By Marilyn Raffaele.

Arcturian Group MARCH 11,2018

, we are here to assist you with knowledge and support as you travel the intensifying journey you are on. The powerful energies of now exposing what has been hidden for eons on all are causing even some enlightened ones to doubt, question, and occasionally re-align with un-truth.

Seek to rest always in your highest attained level of truth dear ones, for this then becomes your sword and shield, comfort and reality, which is what those still asleep unconsciously try to attain through actions of chaos and violence. The world in general does not yet realize that everything they seek is already present in its fullness within.

The world is going through an cleansing at this time, making it vital that you stay centered. and listen to less news, which for the most part focuses on the negative. Seek out the few pure and honest news sources that are available. Perform ordinary quiet acts of love as these opportunities present themselves throughout your day, always remembering that everyone is a Divine even if they are far from knowing it themselves.

You may be guided to some action or actions at this time but always know that playing an important role in the ascension process need not involve outer actions which are often just human of how change must happen. Your consciousness of truth is the of change, for the outer will always manifest whatever the predominant consciousness of the time is.

Link to a powerful clearing mediation from the book; “Whatever arises Love that” by Matt Kahn: