Here is the UFO Headline News for Tuesday February 6th, 2018

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Headline #1: Black Triangle Sighting in Hemel Hempstead, England on 2018-01-17 03:35:00 – Triangular vehicle with inverted lit dome with very bright light in centre

Synopsis: Bright light through bedroom curtain, triangular vehicle spotted gliding in a straight line, underneath the vehiclle was an inverted lit dome virtually touching the three sides. inverted dome had arched ribs from bottom to top with a centre pillar projecting a bright light. had a perfect view untill it disappeared over the buildings my first reaction was it was a strange plane out of luton airport then immediately realised it was not a normal aircraft.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Peterborough , England on 2018-01-07 19:35:00 – Bright lights expanding

Synopsis: I was stood in my back garden on the 7th january 2018 having a cigarette looking at the stars, out of the corner of my eye a saw what i at first thought was a plane as it was a bright light with lots of different colour lights underneath it. i got my iphone out and tried to take a photo of it, i got a picture that just looked like a star but not rounded, it was more like a tear drop shape facing side wards. i told my wife and daughter and they got our camera which has a x30 optical zoom, the pictures we took were really strange, it moved in strange directions and even in 1 picture she took it moved so quick that she got a line of lights all different colours. she then took more photos and she caught it as a light and then it disappeared although in the photo it appeared dark in colour but very large. we took lots of photos and a video which it was shifting around all over the place. we came in as it was cold out side. that was about 7:30pm gmt, we went back outside about 2 hours later and it had slightly moved to the south, but still doing the same thing flashing lots of colours and then disappearing and coming back to a bright white light with lots of coloured lights underneath.

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Estevan, Saskatchewan on 2011-07-18 02:17:00 – Faint organge/reddish metallic glowing disk with windows that appeared

Synopsis: I was working in estevan, sk at shand power station on a shutdown. it was a large shutdown so we had work trailers out in the field and at the time there was very little light by the trailers. i remember i was by myself as everyone was in the power plant. i went in between 2 trailers, 4 meters apart so i could see the stars better and just as i did that i noticed a huge glowing orange/reddish looking metallic disk come floating over the smoke stack from out of no where, 500 feet high, very slowly and then hovered down near me at about 200 feet up in the air. the ship was huge, id estimate it at 500 feet diameter. it also appeared to have windows that became see through for a few minutes and i could see a reddish light glow in the ship and the beings controlling the ship i could not see well, just faint shadows of what appeared to be humanoid. the ship had a very quiet hum, it was almost silent. i don’t do drugs, i was not drinking or anything and don’t hallucinate, i knew what i was seeing was real. i almost felt like my family returned to visit me kinda feeling. i remember asking it in my mind to fly in a circle over the trailers and then go up and down and it did what i asked to acknowledge it knew where i was and was conscious of me. i remember thinking thank you for doing that and then it took off in the field slowly and then gained speed and shot upwards on the horizon and then a bright white flash in the sky and it was gone. iv had many ufo interactions and encounters all over saskatchewan and alberta but this one was the most personal encounter iv had so far. iv included a painting someone made for me randomly after i told them my story. its the power plant and the ufo, although the ufo was alot larger than what it is in the painting.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Fayetteville, Arkansas on 2018-01-24 11:03:00 – Very bright light stationery for 20 minuets

Synopsis: On january 24th at 11:00 a.M. i was at work and decided to take a smoke break with a coworker. it was a beautiful clear day. i was facing north and a glint in the sky caught my eye. a very bright object, due east,at about 50º-60º up from the horizon. we watched it for a moment and it did not seem to move.I and asked my coworker of he thought it was moving. he said no. im guessing it around 20,000 ft.Elevation. no vapor trail was visible. the object was so bright that i could not make out any kind of structure to it. it looked as though it was reflecting sun light and at times appeared to have a halo around it, like how the moon dose in the right conditions at nite. it was brightest when i first noticed it about 11:02a.M. and was a little dimmer at the end of the sighting but not much. five of us watched this thing for a solid 20 minutes. the object never moved the entire time. three of us took pictures with our smartphones. i took pictures and video and they do it no justice. they do not portray just how bright it was. i am posting a 31 second video of the object shot at 11:19a.M. i also am including a picture of the moon for comparison that was shot at 2:07p.M. that rose to same general location as the object sighted two+ hours earlier. at 11:20a.M. we had to go back to work and the object was still their. at 11:25 it was gone. the next day i watched the sky at the same time i noticed it the day before but it did not return. i do have a few other photos and videos from that day but im posting the best of what i captured. we all want to know what it was

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Roberts, Idaho on 2018-01-01 21:00:00 – Red beam chasing black ufo, also metalic hovering balls, and a huge glowing star like object.

