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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on 2017-11-20 00:00:00 – The craft passed over the roadway about 100 ft off the ground, then passing over to our vehicle to the ajouring field and hovered about 100 ft. off the field, 2 other crafts were approaching from the west towards the craft. they appeared much smaller

Synopsis: On november 20th. 2017, at approx. 2200 hours, myself and my wife were traveling south bound on akron peninsula road just south of peninsula village in the cuyahoga valley park region. as we my wife was driving i observed a large craft traveling north west just over top of the tree line on the left hand side of the highway. i did notice several white lights on it, no other lights were observed at that time. as the crafted passed over head just in front of the vehicle i leaned forward in order to observe the whole craft and it was at least 40 to 60 foot across as it passed overhead. things that were noticed was no other lights except the perimeter lights which were large, about 6″ in diameter going around the perimeter of the craft spaced evenly. another thing that was noticed was that the craft was wide on the outside perimeter, probably 4 to 6 feet thick. i did have my window down at this time and noticed the craft my no noise as it passed overhead. my wife had made mention of oh wow look at that helicopter. i told her that, that is not a helicopter, this craft is to big and made no noise. it also appeared to have a slight rotation as it passed overhead. the craft traveled north west across the roadway then stopped over a field at corner of akron peninsula rd. and bolanz rd. north west corner of the intersection. i also noticed high tension lines in the area of the craft. when observing the craft from the roadway it appeared to be v shaped because of the light pattern, but after what it was their was a small section on the perimeter of the craft that did not have the large led type lights which made it appear v shape from a distance. this craft at the farthest distance away was no more then 300 to 400 ft from the roadway. i also noticed that when the craft stopped over the field a red light had came on under the bottom of the craft. then just west of the craft you could see 2 other craft approaching just over top of the trees towards the stationary craft, they did have numerous perimeter lights along with each having 1 red light on the underside. they appeared much smaller craft. i the at that time told my wife to take the next street on the right so that i could get some pictures. my wife instead of making the right, she continued down the roadway, just as if she never heard a word i said? almost like a trance. just after telling her to make the turn i myself forgot what i had seen until the next day. i called her from work to talk about it, but all she could remember was the big helicopter? the area consist of all rural with no inhabitant in the area. i am attaching a couple of pictures to show the area. i wish i could have taken a couple of pictures because they would have been the best documented pictures that have ever been supplied considering how close the craft was.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Leven , Scotland on 2018-01-27 00:00:00 – Cube with arms coming out of it and fog everywhere then when it left sky was clear it was amazing can’t mind dates but thats nothing iv saw other stuff a fire ball went over my head saw it flames the lot only about 200,400 feet above my head and other stf

Synopsis:I always look up at sky for the past 3,4yrs iv saw amazing stuff first thing is saw was a explosion 💥 at aryans belt if u blinked ud of missed it it was white spilled out then like a vacuum it sucked away then i saw a fire 🔥 ball fly right above across my head felt like it was 200ft about me going towards england my man thought i was going af my head till he saw it then the other night we saw a cube with arms coming out of it u saw flames the noise was loud it was humming then it was like a jet hovering above us at that time my man got a fright and dragged me in house when i went bk out it was gone but wat was weird the sky was full of fog then it disappeared and sky was so clear it was beautiful then just the other night i was out bk garden when i look to the sky it was full of foggy clouds with this perfect circle like something took part of clouds and made a perfect circle u cld see the moon and stars it was beautiful and strange i probably sound mad. thanks for listening.

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Duncan, British Columbia on 2000-11-15 23:15:00 – A satellite that wasn’t

