By Nancy Tate.

up Call Horus + Saint Germain March 5 2018 Federation Of Light

This is that day for me to once more and let you know what is happening in the throes of nuisance around the planet, and then to let you know how it is being handled. I am here to you and to see how much you are in beauty and joy around the world. It is important to notice the joy and peace rather than the nuisance and negative energy that is in place. It is wise to give energy to the positive, rather than the negative, as you all know. It is also the most thing you can do to ease the ascension into the fifth and beyond, for what you do and feel is the most thing that you can do to add to the movement to what you know is already in place in so many ways.

Yes, I am telling you what so many of you have known to do, and that is to the power that you have to bring about the changes that will benefit all of mankind, as well as all forms of life. It is a matter of being able to what you know to be true, and to see and feel the changes as they manifest all around you. It is going to be a wonderful release of all of the negative as it to be washed down the drain of life in the way that helps to bring it back in the positive mode that tells you that you are as powerful as anyone else to make the changes that indicate the to sublime that you are aiming for.