UFO Headline News Saturday/Sunday February 10th & 11th, 2018

Here is the UFO Headline News for Saturday/Sunday February 10th & 11th, 2018

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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Lockport, New York on 2018-02-02 00:00:00 – A red light that got brighter when i asked.. there were a bunch of ufos that night

Synopsis: I was in my room and i saw something bright outside and happened to catch my eye… upon further inspection i noticed a red object moving up and down.. so i said to it brighten up for me and it did just what you see in the video. after the my phone died i was blinking at it with my flashlight, i would blink three times and it would blink back three times… it was pretty interesting. i was the only one awake at 4 in the morning and there were a lot of other ufos out at that time it was pretty clear outside. when the sun came up i lost sight of that object

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Westport, County Mayo on 2018-02-04 19:50:00 – Experienced sky watcher sees something out of the ordinary.

Synopsis: I’m an experienced sky watcher in the west of ireland and know very well what aircraft look like, i live on a busy air corridor from the us to europe. i also know what a satellite and space debris looks like. tonight i seen a strobe like flash in the sky to the north west from the corner of my eye and again several seconds later. i fixed the spot and counted 13 seconds between flashes. a single white strobe like flash. i initially appeared not to be moving but i soon realised it was moving considerably slower than an aircraft or way slower than a satellite and space debris. it took over an hour to cross the sky and seemed to be at great altitude or in orbit. i checked flight radar 24 and several satellite tracking apps which had nothing. i didn’t expect to see anything on those apps as it was moving relatively slowly.I tried to capture a video but my phone wasn’t up to the job. i watch the sky on a nightly basis and seen loads of strange stuff which i could explain but this was ver different, but at all dramatic, from any thing i’ve seen

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai on 2018-01-24 00:00:00 – A hovering object upper silver, lower gold, with two spinning objects moving around it

Synopsis: My daughter and i were walking back to chiang mai from wat pha lat temple on jan 24th 2018. it was around midday. there was a half-moon in the sky, and i noticed that there was something in the sky near it. it was about a quarter the size of the moon. through binoculars it appeared to be in two attached parts, a silver sphere above and a gold distorted sphere below. it was completely stationary, and i thought it must be a hot air balloon, or a blimp, maybe some kind of buddha figure considering where we were, and the gold colour. however my daughter thought it was too high for a hot air balloon, and also said that there were two flashing lights near it. through the binoculars, the flashing lights showed three equally spaced arms and were rotating slowly, the rotation causing the flashing as the arms caught the sun. in apparent size, they were half to a quarter of the blimp-thing. we watched for a few minutes, as these objects circled the blimp-thing a couple of times, then they moved away, and disappeared. the blimp-thing was still there, stationary. it was doing nothing so we then stopped looking, carried on walking and stopped for lunch. we left 30 minutes to an hour later. i looked towards the moon and around the sky, and the object was no longer visible. i would have dismissed the blimp-thing as a balloon, except for the two circling lights. i have no idea what we had seen. we both had phones but neither of us thought to try to take a photo. some military planes flew over the area, i think it was the day before.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Albany, New York on 1970-07-10 20:02:00 – A bnuch of us saw a ufo that ended scaring usl

Synopsis: We were at a summer camp(camp hi_rock 0perated by the ymca of bridgeport conn. we were after dark sitting at the edge of the lake;,one of the boys(there were 3 counselors and about 20-24 boys). we were talking about what we had done that day. one of the boys borrowed my 5-duracell flashlight and started blinking it at some airplanes at an airport some distance away . there were 3 ranges of hills or mountains between where we were and the airport. after a couple of minutes, the boy said one of the lights was coming in our direction. we saw the light reflected off the 1st line of mountains. we did not hear anything. the light came over the 2nd and still no sound. we started to get scared, when al the animal and insect sounds a t night stopped. all of us headed to the activities building 30 yards behind us. as the counselors got to the biulding with the boys in front of us , the ufo went over us!! the next morning we asked one of the rangers at the camp, how high the average trees were tall. the ranger said they were 125 feet tall. the saucer that went over was wider than the trees were tall. we also called the airport(we pooled our change tuse a pay-phone that was at the camp) and asked for the control tower at the airport. we got one of the control people did you have anything unusual happen during the night. he said that they had an un-identified radar return headed west at 600 miles per hour, we said we saw it!!!!!!!!!!!! and then we thanked him.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Cincinnati, Ohio on 2018-02-03 20:15:00 – Bright red light decended until lost in trees

