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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Trust


Trust in the Divine Timing

There is always more going on than most people are aware of therefore is sometimes necessary to trust in yourself and your plans and believe that a positive outcome is coming your way. Keep your thoughts positive and on your desired outcome. Remember that you receive what you are thinking about, so expect the best. If you are expecting the worst, that is what you will receive. If you find you are having a sleepless night, read your affirmations and envision the results you desire. Ask your angels to surround you in their beautiful energy, love and light and let that be the energy that empowers you to the results you seek.

As you grow and evolve, so too will your relationships that are growing and evolving, the rest will find their place when they are ready. Judge them not, for they too are trying to find their place, their footing and passion. Trust your intuition and listen to what your body, thoughts and feelings are telling you, and take care of yourself. Trust that you will see the truth in all matters and trust that you are receiving the guidance you seek. Your angels and guides communicate through your thoughts, intuition, and your dreams and trust that all things will lined up and be ready for that next step.

Affirmation: “I trust I will receive the guidance I seek; I trust that I will receive the ideas to inspire me to new heights, positive outcomes and new relationships that are based in higher dimensional love, wisdom and understanding.”

And so it is.

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank,Taka, Grazie, Спасибо,Toda, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran, Děkuji, Kiitos, Tack, Danke, ありがとう

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn

All rights reserved.

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Heavenletter #4522 A Cartoon Representation of Love , April 12, 2013


God said:

Hello, dear ones. Let’s take a spin around the Universe today, a tour, in a convertible, or on a bicycle, or on an amble by foot. We can cover the whole Universe in no time at all, for the spin We take is not subject to time. We say, “Let’s go!” And then, off We go, hightailing it out of what you presently call here when, in actuality, there is no here and there is no there. We are in the no-time zone of Eternity, and We are in the no-place zone of Infinity. We embrace, and the Universe is within Our clasp.

What do you think it means when We say no time and no place? It means exactly that. We are on a different plane altogether. We are speedless when time does not enter, and there is no where for space to obstruct, for neither place nor space nor time nor delay exist.

Love exists of itself yet not in a vacuum. Rather in Fullness, love exists, and nothing but love exists. Eternity and Infinity are not illusion. They are the Truth. There is no hustle and bustle. There are no starts and stops, nor are there detours from the love of Oneness.

Look, We are One. We are the Universe, as the song goes. We are the whole kit and caboodle which means there is nothing but Oneness, and that is love. It is immeasurable love, a fountain of love. There is love uncountable yet accounted for with no fuss and perhaps with what could be considered to you as love unimaginable, love beyond your inkling, love alone, anonymous universal love in a Universe of Love, a Universe of Light, often seen as sparkles lit up into particles, as if light can actually separate from light. Love can do no such thing. Love cannot separate itself into sparks here and sparks there.

In the world, you may scratch at the surface of Love and of Light, yet, truly, love is complete unto itself. It is not breakable into disparate pieces. Love cannot be fragmented. That is the Big Illusion, that love comes in packages easily pulled apart. Certainly, you have seen love come and go. You have seen love disappear against your will right in front of your eyes. You have observed love start and stop, as if love is a passing mood that cannot stay.

What can do this? Nothing can do this. Love is not fickle. The wholeness of love is intact. Seemingly, love is torn or splintered or wayward, but that’s a cartoon representation of love.

Energy cannot be destroyed, yet it can be seen amiss. Love can be seen as particular rather than universal. Uncomfortable with love, you can see love transmuted into pettiness and pickiness and disgruntlement and anger and temporariness, yet love itself is not even touched. Love withstands all thoughts about love and loving and being loved. Love is intact, yet world thoughts have done a number on love. Thoughts transgressed in the world have done a number on you.

Somewhere along the line, you learned to neglect your true heart. You distanced from your feelings and imposed upon them. Supposed to be became your byword. Proper behavior and standards infringed on your heart. Your mind began to manage the love in your heart and told your heart when and where love could be entertained. Your heart was told what to feel, and thoughts dominated your heart and squelched it. Ebullience got stepped on. Spontaneity was stomped on, and your beautiful heart went into disrepair.