Synopsis: I was taking pics of some strange lines in the sky but got these metalic balls in quite a few photos. another night, my son and i witnessed a huge star like object above the road infront of us. i saw a strange red beam in the sky and it appeared to be chasing a black ufo. these were all around dec. 2017 and jan. 2018.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Lopez, Pennsylvania on 2018-01-28 15:30:00 – As shown in pic and videi sound is from waterfall we were visiting.

Synopsis: We, 2 were hiking in state game lands along mehoopany creek at mythical falls when we observed this rocket like object higher in the sky than most planes you would see. moving very quickly across the sky first looking like a launched rocket hoing upward the in a fashion similar to how a satellite moves across the skyline in what seemed to be in an orbital fashion. it was very clear out and you could see the body of the object but no wings, just a long dual vapor trail. just curious what you think this might be. could not hear it due to the roar of the waterfall we wrte along side of.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Eugene, Oregon on 2018-01-28 23:15:00 – Wife and i watched two lights in the trees one shot in the air the other just still sat there until a plane flashed it’s lights at it and then it dimmed it’s lights and shot straight up

Synopsis: My wife and i or sitting off of south and a bow and pacific and atlantic road looking southwest past west 11th noticed two lights in the trees sitting there not moving one of the lights shot straight up the other light just set there a passenger plane come flying overhead dipped it snows forward dip it snows at it flash tits lights pulled back up the object then dimmed its lights and shot straight up an hour later a blackhawk helicopter shows up no lights on it from the southeast sitting there in the same area where the two lights were them out about a minute later he turns on his spotlight and there’s nothing there the object had already left he flies over our head then you know as much as we do i have some pictures but they’re not very good

Headline #8:UFO Sighting in Lafayette, Louisiana on 2007-02-28 00:00:00 – Dull gray object roughly size and shape as a 55 gal barrel

Synopsis: Was driving back to my home about 5 miles outside of the city limits of lafayette louisiana on hyw 342 (ridge road). about a 1/8 mile from the entrance of the subdivision i lived in at the time i observed a cylinder shaped object the size and shape of a 55 gal drum to the south of the road about 200 feet from the road at a height of about 35 to 45 feet in a stationary hover over a rice field with no visible sign of propulsion from a jet engine or rotors and no sound. ( i am a a&p technician with over 20 yrs of experience in the helicopter industry) my first reaction was to look above the object thinking it was a piece of equipment that was being long lined from a helicopter, since some of the long lines can be as long as 200 feet (i have been on these type of contracts in the past in my career as a helicopter mechanic) but this object was not being long lined. i can not explain what this object was.

Headline #9: UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California on 2018-01-28 19:30:00 – Boomerang shaped

Synopsis: I  was outside my home filming the moon with my canon rebel t5 with a 650-2600mm hd telephoto zoom lens for canon eos around 7:30pm. i was trying to focus on the moon and noticed something black shot over the bottom right corner of the shot. at first i thought it was a bird but realized if it was the bird would have shown up bigger in the telescope. the object was black and it looked like it was spinning almost like a boomerang.. i was very excited i’d been looking at the moon for months and had never captured an image like this.

Headline #10: UFO Landing in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro on 2015-01-10 00:00:00 – Like a landing light of airplane, but never arrived

Synopsis: Well, i’m an aeromodelist and i was practicing on the beach, towards the sea. that’s when i saw two lights that looked like the landing lights for landing an airplane. these lights approached a certain port and as we were near an airport, we lowered our model airplanes as a measure of security that we always adopted. it turns out that after some time and proximity, the lights “returned” and “returned”, uniting in only one light that soon disappeared, as if they had returned at high speed, to a place a little below where they came. i wish someone could draw a picture of what i have in mind. we realized that it was not an aircraft known, because it never arrived or passed through us.

Headline #11: My Dark Imaginary Friends

Synopsis: As a bit of background, I am twenty now but this story took place from the time I moved into my great-grandparents house at the age of five to just a few years ago as I have since moved out.