Synopsis:  Wife and i were returning from dinner in car. saw bright red light (more than a point source – certainly not a planet) about 65 degrees in sky ahead and to the right of our direction of travel. seemed to descend quickly, and disappeared behind trees in about 30 seconds. emitted no sounds. when first sighted, i thought it was a light on a tower or power line. my wife thought it was a plane or copter. there were no other lights visible besides the red light. because of the area into which the light descended, which was heavily residential, it was unlikely that this was an airplane (no place to land and taxi), and was not likely to be a helicopter because of the absence of landing lights. it could have been a drone, but nothing else comes to mind as to the identity of the light. entire sighting took less than a minute from first view till loss of sighting. neither of us experienced any sensations or feelings during the episode. this event took place within a mile of our home. i didn’t see any evidence that anyone else observed this light. there was a police car with its warning lights flashing down the street from our home, but this patrol car was pulled into that house’s driveway, and i saw no one outside. since i saw the police car less than a minute after the sighting occurred, it is unlikely that a call from that residence could have so quickly brought a police response. when i looked for the police car twenty minutes later, it was gone. the weather was cloudy with no stars or moon visible, and it was lightly misting or drizzling. temperature was low to mid-30s. i checked the local tv news programs at 11 pm, but none reported any unusual lights.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Cordes Lakes, Arizona on 2018-02-04 02:05:00 – Six blue and green flashing orbs or spheres(?) in a row, off the ground, then dissappeared

Synopsis: My daughter and i were driving home from phx, we were in the flat area, i think near cordes junction, in front of us we noticed 6-8 blue and green pulsing lights, very bright, up ahead and slightly to the right. above the horizon but as we got closer we were still unable to judge the size, height, or distance. neither of us had ever noticed lights on this section of the road and we both travel this road often and many times at around this hour of the morning. we watched for at least a full minute then suddenly the lights dissappeared. as we drew near to the area where we expected the lights to have been located we saw that there were no structures of any kind at all. we both got the visual impression that they were lights mounted to a bridge, yet perhaps mounted on the far side not facing us. they rather reminded me of the flashing lights you see on top of tall suspension bridges or guy wires, for aviatioin hazard warnings. but the lights dissappeared w/o a trace, leaving us both very puzzled.We never could determine any dimensions of any kind due to the fact we had no clear reference point with which to compare to. the surface was flat. if anyone knows of lights out there in that section of the desert that serve an intentional purpose that we just happened to miss before, please enlighten us!

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Tavrovo, Belgorodskaya oblast’ on 2015-05-20 17:18:00 – I saw close 4 objects in sky they were like humans .

Synopsis: I was near my garage in tavrovo 9 . it was building in this area – not much people .Then i saw like car flesh in sky – i thought some children play . then i came closer i saw 4objects sphere in sky -about 100 meters over ground. they flyer one afrter each other like playing cats. because of high speed – there was like trace behind them. in 20minutes they disappeared dissolved in this sky.

Headline #8:UFO Sighting in Unadilla , New York on 2016-08-13 19:01:00 – Seen two orange/yellow lights moving around in the sky doing something the went in a big circle

Synopsis: It was at the unadilla pro national august 13 2016 a black rain cloud suddenly appeared over the mountains went to take some pictures of it because it looked erie two orange lights were in the sky the one light was moving around and did a swooping circle it was starting to downpour so i stopped recording.When i viewed the video this is what was there. this was the beginning since then they have been relentless on showing me more and more i have sooo much evidence photos, videos, this is just the beginning. god is here!!

Headline #9: UFO Sighting in Manchester, England on 1988-02-03 21:18:00 – Three green jet-like trails traveled faster than mach 5 from north to se, while turning

Synopsis: I was sitting watching the sky (i had my first ufo sighting a week or so ago) looking for anything out of ordinary. i saw three green, what looked like jet trails, zip almost right overhead, coming from the north heading south. they were traveling in triangle formation, middle light at the front. they traveled at what must have been way over mach 5, and were banking south east. i believe that they are using cloud cover to move undetected, and when there’s a break in the clouds, that’s when you’re most likely to spot them. this is the second ufo sighting i’ve had within a month, and now i know… most of the videos on the net are just nothing like the truth, when you see it for yourself, they’re fast, they’re obvious, there’s no mistaking it. either i’m hallucinating, or i saw two separate events, both clear as day, that mean we’re not alone or the army has some new kinda of propulsion tech. i’m floored. i’m an agnostic/athiest, i’m not stupid enough to not realise it may have been some kind of madness i’m experiencing. but with these two sightings being the only times i’ve ever had visual anomolies, i’m know it was real. i’m scared. p.S. don’t give us dropdown for colour, etc, because it doesn’t give us enough freedom to accurately describe what we saw. e.G. the height drop down, it moved, it was exactly at cloud level, you don’t have an option for that

Headline #10: UFO Sighting in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington on 2018-01-15 12:27:00 – Dark super long needle like ufo, looked miles long, was dark during day invisible, and left smoke trails video recorded

Synopsis: I’d speculate it’s a new advanced defense technology. my daughter described it later as a super long black rocket. we both agreed a several mile long rocket would be impossible, and since we literally only saw black, and dual smoke trails it’s be probably a jet or rocket with the newer skin that absorbs 100% of light, thereby making it invisible. i suspect the technology we saw would make it impossible to target a vehicle with the skin if the projection was miles long. the video needs to be zoomed in on to witness the enormous length of the ufo.


Headline #11: The Family Ghost

Synopsis: My experience begins when I was seven years old. My family had just moved into my grandma’s house, 2 years after we lost my uncle in a tragic accident. I respected my grandma but she was scary, and her house always had this eerie feeling when alone. I was not allowed to have my own room, so my little brother and I slept in the loft on a couch. It was about ten at night, everyone in the house was asleep except me, as I often have trouble going to sleep. We had this lamp in the corner of the loft, so the room would never be dark.