Now We are entering the Year of Heart, and love will spill from you, and love will overtake the Earth, and love will overtake you. You will see.

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“Matters of the Heart” – A Jeshua, Saint-Germain, and Miriam Channel


By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.
It's reprinted here with our client's permission.

"Dear Saint-Germain, I'm an elderly man of independent means. I've lived much of my life without the need to work for a living. I've chosen, instead, to withdraw from people; preferring to live alone. Now that I've had a heart attack, I feel that I am facing the end of my life. I'm saddened and depressed about this, and feel that I have wasted the gifts that God has given me. Can you help me, please?"

My friend, you’ve had a heart-attack, and the good news is that you are still here. I am Jeshua -- along with Saint-Germain, my dear friend, Miriam, and Alexandra and Dan. We’ve come to join you in a moment of silent reflection.

Beloved, there is nothing more to ponder. There is no “why me?” to it. The facts are that it happened, and you are here. This is all that matters. You are here because your experiences on Earth have not yet been completed. There is still more to come. Spirit has something in mind for you.

Please remember Who You Are. You are the voice and hands of God. You are here to help accomplish the Great Work. You ask us whether your time on Earth is done. Tell me, what do you feel?

After such an occurrence as yours, it is understandable to question whether your life has come to its natural end. Please know that you have reached a major turning point in your earthly sojourn, not an end to it.

A lifetime of experiences culminated for you when you had your heart attack. Now you find yourself at a crossroads, standing at the intersection of “what was, and what still could be”. Before continuing your journey, it is appropriate to consider which path you will take up. We ask you to be still for a moment and review this.

Standing at the Crossroads

First, my friend, consider that you’ve had a lifetime to recognize that you are loved by God – that you are a Child of God and loved in every moment of your very precious life. In the lifetime you have just completed, you have come to know this with certainty, and you have felt its uplifting and inspiring effects.

Secondly, you’ve had ample opportunity to listen to those around you – to feel the impact of their beliefs and to suffer from their distorted perceptions about love. You have observed how they judge you, themselves, and the world around them. How they crave, yet fail to recognize the Love of God that is there for all. You have come to know this with certainty, and you have felt its oppressive effects.

Here at the crossroads, you hold a lifetime of experiences in the balance. Now you can make a decision about them. You’ve experienced the truth of God’s Love, and the pain of its denial. You know that denial carries you downward in a spiral of fear, conflict, and strife, whereas affirmation and alignment enliven your spirits.

Since your experiences have led you to the certainty that only God’s Love is real and true, and everything else is false and unreal, your decision at the crossroads is clear. You can take up the path of joy and love, if you choose, and turn your back on the path of pain and suffering forever.

I ask you to look at your beliefs in the coming days, and release anything that no longer serves you on your New Path.

Your New Life Begins

Good friend, your heart is recovering from the pain and hurt of a lifetime. It will continue to do this, as you release your fear of being separated from God’s Love. This worry may still haunt you, and it is understandable, especially considering the trauma you have recently experienced. But this fear is not yours. It belongs to a world, and a life path, that you have left behind. Your passage in joy is assured, if you allow it. Remember this, and it will free you from the dominion of fear.

In the days of recovery that lie before you, remind yourself daily of the truth about love. This will take you into a higher, more refined awareness. Here you will perceive yourself correctly – as the perfect, and perfectly unique embodiment of God’s Love That You Are.

This true perception will bring an even greater flow of life force into your cells. It will revive your body, mind, and emotions, and help you move into the next phase of your life; because indeed, there is New Life for you here.

Cherished one, you will be of great service to God, humanity, and your ideals. We know that you have a great desire to realize a vision of peace, love, and universal brotherhood – to be in service to these grand ideals. You will receive new assignments from your Soul about this soon. But for now, I encourage you to bear witness to the miracle of your life, and allow this knowledge to revitalize you.

Your New Life begins now. Allow this to be so, and so it shall be.

Would you like to know more about your Soul's plan and purpose for your life?
Then please consider having a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.

Joy and Clarity © 2007-2012, All rights reserved.

