Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 9 March 2018

As always much is still happening that it is out of sight, and the good news is that of it is in for the coming time when the can be given out. Activities in Antartica but you will recall that they were soon subject to a cover up about new , following those that were sensational inasmuch that extremely tall Human Beings were found encased in the ice. However, the facts cannot be hidden from you indefinitely, as work in those areas will go on for many years due to the sheer size of it that needs to be uncovered. Freedom of Information has its place and should be fully applicable in peaceful times.

Your history is far from accurate and even today there are those who would falsify the facts that challenge old history and would rather keep you in ignorance. You have a right to know your true history, and be assured that before long it will start to be revealed. The discoveries that have been recently made push back the dates when humankind was present on the as intelligent life. Already much points to civilisations that prior to the Great , and some artefacts prove intelligent life was around some 30,000 years or more. The facts cannot be denied even if some people have reason to ignore or dispute them.