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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on 2018-02-09 19:25:00 – Reddish orange orbs appear out of south then turn east

Synopsis: Sitting in my backyard looking south at orion constellation noticed a bright orange object appear dropping down thinking that this meteor was going to hit my house it slowed and turned east right over my house! then two more objects appeared doing exactly the same maneuver following each other heading toward the rincon mountains. after a minute another one appeared going twice as fast as it seemed to catch up with the other three. i was able to look directly at these objects and they looked like small basketball sized balls of red orangish plasma. they reminded me and my wife and aunt who also witnessed these objects of the balls of light that were in the movie ‘ close encounters’. i was able to see these objects real well as i was using my celestron skymaster 17×50 binoculars. i felt deep inside me that these objects knew i was observing them!

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Whangamata, Waikato on 2018-02-05 21:04:00 – From the back deck of my brothers house we witnessed 10 bright objects moving in the sky .

Synopsis: Both my brother and myself witnessed 10 star like objects from his back deck. i was walking out to my caravan at the time and stopped to pet the cat and was looking at the stars and noticed the first one and then two more , after that i called to my bother to have a look , we took turns spotting and tracking them as there were several at once.They were moving in multiple directions at different speeds , some were wobbling others omitted very bright light in flashes but were also pulsing with a glow . they were not satellites , comets or aircraft as i can identify these objects. it wasn’t all that shocking to me as i have seen them before at the same location and have seen many previously before even two daylight sightings where i could actually make out the craft , that was about 20 years ago , the craft was sort of seed shaped , silver with no seams. i’m only bothering to report this one because there were so many and i had a least one other person seeing what i was seeing. i’m not sure if i should make out another report as the same thing happened the next night but there was over 20 of them in the space of 45 mins about an hour later than the first night and was even more spectacular. its been raining the last few days now so we have not bothered looking for more as yet. i might look at getting a decent camera to record them .Also some were fading in and out of view and others you could not see if you looked directly at them , you had to look behind or in front of the object and observe it using your peripheral vision. some did fade out but most just moved out of our field if vision .

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Hazmieh – Beirut , on 2018-02-08 11:10:00 – I was taking a random photo for the sun. when i was looking back to the photos i noticed a strange object in the photo at the bottom corner . i will send two pictures , the actual one and another version zoomed! its in bootom right of picture .A dot .

Synopsis: I was taking a random photo for the sun. i was totally focused on the sun on the screen of my iphone so i never saw anything weird . when i was looking back to the photos i noticed a strange object in the photo at the bottom right corner . it was a little black dot ! first of all i thought it is a dirt or something on the screen of my phone so i tried to remove it. but then i noticed it is actually in the photo it self. so i zoomed and it was like an object in the sky. i thought it could be an airplane but the shape is roundy. it looks like a planet but i guess its impossible to catch a planet with an iphone camera and during the day. i will send two pictures , the actual one where u can see the dot in the bottom right and another version of the same picture but zoomed into the object. i am really wondering what ut might be , and i need an expert to analyse the pictute before jumping into conclusions.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Sleights, England on 2018-02-09 22:30:00 – It was a series of flashing lights that hovered. it then started to move erratically in circles. swinging like a pendulum. it started spinning and we could see multiple lights.

Synopsis: I was about to go to bed as it was 10.30pm. i always look out of the window before i close the curtains for the night. i’m used to the position of the stars out side my bedroom window. i saw what looked like a cluster of lights in a vertical line. they were flashing whit/orange/blue. i watched this for a while and realised it was moving slowly from north to south. however, it was moving erratically. by this i mean that it would suddenly sway around almost as if it were swinging from a pendulum. it reminded me of the way an fly/insect moves from flower head to flower head. i went downstairs to tell my wife and son about it and my son came to the front door with me to film it. you can see some of the footage here: https://youtu.Be/pwen7vc9p0q we stopped filming as we were in our nightclothes and it was -1c outside. my wife and i continued to watch it until 11.35pm where it was still there. during our time watching it, we noticed that it changed shape. the lights reconfigured to different shapes. i think i also saw smaller lights dropping from it now and again, but am not sure enough to firmly state this. we don’t get many planes flying across our sky as we live on the coast and there are no major flight paths. at about 11.5pm, my wife and i saw two planes approach the object and fly around it. we saw lights which were clearly the red and green of human planes. the speed which they flew across the sky indicated that they were jet planes. we get military planes flying around here so we know how they move. the object too an hour and a half to just move maybe a mile or so, flitting around a lot.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Lehigh Acres, Florida on 2018-02-09 21:00:00 – Low flying orbs of light, moving fast above my head. appeared to be flow through the air as if riding air currents.