Synopsis:I’ve been wishing for some sort of closure on this event, maybe i can find it here. was late november or early december 2000, witnessed only by myself (murphy’s law) at my then residence roughly 10 km west of duncan, bc. it was a clear winter night, not a cloud in the sky. very little light pollution from surrounding towns and cities and it made for gorgeous star gazing. a black sky with bright stars everywhere. i was about to head to bed and went outside for a final cigarette. i turned off my porch light as i enjoy watching for passing satellites at night, and the light would hinder that. so with the lights out, i stepped outside and lit a smoke and looked up…Waiting. i knew it wouldn’t be long before at least one satellite started cruising across the sky. i was not disappointed. a few minutes went by before i first noticed… “it”. at first it appeared to be just a run of the mill satellite, lazily sliding across the sky from the north’ish, heading south roughly. cool. it was moving at a constant speed as far as i could tell, and a fixed trajectory. after all why wouldn’t it? it was a satellite as far as i could tell, and these things don’t change course or velocity. that perception was about to change very rapidly for me. directly above my cottage that night was the constellation orion, and it’s “belt” perfectly centered over my head as i looked up. the belt that night was roughly orientated nnw to sse. so i’m standing there having my smoke and watching this little point of light begin to pass through orion, paralleling the belt and just above it (from my perspective). i’m craning my neck to watch as it’s passing directly overtop of my position, straight above me. so orion is above me and this object is travelling from right to left (north to south). as it passes the first star in orion’s belt, it quickly and suddenly begins to slow down coming to a stop just past the 2nd star in the belt. the moment it stops, i lose sight of it among the vast blanket of stars in the sky. it’s there, i’m sure, but it’s now indiscernible from any star in the sky. so i start looking forward along it’s trajectory, clearly i must have blinked and lost it. satellites do not and can not just stop like that… i’ve missed something. i look to where it should be, nothing. i look back to the belt, nothing. “the hell?” i think out loud. where did it go? i decide to keep watching the belt, knowing that satellites don’t just slow and stop like that. but that’s what it appeared to have done… it must be there. a minute or so goes by and suddenly one of the “stars” over orion’s belt starts to move. gotcha! it quickly accelerates to it’s previous velocity and then begins to alter course, with a nice 180 degree turn so it’s now under the belt and heading back the way it came. almost as soon as it’s finished the about-face, it starts to slow down again and stops just under the 1st star in the belt. again, i lose it against the backdrop of the night sky. then it beings accelerating and doing another 180 turn back to it’s original track… and immediately starts slowing down yet again so a stop. and almost as soon as it’s stops moving, it’s going again. this time with no acceleration, just motionless and then moving… like a billiard ball hit by a cue. it doesn’t move far, up and thru orion’s belt and then as fast as it started off, it comes to a sudden dead stop. at this point it’s course has made a funny figure 8 thought orion’s belt from my perspective. also at this point i become utterly horrified by what i’m seeing. i know that what i’m seeing is technically impossible, yet there it is. every hair on my body stands on end and i get overwhelmed with terror. and this was just it’s thing’s opening act… a few minutes passed and nothing happened. i looked around the sky again thinking maybe i’d lost track of it, and fixing my view on the belt every so often. then one “star” above the belt where i lost sight of it started getting brighter. the cigarette in my mouth fell to the ground. it grew brighter and brighter until it was the brightest point of light in the sky by a large margin. suddenly it rocketed across the sky at a speed that defies words. it did not accelerate, it was just still… then moving at a horrific speed. and it came to an equally horrific dead-stop to the north just above the horizon. it moved without sound, and no tail like a comet. when it stopped, again i lost track of it. given it was now on the horizon where night time stars are almost impossible to see, it’s no wonder. but about a minute later there appeared a star, a point of light at least, growing brighter and brighter by the second. and again even on the horizon it grew so bright that it became the brightest thing in the sky. once again it defied physics and soared from horizon to horizon in roughly one second. a burst of speed so phenomenal that my eyes had a hard time tracking it across the sky. no comet tail, no sound. just a point of light moving at terrifying speed. it came to a dead stop without deceleration on the southern horizon. and almost immediately it again began to get brighter and brighter. until it was yet again the brightest point of light in the sky. i was expecting another burst of speed, but instead it just blinked out of view. it was there one moment, the next it vanished. gone. i stayed out for quite a while after, hoping it would return or maybe i’d hear a delayed sound, were it within the atmosphere. it did’t return, no sounds were heard. it had to be outside the atmosphere in orbit. i have no idea what i witnessed that night. all i can surmise is that it must have been in orbit, and it maneuvered in a way that would at least liquefy, if not vaporize, any substance know to humanity. what i witnessed is impossible… yet i saw it. can someone help me… what did i see? a “ufo”? a military vehicle? both, or neither? i’m at a loss.

Headline #8: Dream Visitor

Synopsis: First let me say that this story is going to be really difficult for me to tell.  However, after spending some time thinking it over I thought that maybe getting it out there will help me deal with what happened and maybe help someone else.  This is completely true and I will do my best to give as much detail as possible.  Because of how terrorized I was I think I blocked a lot of it out even though it was something that happened within this past year.

Even as a kid I always had very vivid dreams.  I often had lucid dreams (those were my favorite) as once I knew I loved the freedom of making choices without consequence.  As I got older, those lucid dreams would leave to some of the best sex dreams ever.  I mention this because it may be important later.  I used to talk in my sleep a bit (based on what my parents have told me) but have never sleepwalked nor had any other sleep issues.  I did have chronic nightmares but that’s a different story entirely.  But I thought having that information may help you understand why, what I am about to describe to you was so different, and so horrifying.