Published on Lit Corner with permission

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Denisa: hello sweet angels..the gathering..

{mainvote} just wanted to check in with all of you and re-mind your heartmind to listen if you can at least once to #46 on the conference line before this Sunday..   many of us right now are in what feels like a "holding pattern" or transiti...

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James Gilliland: The End of the Matrix


It has become increasingly obvious the old matrix, the archon network is coming to a close. Many are hanging on desperately to the old program, driven by wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experiences and a false sense of self; which was pressed upon them by the matrix. Some have such an investment into the matrix it will take some real hard lessons to snap them out of it back into their Godhood. With the new grid, the 5d energies pressing hard upon the Earth along with the veils becoming thinner it will be harder and harder for the old program to continue much longer. You have to see how most have been manipulated, fooled into focusing on the outer rather than the inner for their love, joy, acceptance and approval. They have become completely divorced from soul and spirit trapped in the ego and the false self, created by the matrix.

We are in a time of choosing. Are we going to choose the upward spiral of ascension into 5D—an internal process, or hang on to the old 3D program, the external out of fear, guilt and unworthiness falsely be-lie-ving therein lies our security. There is no security in hanging on too the old world; doing so will be the greatest insecurity because it is collapsing. Your banksters have reached the height of greed with no more jobs or industry to support their system. The war industry has reached its height of weapons beyond imagination, running out of enemies with weapons they cannot even use due to annihilating all life on the planet. Governments have also reached their height of corruption, enslavement and disservice to the people. The religions have run the God outside of self and all creation, separating and disempowering people to make their own personal God connection into the ground. Corporations have run out of resources both human and Earth to exploit. This is all one big unsustainable train wreck having nowhere to go other than to collapse. Yet so many are continuing to be willing participants in their own demise. They are clinging desperately to the old world, the manipulations and programming of the matrix, their egos need out of fear and insecurity to completely dishonor their own soul and spirit. They actually believe they have control over what is about to happen.

Here is a little newsflash from the world of soul and spirit you will not hear on the lamestream news. The 3D matrix is over. It is in its death throws. God/Creator/Spirit is done with it. The Earth herself is done with it. Your soul and spirit are done with it. Your ego thinks it will continue business as usual despite the obvious lessons that it is crashing down all around you, although it is kicking and screaming desperately trying to continue. The archon network is being exposed, the external programming, the obsession with outer appearances and material acquisition as the path to happiness and security is fast coming to a close. This is why the chaos, the great uncovering of everything hidden—what is referred to as the Apocalypse—is unfolding all around you. Those resisting this change, those hanging on desperately to the ego and external trappings as their source for security, happiness, acceptance and approval are having the biggest challenges, suffering the most, yet it is all self inflicted. In each case there has been a choice and action. Each choice and action misaligned with soul and spirit is going to have severe backlashes, sometimes almost instantaneous. With some the attachment to the external is almost like a meth addiction. They just can’t kick it; the programming is to severe, the ego is hanging on so tight they are like the monkey who’s hand is in the monkey trap. For those who do not know the story the hunters catch monkeys by drilling a hole in a coconut, filling it with rice. When the monkey grabs the rice the monkey cannot get his hand out of the coconut, which is tethered to the ground. All the monkey has to do is let go and it is free. With some, they just cannot let go, have to be right, have to continue with their hand in the coconut till the hunter comes and hits them with a club.

Guess what? “The hunter is here.”

The ways of the ego, separate from soul and spirit are over. Only the illusion is left of thinking we can still save this reality. The be-lie-f that the external will provide for our security is another illusion about to be shattered. Inner awareness, inner guidance and acting on that inner guidance is the only real security in the days to come. It is in the wind, those who are sensitive, plugged into spirit know this and are fast leaving the old ways behind, creating a new world. In some cases they are having to leave friends, family and lovers behind not by their choice but by the choices and actions of their friends, families and lovers to hang on to the old ways and the old world. We cannot choose for them, take away their lessons—hard as they may be. We can only walk the path of soul and spirit as an example.

