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My work is more than a hobby for me;  it is the way I capture and celebrate life’s moments, emotions, spirit and the many facets of Reality itself.  ~Seth Dennon


I began in Rawlins WY where I taught myself how to program images and sounds on a Commodore 64 from articles in Computer User Magazine. My artistic development progressed from simple 8-bit images and sounds which could not be recorded very well yet, unless you loaded the program on the computer to designing of velvet hats and accessories as a broader medium. I focused on print making techniques through school, then I completed a digital imaging and printing technology college course. I worked on developing industry standard PDF based printing systems to deliver a streamlined process which produced consistent digital prints which met or exceeded customers expectations awhile implementing a workflow which is now the ‘industry standard’. Through my positions at Kinko’s I was a key influence on the strategy which committed all the stores to digital equipment apposed to analog based machines. These massive investments set the standard and environment for equipment manufactures to develop some key standards of operation we now in-joy as common place. Through this scope of experience I began to perceive just how that the universe can be a platform to express my own unique interpretations of reality. I played around with several different mediums becoming a masterful player in each one. My desire to creatively alter our existence through visual work has brought me to a place, in my development as a visual artist, where my beliefs transgress through who I am and into my all my creations. All of my works are spiritually based and spiritually bound in the love, light and truth that is. They are all clear of byproducts and centered around how I expand within the love and light I am. I believe in defining the natural consequences for my consciousness and this takes me to a plane where most artist long to be, manifesting my own destiny through divinity. I want to consciously explore all art with all creators and working together toward the common goal of creatively uniting all Earthlings within the one we are.

Bragging rights

Programming computer imagery since 1977 (btw, I was only three years old), Newspaper Carrier of the Month, Science Club, Computer Club, Exchange Student – Hamburg, Germany, Key player in unfolding rave in Seattle/Portland in early 80’s, Witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Reunification of Germany, Played an integral role in developing digital print management industry standards, Artwork in the permanent High School Artwork Collection – WA State, Attended Centrum Art twice by Invitation, Designed Woodinville Fire Department Patch & Logo, Managed Highest Volume Kinko’s Digital Print Branch, Worked with Xerox, Canon, Fiery, Adobe, Hewlett Packard and Private Developers in streamlining and implementing a customer through production PDF centric workflow, Quantum Art Society (Italy & China), Egocreanet, Human Freedom Activist, An-core for Divine Love Light here Now, Co-Created in unconditional love light we weave the truth to unfold truth in love to each and every human now. Wayshower, Uplifter, Vision Holder, Creating our lives in perfection and experience of the love we is within the truth of our heart in oneness of all creation. Committed to planting and spreading the seeds of awareness required for higher biological existence within the higher dimensions within each of ourselves together in unity and for the love of creation.

Work Occupations

Visual Artist, Motion Graphics, Potentiality Engineer, Technology Analyst, WordPress CMS Developer, Creating replacement systems and models based in love and abundance, consultant, quantum work.


Seth Dennon Freelance Proprietor
The Seattle Times News Paper Carrier
McDonald’s Shift Supervisor
Basic Software (AutoDesk) Marketing Assistant
Residence Inn by Marriott Front Desk Attendant
Hoenflug Wholesale Hats Owner, Wholesale Manufacture Hats & Accessories
Michelle Hamilton Salon Professional Body Piercer
Kinko’s Technology Systems Manager – New England Market
Tribe Salon Front Desk Attendant
The UPS Stores Operations Manager


Woodinville High School High School Diploma – Art
Centrum Art Fine Art Prints & Painting
Seattle Central Community College Graphic Imaging & Printing Technology
Gauntlet International – San Francisco Professional Body Piercing

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  1. Dear Seth,
    Just discovered your site and am thrilled to find it. What you are writing about is very closely aligned with my beliefs and focus; I am glad to connect. Please come visit my site and see what I am about as well. http://www.transformationenergetics.com. Glad to find a fellow traveler and ‘lightworker’. blessings, Elaine

  2. Hey Seth,

    What do you mean by “manifesting your own destiny through divinity”…

    Just curious


    August 30, 2011 at 21:38


  4. It seems so personal, but at the same time, so universal.  It is like the thrill/fear of coming to a moment of perfect sincerity, realizing all that while that one’s own contribution is not any more or any less important than any other person’s, no matter how the externals of the appearances may seem; it is being one with the underlying essence in a harmonic manifestation in a constant and joyously evolving now, and loving it!

  5. Bless You,Fantastic Work,Its GOoD To Know Even better to feel 🙂

  6. Seth,

    Good on you, mate! You’ve done an impressive amount of work here and no doubt other places as well. Don’t see a lot of recent activity on this thread, but I’m here now and it’s always ‘now.’

    I came here originally in following traffic sources from my Google Analytics for BeTheDream.com, but I think there are also other places and spaces you would enjoy. Let me direct you to a cohesive web presentation, sort of, at http://.Zendor.ws I think you’ll find the work aligned with your own.


  7. oh, one other website that isn’t listed there… http://www.UFOlogyPRSS.com, a content-rich RSS feed-driven Ufology-focused resource.


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