I was a freshman in college when I had my very first “sleep paralysis” type dream.  I use that term loosely as I am not really sure how to categorize what I experienced.  I had been studying on my bed, room light on, sitting with my back against the wall.  I don’t know when I fell asleep but I do remember waking up.  At least I thought I was awake.  I opened my eyes, noticed the books on my lap and heard a knock or something on my door.  I got up to get it and then I woke up.  This continued for about 4 or 5 times each time with me becoming more and more panicked.  The very last time I woke up in my dream I started to hear voices.  They were very mumbled, starting off quietly and continuously getting louder and louder.  All I kept hearing was different voices yelling their name and a date.  I couldn’t keep up with them all and it was starting to make my head hurt.  I remember putting my heads up, squeezing my head, and trying to get off my bed and away from the voices.  The pain was so intense I could barely crawl on the floor as I tried to make it 10 feet across the dorm room and to the door.  When I thought the voices were going to make my head explode, I finally woke up for real.  I was still in the same place with my back against the wall and books on my lap.  I was actually nervous I was still asleep.  I immediately started to cry and called my dad.  I told him I thought I was going crazy.  He said that I probably wasn’t sleeping well and before I voluntarily submitted myself to a psych ward that maybe it would be a good idea to just try and get a few good nights sleep.  I must have listened because I never had the experience again.  I sometimes wished I could have remembered the names and dates I heard but the pain was too intense to allow me to focus.  I wasn’t going to include this part of my dream history but upon sitting down to write this thought maybe it could be related.

Fast forward about 13 years later (3 years ago).  It was midday and I had fallen asleep on my couch watching TV.  I guess my kids were in school because I don’t remember anyone else being home.  This is when I first began to experience what my research has shown is called sleep paralysis.  I knew I was sleeping.  I could hear the television in the background clearly and was trying to will my eyes to open.  Before I could open my eyes I felt a weight on my chest (apparently common in cases of sleep paralysis).  I could now see the room around me, eyes open and awake but that weight was still there.  I tried to move and realized I was completely paralyzed.  I realized that although I could not see the cause of this pressure with my eyes, I could visualize the being in my head.  It was a demonic being, blueish in color, about 5 feet tall.  He was sitting straddled over me.  I know he spoke to me but I cannot remember what was said.  The only other part I remember was being raped.  It was horrifying but satisfying.  I fought him, I do remember that but did not wake up until I had orgasmed.  When I tried to sum up what happened the only thing that came to mind was that I was raped by the devil.

I eventually chalked this up to being a really twisted sex dream.  My husband had been injured during the Iraq war and was dealing with some pretty serious physical and mental illnesses.  We did not have a very active sex life during this period of time and I kind of just figured it was my brains way of processing this.  That was until two years later, about a year after we moved into our new house.  This was when things went from weird to terrifying on a level I never imaged I could experience.  So about a year ago things started off slowly.

My husband was sleeping in the living room, as his medication would cause him to fall asleep very early and stay passed out until the morning.  I would go upstairs to our bedroom each night by myself.  I don’t remember when exactly it started but I can tell you that I was actually a bit happy about it at first.  It always happened right as I began to fall asleep.  I would be fully aware of my surroundings, feeling as if my eyes were open and I couldn’t move.  It would start with a feeling of not being able to breath.  That part always scared me the most as I often thought I would suffocate before I could wake myself up.  As soon as I realized my paralysis I would begin to feel myself being raped.

As terrible as it sounds I actually enjoyed it on some level.  Not having sex in my waking life was causing me to have this pent of sexual frustration.  I never truly consented to what was happening but it was fulfilling a need that I didn’t feel comfortable enough to voice out loud.  What scared me more than anything else was that I knew this was a demon.  He would speak to me while raping me.  Mostly things about how much he knew I liked it.  Although I never heard his words with my ears nor saw him with my eyes.  The best way I can describe it is if you try to recall a conversation you had with someone the day before.  You can visualize what they looked like and what was being said even though you aren’t truly seeing it or hearing it at the moment.  That was how I saw this demon and heard him.

