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so far so good !

Hello everybody... the new site is more or less up and running.I will not update articles on this blog anymore and you are welcome to keep following me at : see you there ! Gea

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2012 Here we go!

Inelia Benz “I have been asked various times what I see for us in 2012. And as we move into this new year, there is a definite charge in the air about what will happen on the planet. One thing is for certain, the “powers that were” have really s...

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2012: The Year of Transformation

Owen Waters 2012 is the Year of Transformation. On December 21st, 2012, several major cosmic cycles all converge and end on that very same day. Then, they all restart in one super-positive swing to the upside. Get ready for the new cycles at the end ...

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Courageous 2012 ANNOUNCEMENT by Princess Kaoru Nakamaru Japan

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Wierd Rare ring cloud over Mount Etna – Italy

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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra31 December 2011 A Happy New Year to all spiritual seekers, freethinkers, aspirants, mystics & gurus! The Planetary Ascension is just 50 weeks and couples of days away as of this writing. Terrans just celebrated the...

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Did the Canadian Mint “Disclose”?

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January 2012 Overview

alpha life trends The New Year of 2012 is universally a FIVE year, which shifts the current nine-year cycle to its mid-point. The FIVE year brings change, breakthrough and freedom from the efforts of the last four years, since the start of this nine-y...

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136.1 Hertz or 136.1 Hz

136.1 Hertz or 136.1 Hz is the standard frequency of the Om tuning fork. It’s also the sound signature of the earth as it travels around the sun.[discuss] If one year, the time for the earth to orbit the sun, is one cycle of a sound wave, raising tha...

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Worldviews Create Worlds

 Jon Waldrup “Worldviews create worlds.”  The Collective and the Law of Attraction in 2012 What does it mean to really own the power of manifestation?  If the Law of Attraction is true and real, what does that mean?  There is no separation bet...

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The Week Ahead: Mission 2012 Commencing

Rev. Angela Peregoff "One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this:  To rise above the little things." - John Burroughs. We have finally made the leap into 2012 and our story is going to move and speed up faster and faster and faster. ...

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