Synopsis: I let my dogs outside in the back yard. i followed them out, and turned off the back porch light so i could see the stars better. a few seconds later i noticed flashes of light above me streaking overhead. at first i thought it was shooting stars and i looked up attempting to focus on them. then i saw several streaking white orbs going fast in straight lines about 25 feet above me. i thought for a moment i was seeing headlights. but then they came from my right side. one at first and it went west to east, lit up white, but also kind of dull in light and seemed to make a white smokey trail behind it. it was not foggy outside to reflect light beams from another source. i had the feeling that i had startled something by turning off the light. they hesitated for maybe a second in front of me, about 10 feet up and 8 feet south of me. sort of vibrating in mid air. i definitely felt like they knew i was there and were sort of freaked out that i could see them. when they took off for the last time, they appeared to be riding air currents. they zipped one after the other around the side of my house and gone. my dog also noticed them and barked after they buzzed over her. then a bird started screeching in the direction the orbs went around my house as if they disturbed the bird. i don’t know, maybe a phenomenon of reactions with gases in the atmosphere? it was weird af!!!

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Melbourne, Victoria on 2010-03-11 10:09:00 – I have had several experiences this is just one of them

Synopsis: I was on my way to an appointment with a client on the other side of the city and was going down the freeway over a large bridge over water. all of a sudden i saw a ball of light traveling slowly on the opposite side of the road. there was a policemen on a motorcycle following the orb slowly holding back traffic getting on to the freeway from the on ramp.I was watching the orb when all of a sudden it crossed over to my side of the road and passed through the car and my self then went straight through the pillar on the bridge and suddenly dropped straight down like it wrnt in the water below. when the orb passed through me and the car it felt like time just stood still and everything just felt wavy. after that i found my self parked on the side of the freeway 5kms from where it happened with no memory of what had happened and how i had gotten of the bridge and then drove through a 2km tunnel and ended up parked on the side of the road with the car off. i turned the car back on and continued to go to the clients home. i had left early and should have arrived before my appointment. upon reaching the clients home i knocked on the door then the gentleman started yelling at me because i was 15 minutes late. the time on the cloxk in the car was actually 15 minute behind the actual time.I only remember this whole thing had happened only about three weeks to a month later. the funny thing was that there was nothing on the news about the orb on the freeway even though a policemen was holding back traffic. the date and time i am not 100 percent sure but i can find out if i look into my work history and pay slips. i really hope someone contacts me so i can better explain this in greater detail. this has not been my only experience i have had 7 different experiences in total. i would really love to speak to someone so i can get a better understanding of what is going on.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Louisiana on 2016-07-09 11:00:00 – Took picture of i dont know what or where cant remember taking it. i do remember others buy no picture

Synopsis: I cant remember taking this picture. don’t know anything about it except my sister found it on my phone. this is one im not sure of. i don’t know about this one but i am positive i have seen them up close and many times in different places, with details. i do know i have spent time with them. they keep track of me. don’t know how but i have been with more than one kind for different reasons. i cant remember a lot, but some important points. this is very confusing and either true or im seriously crazy. my daughter was with me once i recall and we stopped in the road to watch a huge light coming over a hill we thought it was a truck. but don’t remember anything after stopping. then we were going down the road and did not notice we were kind of in a foggy state of mind, we asked each other stupid questions because it did not make since, but when we got home we had been gone over 3 hours on a trip that should have been 30 minutes. the other kind is very physical and i feel as though i wait for them at certain times, scary.

