Special Message From Michael ~ Game Changer Energies ~ Yourselves 03~10~2018
By Archangel Michael, 03/10/2018

Greetings , I AM here to provide information with the current and upcoming energies of March, which can be themed as and Completion. These energies are exquisitely unique, ranging from high, to very high. The experience will vary depending on where one is at within their spiritual journey back home into the Heart. The Full Moon in was just a precursor of these energies, as there is a blend of earth fire and water energies throughout March. Let us not the upcoming Equinox, which has always been profound. The Equinox is a marking point of the new coming into Physical Manifestation. Let us delve deeper into these energies, so you have the opportunity to ride the waves of change with our Beloved . As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

Energies for The Gathering

The energies of March are unique, to assist with The Gathering. The Children of the Heart are gathering throughout the planet, to assist in the Co~Creation of the . These energies are to assist with relations to one self, and with Mother Earth. This will allow for continued growth and , with wonderful experiences of Being with Genuine Family of the Heart. Many of reflection will asked such as;

Do I Love and Honor Myself?

Do I Trust Myself?

Do I Trust Love?