Final Event Energies Update 4~13~18: of the Final Event Energies
By Archeia Faith

Messages from the Masters

Yesterday, April 13th 2018, marked the culmination of the Final Event energies, they are now firmly anchored in. What Humanity do not realize is that The Final Event cannot be fathomed or grasped from the mind. It is the RE-ENTRY to Balanced Harmonics , the of Love and The Unknown, neither of which are of the mind. All out of resonance with Love and The Unknown will begin to uncomfortable experiences, this is Simply Law. You reap what you sow.

The Transition in the New Earth hinges upon the Billions of different fractals that volunteered to in this process. Drastic , revolutionary , cannot occur without extreme courage. You are not going to facilitate an indescribable in your by doing nothing different. The First step that is required is personal elevation, moving beyond being effected by the external , to a of complete inner sanctuary. This is the . Ascending yourself into Divine Vibration.