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Concord, California on 2018-02-09 20:40:00 – Star-like object hovering then descending, changing color from red and white, then quickly flashing green and white.

Synopsis: Was out walking the dog with a friend. we got back to her apartment when we noticed the red light in the sky. it was bright red, then changed to white, then after a few seconds changed to red again. this happened a few times as it was stationary in the sky. direction was south-east, could see orion constellation clearly. object was about 15 to 20 degrees lower than orion’s belt, and left of orion from my point of view, maybe shoulders width distance with arms outstretched from orion’s belt. time was 8:40 pm pacific time. no clouds and the sky was clear. object descended, hovered, and changed to a rapid flashing light of green and white. object hovered for about 20-30 seconds then started to descend quickly and i lost sight of it between the far side apartment buildings. i had recorded some video but the glare from the lamp posts only caught fuzzy details of the light descending. i was not able to record the red and white colors as i was unsure what i was looking at. i started recording when the lights changed color. my friend and i both observed this object. i have lived near an air force base most of my life and have seen many types of aircraft. this object did not behave like a normal aircraft. it was stationary then descended, then stationary again, and changed colors and frequency of flashing lights, not typical of any aircraft. this object did not seem to be moving away or toward me, but rather downward in a straight line. the speed it descended the first time was slower than the second time. approximately 10-15 minutes earlier, while walking the dog, we had seen a military aircraft circling the base, probably a c-17 from the size and speed. it had it’s landing lights on as well as strobes. after the object had descended out of view, i noticed a similar military aircraft, headed away from the base in a westerly direction, at a much higher altitude than previously seen. i’m guessing this was the same aircraft that we had seen earlier circling the base. the video i have is grainy and on my cell phone, only a flashing point of light can be seen. don’t think it’s worth uploading, but can provide it if needed.

Headline #9: UFO Sighting in La Grande, Oregon on 2015-04-30 00:00:00 – It came up from behind the mountain fly around..Stopped n hovered..Went back down behind mountain n was gone..The noise n lights to the side of the video is a moonlight baseball game..There was no planes in sky no noise n it moved like nothing i ever seen

Synopsis: I watched it alone at first i saw it come up behind the mountain in front of my house..I noticed it was moving in no way i have ever seen before..I went n got my ex n his friend tthey watched with me for a few min..Then i told my ex friend to video it..They werent really as interested as the. was but i did get a lil bit caught on camera n here it is..I havent. shown it off to anyone other than my hubby n my mother

Headline #10:  UFO Sighting in Monterey Park, California on 2018-02-09 19:40:00 – Bright object with tail, dulled then seemed to ricochet became bright with tail, then changed direction

Synopsis: Went outside approximately 7:40 p.M, just happened to look up. i thought it was a “falling star”, it started off really bright, seemed to burn out, but then it brightened up again, looked like it ricocheted and changed direction. it seemed to have a lit tail behind it. just shocked to see what i did.

Headline #11:  Demon Dog


I’m in college now but the story I’m about to tell happened in the neighborhood that I grew up in.

I have always experienced weird paranormal stuff for as long as I could remember. When I was seven I moved from St. Louis to northern Illinois. I kept experiencing really weird things that were related to the paranormal. I would see people who would vanish without a trace, hear conversations going on in my house when no one else was home, hear people call my name only find out that no one in my family had called me, I have been scratched more times than I can count and I was attacked by something in my family room once, but this isn’t about that. I wasn’t the only one who experienced these events, I have a twin who also has these things happen to her.

When you grow up with all of this happening to you, you tend to become used to it and it takes a lot for me and my sister to be surprised by something. I believed in ghosts, angels, and demons. I was raised Catholic and I still practice my religion today, I find that my faith in God helps protect me from the darker things that I have come in contact with. Through out the years I have done my fair share of research to try and understand all things happening to me because me and my sister had no one else to talk to about it. I came across a story about hell-hounds once but I didn’t take it seriously because I just thought that they were myths. You would think a girl who grew up having creepy things happen to her all the time would take hell-hound accounts more seriously, but I was young when I first learned about them so I didn’t bother to. At the time I was in the 8th grade and I still didn’t have a great understanding about the spiritual and paranormal world. Even with all my experiences I didn’t want to provoke things and allow entities to enter my life so I played it safe. I shouldn’t have though, one rule I have come to learn is that not believing is to disarm yourself.

