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First Initiatory Gateway of Light ~ The Birth of Christ

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Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love & Light | August 13-18, 2011

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A Perfect Day

Everything felt right and my energy was high as I rode into the little community of Hioucha. There were a few shops and such, but my sights were set on the espresso stand in the gas station. Walking in, there was a crispness to the air and I felt comp...

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Heart @ Work: bilocation…..

"Buy Location", the thought spit into my minds' Eye.  3:33 at most, and my secreterial position would become imminent till well beyond that point in time. Well, if solitary company was the objective of the day, then my gut knew exactly ...

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Heart @ Work….. SelfGuided like a leaf in the wind.

I was just working away at the dishes, happy to be almost done, and not particularly expecting anything next. Today was a good day, even though myriads of syncs hit me with a full frontal frapping. Pleasureable, but just try thinking straight after yo...

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I am on the Smith River now. Camped all by my self up the south fork. It is peaceful, with just the background white noise of the rapids up from my camp. My belly is full and I am relaxed, sitting cross-legged overlooking the water. It is crystal clea...

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Incommunicado? You’ve God IT!

Even if I don't: Touchy just dropped the bombshell of her Everlasting insomnia on me, having not been able to replenish herself from the nightly drip feed. With her supplier keeping me company on the fabricated one night stand, Netty had been pining a...

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Shamanic Consulting and Corporate Intuitionist

I spent the morning at the coffee shop, meeting other like people and talking consciousness… Glory days to be sure. Wonderful happenings all around as the little community came to life. It was a joy to be a part of it and I am grateful to my ho...

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Heart @ Work – Childish Christmas Joy

I found her perched on my work bench the moment I came in and gently laid Netty on the opposite desk. Since she needed to preserve her strength to play with me on the road home, which as I found out just now will probably be long and winding..... No...

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Childish Warning sign….

Woah, party crashed, but since I'm zero cool today, I has a crash override:

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Eckhart Tolle, not reacting to content

Failure to communicate is less common than failure to exchange faultfree information

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AfterMath & Lingo…..

Looking Back I'd say, this was One bright and colorful day....

Or should I just make it an allnighter with Smiley and his new friends?

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Messing with an 8-bit of Beauty and a smile…..

My first attempt at explosive graphics design. Took my Trinity of Lithium at ∞ today, because of a dope check tomorrow bright and early.....

Nite nite, Sweet Woas...


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