This happened for months and I was beginning to become scared.  It was becoming very clear to me that this was not just a dream.  At first I thought my brain was working through some sexual tension in a really demented way.  But that began to change and fear really set in.  He came again but this time was different.  I don’t remember if it was him or whether he brought someone else.  What I do remember is that he said, “since you clearly handled what I did so well, let’s make this more interesting” or something along those lines.  I was than raped but what can only be described as a demon that was not endowed like that of a man but that of a horse.  It was huge and not meant for my body.  I remember feeling myself being ripped and felt real pain.  There was no pleasure anymore.  I began to try and find ways to wake myself up.  This was no longer anything that resembled a normal sex dream.  Something was wrong.

I dealt with this type of thing for over 6 months by this point.  What used to be one or two nights a week was happening more and more frequently.  I was tired all the time and afraid to go to sleep.  The next escalation was the time there was a woman with the demon.  She was blond wearing a white knee length, nightgown type dress and was very pretty.  She was kneeling next to where I was laying on the bed looking at me with real curiosity.  She and the demon, who was kneeling between my legs, were talking to each other.  Saying things like “Are you sure she can handle this?” and “I can’t wait to watch”.  It was then that I realized I was not in the presence of just these two but many demons.  All around my bed I could “see” that there were endless others watching me.

I began to panic and realized this was very different from previous experiences.  The others in my room were pushing each other to try and have the best view.  I was terrified and began to panic when I realized I was being lifted up off my bed by my feet.  There was a rope or something tied around my ankles and I was hanging upside down.  The demon with the horse sized member began to rape me and I screamed to stop.  I am not a religious person and was raised Jewish.  Yet for some reason this idea popped in to my head.  I began to pray to Jesus.  I started to say the Lord’s Prayer.  I could feel the anger all around me and then I woke up.

I cannot begin to tell you the relief I felt.  That was, until, the following night.  Apparently, praying and waking up was not okay for the demon entity.  This time it was not the same demon that visited me.  It was not an experience of rape that I dealt with that night but rather one of extreme torture.  The demon was like 8 feet tall and powerful.  I just knew instinctively that he was on a completely different level than the demon who had been tormenting me for the last year.  I immediately began to pray to Jesus again.  He laughed at me.  I was once again strung up by my ankles, completely upside down with my head a few inches off the bed.  I remember him saying “that won’t work on me” and then “you are going to pay for what you did”.

He had razor claws on his hands.  Best way to describe them would be like Freddy Kruger hands.  He stabbed me with fingers right in my stomach.  I remember him thrusting his claws in my back and watching them come through the front of my body.  The pain was intense.  This was the worst pain I have ever experienced.  Even now I would tell you that there is no pain like what I felt that night.  I even had my epidural wear off before they were finished sewing me up after the birth of my daughter.  That was nothing compared to this.  I kept praying and praying.  Eventually I woke up with a start.  It took me a long time before I could move because the pain was so intense.  I hurt for that whole day even though I did not have a mark on my body.

I had tried to tell my husband about what happened that night.  I had told him a couple of my previous experiences but he told me that believing they were more than dreams was just being silly.  I was terrified to ever sleep again and so I called a friend of mine who grew up in Mexico.  I know that in some cultures they have stories about the  incubus or succubus and thought maybe he could help me.  He was super understanding and spoke to family members he had back in Mexico.

When I heard back from him he stated that what I was experiencing was NOT a dream.  He said that I may have unknowingly invited this demon in.  He asked me if I had ever told the demon not to come back after the first experience.  I said no.  He asked me if I enjoyed the experiences.  When I told him that on some level I used to he became really worried.  He told me that it was super important that I continue to pray and that I had to tell the demon he was no longer welcome.  He warned me I could be fooled but that it was something I must do.

What’s crazy is that for the next two weeks, when the demon came, it was the same gentle type experience I used to have.  It was actually hard to say no and even harder to say I didn’t want him to come back.  I realized I must have invited him in.  That scared me more than anything.  It took those two weeks of saying no and saying he was no longer welcome before it stopped completely.  Now I sometimes get sleep paralysis but have learned how to jump scare myself awake.

I know this story was long and maybe it wasn’t all that scary but I can tell you that living through this was the most frightening thing I had ever dealt with.  I wonder sometimes what we leave ourselves open to when we sleep.  I hope to never experience something like this again but at least now I feel prepared and know what I need to do.  I have read stories of people who try and invite these demons in and develop some sort of relationship.  I would simply warn that if you think you have any type of positive relationship with an entity like that, you are being fooled.  It’s better to get out while you are still able because that being that tortured me did not let me go until he was finished with me.  I did not wake myself up from that, he grew tired of me.  I am just grateful that, so far, he hasn’t ever returned.

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