~ Absolute F.A.I.T.H ~ Finding Answers In The
By Archangel

Writings from Heaven on Earth=Heart

I am ArchAngel Gabriel, I Love you all, It is time to wake up humanity.

As a collective you have chosen to live in the of and suffering. It is not the reality that God . God , Bliss, Love , an all perfect reality. You have the choice to purge the illusion from yourself and hold the sacred of heaven within your /Heart, that is the true journey. This is what the TRUE Lightworkers do, most Lightworkers that you find in 3d are fake MotherGod has called them “Fakeworkers” Mother is Heaven on Earth it is a of being/consciousness that comes from living/Acting in the heart and it is only manifested through acting upon it and not thinking at all…… Imagine no thought!