Anyway, I was in the 8th grade. In my neighborhood there was a bike path that went through a prairie like area that connected my neighborhood to an other. In between the two there was a park that kids could ride their bikes to. That being said there wasn’t a whole lot to do in my town, so teenagers and young adults also frequented the park during the late hours of the night. The park really wasn’t kid friendly. My friends had found used condoms, a human turd, and a ton of graffiti there. But none the less we didn’t care because there was no where else to go.

One day I was meeting up with a friend who lived in the other neighborhood connected to the park. We were working on a project together for science class. We were going to meet each other at the park and then walk to his house. I got there early and I had to wait for him. I had my cellphone with me and told him I was there and he said he was running late and would be there in about 15 minutes. I didn’t really care so I just sat on the swing set and waited. While I was sitting on the swing set I was looking at the entrance to the park that came from his neighborhood to see if he was coming or not. When I did I saw something that I never thought possible. I saw what looked like a huge black dog run across the street. It was more like a dark shadow that you couldn’t see through that just looked like a huge dog, it never even touched the ground, it was like it was running on air. It ran behind a tree and never came out the other side, it just disappeared. I was freaked out but I didn’t know how to react. I just stay as still as possible. I texted my friend to see if he was close and thank the lord, as I sent the text I saw him coming down the street. I pushed what I had seen to the back of my mind and tried to forget about, and I did until tonight.

I am now a sophomore in college. Me and my sister go to the same school and we hang out a lot. Well today we went to the gym and decided to just relax in the common room of our dorm for a little afterwards. Our dorm is haunted and me and her were sharing stories of things that have happened recently, none of it too interesting, just a door opening by itself, things moving on their own, and strange noises. I started to talk about how the paranormal activity is worse back home and she agreed. That’s when I remembered what I had seen that day in the park. I told her about and she got quiet. She told me that when she was in the 7th or 8th grade, she couldn’t remember, she had a dream or really a vision. She saw the park and baseball fields that lay in between the two neighborhoods. She saw what she thought was a pack of coyotes at first but then she got a better look. It was a pack of these dark shadowy masses that looked like huge dogs and they had red eyes. They were running around everywhere and they were hunting and killing every animal they could get to. She also told me that at around the same time, she had another weird experience.

She had been hanging out with our best friend and another boy that lived about halfway up our street. They were at our friends house and they were playing in the backyard. My friend’s backyard backs up to the baseball fields and park, the two spaces are only separated by a line of dense pushes and trees but if you were persistent and you kept and eye out for thorns and poison ivy, you could cut through there to get to the park.

Anyway, they had been playing outside, just goofing of when they heard something BIG in the tree line. It made them all freeze. They looked over and saw a large black shape move behind a large bush. Their first thought was a coyote, but they don’t usually get that close to people, especially during the day. The next thing they thought was that it was someone from the park cutting through the trees and was trying to scare them, it has happened before. Our friend yelled out, “Who are you? What the fuck are you doing? Leave us alone!” But what ever was in the bush kept making noise and it started to growl. At this point the other kid that had been over there had turned and ran home, scared out of his mind. My friend being the dumb as he was had had enough and did the one thing he thought would scare what ever had been in the bush off. He went over and kicked the bush, but there was nothing there. He was kind of freaked out but he didn’t show it. He and my sister spent the rest of the day indoors. They didn’t know how to explain what had happened, that is until today.

Me and my sister know that what I saw, what she saw, and what she dreamed can’t be a coincidence. I don’t really know what kind of creature I saw. Was it a hell-hound, was it some type of demon dog, or something else. I really just want to know. I have been able to find explanations for most of my other experiences and I don’t like not knowing what kind of creature is stalking the grounds just beyond my street. If anyone has any idea of what they are please let me know.


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