remember they smelled so good. Our house was about five miles away from neighbors on all sides, and the only way to reach it besides a trek through the woods was a tiny dirt road that lead from the main highway to our house. It was an absolutely beautiful setting for a beautiful home. The sun would burst through the trees, and now that I think about it, even during the height of Louisiana summer or the middle of winter, that area always felt as if it was fall. Maybe a solid 68 degrees all year round, which is strange.

I was a rambunctious child, eight years old at the time, with a huge imagination. This huge imagination would be the explanation given to me by my mother when I told her that there were kids living in the woods around our home. I’ve only ever spoken of this to my mother, and even now writing about it there are memories flooding back to me that I have somehow completely erased. There were vampires in those woods around my home, I’m sure of it.



One bright but cool August day, I decided to play outside with our Husky puppy, Marcella (we called her Marcy). My mother gave me her usual “stay close to the house, don’t go into the woods” warning, and I bolted out of the door with Marcy. My mom always reminded me that there were black bears in the woods and to never go farther than the edge of them, which literally surrounded our entire house besides the small dirt road. I remember seeing at least two back bears, but that’s besides the point.

Marcy and I were playing fetch with an old baseball that I had, and my last toss was a little too hard. The ball whizzed past Marcy and rolled into the thick woods behind my home. Marcy ran for it, but stopped dead in her tracks right at the edge of the brush and began to snarl. The hairs on her back stood up, and I remember being filled with a sense of panic. “Marcy? What’s wrong”, I asked. Right after I spoke I heard a snap in the woods, and fear took over. I screamed for Marcy to come and ran for the door to my house. Right before I closed the door, I saw the baseball roll back into the yard from the woods. I didn’t go outside for a while.

After a few days of hiding, my mother convinced me that it was probably an animal and that it was long gone by now. I remember the feeling of dread and panic that came over me, and the deep growls coming from Marcy. That was no animal. Being a bored child, I decided to venture back into the yard. My grandfather was huge gardener, and I collected seeds and small tools from him on my yearly visits. So I decided to make a small garden. It was about five in the afternoon, and I knew the sun would be setting about two hours from then. I found a small patch of flat yard next to the treeline behind my house and begun digging small holes to plant lily bulbs.

I became so caught up in gardening that time seemed to move faster and faster. Before I knew it the sun was setting and twilight was approaching. As I realized this, I began to collect my tools and leftover bulbs to put them away. Just as I picked up the last tool and turned to walk away, I heard what sounded like a child’s voice. “Hi”, said the voice. It came from the woods right behind me. I snapped my head around in surprise. “Hello?”, I asked. “Hi”, I heard just as I saw a small girl peak around a thick pine tree.

She looked to be around six or seven years old with long, ratty brown hair and dirty skin. She looked as if she’d been walking the woods for weeks. I remember her so clearly now. I remember her facial features were almost elf like. She had a pointy little nose and small ears. Her eyes were almond shaped and slightly upturned. Her fingers were a bit longer and skinnier than they should be. She wore tattered clothes that I didn’t think were strange, but now I realize they were almost pilgrim-like. Out of all of this, though, I will never forget her eyes.

The iris of her eyes were a shade of grey so light that they were almost invisible. They were striking, almost ghostly, and when she moved into the shadow cast from the tree they glowed. I think the term reflected is better. They were reflective like the eyes of a cat or raccoon. Right when I looked into them, the same sense of dread and panic filled me. I began to shake. “Stop that”, she said with adult authority. “You scared me”, I said. “Who are you?”

“Constance”, she answered. She smiled at me, but it was cold. I’d never seen a child like this. “Why are you in the woods”, I asked her. I knew there were bears and I didn’t want her to get hurt. “I live here”, she said as she turned away and skipped through the trees out of sight. I was confused and scared, so I ran back inside to tell my mother. Of course she didn’t believe me and told me that I must have imagined it. I think imagination is a crutch used by parents to explain things that scare them when it involves children. I remember after I told my mother, she went outside with her rosary and prayed in the yard for a bit, so I knew she must have been a little afraid.

That night as I was trying my best to sleep, I heard a tap on my window. It was around midnight, and when I turned my lamp on I saw the same girl from the woods outside of my window. She was standing there like she was waiting for me to open it and let her in. My room was on the second story of the home, and there was nothing for her to stand on below my window. “What are you doing”, I asked, startled. “Do you want to see my house”, she asked with that same cold smile. In the light of my lamp, her eyes looked animal like and…hungry.

“Get out of here”, I said with as much authority that a scared eight year old could give. I was very afraid now, and began to cry. “Tell me I can come in. We can play with your toys or we can pay at my house. My family is very nice but we’re very hungry”, she said as she leaned closer to the window. I noticed her teeth now. I’d somehow never noticed them while she spoke, but they seemed to change when she said the word “hungry”. They were sharp. Not like horror movie sharp, but sharp enough to puncture what they bit into. They were ALL sharp.

My eyes widened and I began to scream for my mother. “Let me in! Let me in!”, the girl screamed as she hit my window. I was now screaming in terror as my bedroom door flew open. My mother rushed in and turned on the light, and there was nothing in the window. I told her what happened. She said I probably had a nightmare about the girl I thought I saw, but right as she was saying that, I saw what looked like Constance looking up at me from the treeline. I saw her reflective eyes, then saw two more pairs of those reflective eyes. These were at the height of adults.

While my mother was trying to calm me down, she said that we were going to visit my aunt and cousins that next day. What she didn’t tell me was that she had lost the house and was actually bringing me to stay with my aunt while she moved our things from the house. The next day as we were loading some bags into the trunk my mother told me that we were going to bring Marcy with us, and that I should go get her. I found her in the back yard, snarling at the woods. I called her and we ran to the car. As we drove off I looked back at our house, and I swear I saw those eyes. Three pairs staring at me through the trees.

When my mom finally explained that we weren’t going back, I was very happy. My mother said I even look relieved. I will never forget those eyes. I see them sometimes in my dreams. I still wonder what would have happened if I had opened that window, and I still shudder at the thought of being so close to her in my yard. I think, no, I know that they were vampires. They had to be.

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