My mother, my twin sister, and I lived together in a simple single-story house built in the late 1800’s and, boy, does it have a history. At least one hanging in the backyard, a shooting in the front, a suicide in the basement, and two infants that suffered SIDS (spontaneous infant death syndrome) or by other means. So, saying the place has a rather colorful background is putting it delicately.

Now, onto my decade long story.

The earliest account of Charley, according to my mother, was the same week we’d moved in. He (or *it* may be more suiting) had many names, ranging from mundane like Fred to just bizarre such as Zeedee or Shay Shay. But, Charley was the most consistant so that’s what I’ll be sticking with. She says that I had asked her why “that man in the corner wasn’t helping unpack if my sister and I had to.” I was a real brat back then.
Sass aside, if my kid ever said something like that to me, I’d have started repacking on the spot. But true to her unbelieving atheistic heart, she thought nothing more of it than just the ramblings of a lazy child.

But I am certain that was Charley because that’s where he lived. Day or night, I simply had to make a round of the house and I’d eventually find the tall, dark, masculine figure lurking in nooks and corners. Only occasionally would he ever venture away from those havens.

When we had guests, he would almost always make himself scarce or hide in the basement. This would tickle my funny bone for some reason but even as a child I was an introvert, so I sympathized. I didn’t like people because they were dumb. He didn’t because they didn’t believe in him, which made him sick.

That or he would watch me as I slept. This is weird to do whether you’re a parent, paramore, sparkly stalker vampire, or an imaginary friend. But numerous times, even well into my teens, I’d wake up and just knew he was standing over me.

He’d even jolt me from a dead sleep every once in a while, a breath upon my neck or what could almost be described as a cold hand on my back. And everytime this happened, if would always be gravely quiet in my room, even though I’m certain I had turned on my intentionally noisy fan just as I always did before bed. Then, the morning after yet another near sleepless night, I would wake up to find the fan on and the figure out of sigjt and out of mind. Maybe this is where my insomnia stems from?

To top it off, he was not at all kind with my other figmented playmates. The richly dressed little girl that would hide my sister’s and my own toys was terrified of him. The “blue eskimo lady” only ever slipped out from under my bed on the nights he wasn’t skulking about. And my sister’s own little buddy, who was apparently rather forward-thinkingly agender, said he’d eat their cookies, hair, and fingers. Which, I presume is a faux pas amongst fantasy societal norms.

But I learned a lot from Charley. Or, more accurately, thanks to him. Such things as salt, injested and encircling your bed, can be the deciding factor of a night of restful sleep or one of sweaty palms and wide eyes. (My diet and my bedroom still to this day are quite rich in sodium.)

Things like calling for mommy doesn’t always help, especially when mommy can’t see what’s gotten you so upset. Things like how to note the telltale signs of a visitation; from a lingering cold in the air and misplaced item to mystery bruises and hoof prints in the carpeting.
Well, I’ve rambled on long enough.

I just wanted to tell others about my strange childhood pal that still comes to visit me every once and a while.

Thanks for listening.

Headline #12: Jack Frost

Synopsis: I used to live in a House from the 1800’s, and it was always paranormaly active. I’ve seen very scarring stuff in that house, such as the time my “imaginary friend” wasn’t so imaginary.

But that’s a story for another time. So this story happens from my mothers point of view when I was a baby and from what she tells me, she seen a clown in my room. I was a few weeks old. My father was working night shift and it was just my mom and I. The layout of the hallway which this happend in is as follows: I had no door on my room and the hallway ended with my room straight ahead so you can see inside of it if you were walking straight down the hall, and the only other room which was the bathroom, was to the right.

It was a very narrow hallway. My mom apparently heard me laughing and walked through the hall. What she seen was the same thing I seen as I grew up in that house. A tall blue figure wearing all white with spiked blue hair was standing over my crib, waving at me. Upon my mothers scream he disappeared. Leaving behind this clear mist and cold air.

Fast forward six years. My parents bedroom was straight ahead from mine, meaning you had to walk through their bedroom to get to the hallway where my room and the bathroom is. I was in their room watching tv and seen a shadow on the wall coming from the bathroom. I seen the spiked hair that the shadow and knew it was him. The toilet flushed, and the sink turned on. when I went to see if my suspicions were confirmed, the only thing left was a running sink, cold air and a very thin mist. I took the liberty of calling him Jack Frost. We moved out of that house 4 years ago, but I have many more stories about it that I will tell also.

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you, I moved into yet another haunted house. Things in this house are nowhere near as bad, but unexplainable things always happen here.

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