I heard a noise down the hall, as if someone was walking on the hardwood floor. I look thinking it is probably my grandma about to nag at me, but nothing is there. So I ignore the sound and close my eyes trying to go to sleep, when I hear it again. I look and this time, I see a shadowy figure at the end of the hall in front of my grandparent’s bedroom door. I was scared, it began to move slowly towards me, I turned around and put my blanket over my face and tried to go to sleep. I awoke the next morning and everything seemed normal.

A year passed and it was the middle of October. It was around seven o’clock and my grandparent’s were in the living room watching soccer and I was in the kitchen pouring myself something to drink. When then suddenly I hear what sounded like someone, a man, take a deep breath in, and then out.

Like that type of breath you make when you are annoyed or tired. It sounded like my dad, my parents were in their room so I run to them explaining what had just happened and my dad told me that it was my uncle’s 3 year anniversary of his death. We were all a little uneasy that night. A few months down the road and I finally had a bed in the loft, it was a school night so I had to wake up early. I went to sleep that night feeling like somebody was watching me.

When I woke up, I noticed something on my left forearm. It looked like someone had grabbed me very hard and left a bruise of their hand on me, particularly their fingers, and it was much bigger than my little hands. When I touched it it felt like a bruise, painful. I was scared , I ran to my mom and showed her, and she was lost for words. She told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of the unknown, especially since it is family. My parents are strong believers of the paranormal and unknown and they were intrigued by my experiences.

They both believed that this entity was my uncle whose spirit still lives at home. To calm me down my mom told me one of her experiences at my grandma’s house. My parents were in the living room with my dad’s oldest brother watching t.v. and just sitting around laughing when my uncle tells a joke and they all start to laugh. Then they stop all of the sudden because they heard someone else laughing too. They stayed quiet just looking at one another as if to ask, “did you hear that too?” My mom told me it was my deceased uncle’s laughter.

My dad said that when he heard the laughter he felt someone or something put their hand on his shoulder in a comforting way. They felt comforted at that moment. I felt instantly better. Years went by, and I began having off dreams , I remember there was one where I saw a women, with pale white skin and long brown hair, wearing a brown dress looking at me from down the hall at my grandparent’s door.

She did not have a face but I knew who it was, it was my aunt who died when she was 17, and we had a picture of her wearing the dress and showing her long brown hair. she waved at me and I woke up. I remember always hearing voices or strange noises in that house.

The ones that stood out most were the sounds of my relatives like hearing my mom call me when she wasn’t even home or breathing. I will never stay a night at that house again. Finally we moved out when I was 12 to our own house, where everyone has their own room. It felt cozy, and I loved that house. A year or so in that house went well, and my cousin was living with us.

One day everyone was out except for me and her, she was doing her makeup in the bathroom and I was washing dishes.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a little boy with black hair and a white shirt run from the hall to the living room. Surprised since nobody’s home I look, and see nothing but our fish tank. I looked around the house but it is just me and my cousin. It was strange, but I wasn’t scared.

A day or so later I was looking through the family photos for a project when I stumble apon an old photo of my dad on his birthday with my uncles. Not knowing who is who I asked my mother, and she told me who they were and the last one, a boy with black hair wearing a white shirt, was my uncle when he was five years old. I told my mom that’s who I saw that day, it was my uncle when he was young! I felt a little excited, but I always questioned why it would be me he would come to? I had a dream that night, I was back at my grandma’s house and I was in her backyard, I saw my uncle smiling and laughing with my dad and he looked at me and smiled and gave me a hug. I was crying and was telling him how much I missed him.

I looked at a clock we had on the wall in our backyard and the time read 2:02. I woke up. I was in a cold sweat and looked at my alarm and the time read2:02. I began to sob softly, and fell back asleep we moved out of that house and nothing has ever happened since. I was told countless stories of my uncle and what he believe in, he belived in the paranormal and makes me feel safe wgen remembering these experiences.

I have lost many family members since but nothing new has happened. Don’t be afraid if something out of the ordinary happens to you, it could just be you deceased relatives showing you they are still around. Thank you for listening.

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UFO Headline News Saturday/Sunday February 10th & 11th, 2018

Here is the UFO Headline News for Saturday/Sunday February 10th & 11th, 2018

UFO Headline News | Daily UFO News Podcast - Powered by Inception Radio Network

Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Lockport, New York on 2018-02-02 00:00:00 – A red light that got brighter when i asked.. there were a bunch of ufos that night

Synopsis: I was in my room and i saw something bright outside and happened to catch my eye… upon further inspection i noticed a red object moving up and down.. so i said to it brighten up for me and it did just what you see in the video. after the my phone died i was blinking at it with my flashlight, i would blink three times and it would blink back three times… it was pretty interesting. i was the only one awake at 4 in the morning and there were a lot of other ufos out at that time it was pretty clear outside. when the sun came up i lost sight of that object

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