People are healing, awakening, we have to hold them in the light until they can find it for themselves. This does not mean you do not have to set boundaries, make hard choices when their choices and actions bring chaos, pain or suffering into your own lives. Being a Christ does not mean being a doormat or supporting the ego’s desires, jumping on the same train wreck they have chosen to participate in. The action/reaction principle or karma is rapidly accelerating as the 5D energies press hard upon the Earth. Universal Law is being enforced and all that which is out of alignment in choice and action will have consequences some as severe as how the choices and actions affect others. We cannot feign ignorance or dismiss this immutable law.

If your life is in the toilet, your ego drove you there along with your addictions and attachments along with the false programming of social consciousness. Only soul and spirit can drive you out. It is time to slow down. Take the time to reflect, pray, meditate get out in Nature. She is screaming—now it is time to choose a different path a different way. Be kind to each other, the planet, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Earth herself is going to do unto those as they have done onto her. The universe is done with the nonsense, there is nowhere to hide, it is time to take responsibility for your choices and actions, how they affect others and the environment, and clean up the mess.

Be well,
James Gilliland

Permission to send far and wide granted

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Part 133, Accelerating Changes in Response to Your Pleas


by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 03/22/13

Dear Ones,
We hear your pleas for help in your work raising the consciousness levels around you.
It has been brought to our attention how many of you see the conditions on Gaia as stacked against you, and stacked against change.

We see the problem, as it has existed for centuries. The Dark Ones have all the money, all the military might, and their influence has filtered down to lower and lower levels of influence, where they have most of the guns, and they use their power against the Lightworkers who are not interested in guns or power, but simply want to live in Love.

As a number of you, including our dear channel, have pointed out, it is a losing battle, inevitably destined to end in complete Darkness if the ones in power are allowed to keep their weapons, for this is the crux of the problem. As long as they can assassinate anyone who tries to expose them, targeted Lightworkers become the example for what not to do, and the proof that Evil is indeed Power. This proof that the Dark Ones always win - as they do to some degree when they destroy their opposition - has held sway over the planet for centuries, to our consternation.

It has been argued very forcefully that this system cannot permit Light to overcome the Darkness, as long as the example that children see convinces them that joining up with the Dark Ones is the smartest thing they can do. Generation after generation has been influenced by this, creating the problem we have now. The U.S. was established on land stolen from indigenous people by out-gunning them. The same has been true in Central and South America, and in every other country in the world where there are tyrants and despots who gun down their citizens who protest, and turn over their resources to the U.S cabal for their own profit.

As government services have been privatized, a growing cancer has spread throughout the land. Prisons-for-profit pay their stockholders handsomely on the profits they accrue by starving their prisoners, using the prisoners to sell slave labor goods, forcing them to buy their own blankets, the only nutritious food available without maggots, and basic toiletries at exorbitant prices from “the company store.” At that, limits are put on the amount of purchases allowed, regardless of the needs of the prisoners. And lest you think these are criminals who are getting what they deserve, we can assure you that growing numbers are innocent victims who were set up by the courts to keep the prison beds full and the profits flowing.

Throughout the world, people are learning to emulate these Dark schemes, and the cancer has spread to nearly every country on the planet. There are those among you who have courageously tried to fight against this monstrous aggrandizement of brutal control in the name of “law and order.” The result has all too frequently ended with the whistleblowers and activists being assassinated, poisoned or killed in a plane crash, usually making it look like “suicide.” Most of you know that the profile of an activist and freedom-fighter is inconsistent with suicide. It is just not their way to take themselves out of the fight while they still have the breath to go on.

We know that some of you have felt despair because of the losses you have suffered, and the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness you have begun to feel when your loved ones are taken captive, or perhaps worse yet, brainwashed into joining the Dark forces. The most outspoken activists among you are used to ridicule and rejection from the families who raised you, but it is never easy to go on without them, without family support or friendship. We understand that hardship, and your Guides and Masters are making every effort to help place people in your path who will vibrate at the same frequency you do, so you will find solace and comfort in new and productive friendships.

We are taking these considerations into account as we make the plans for Disclosure. As you know, the plans for Disclosure include intervening to transfer Nesara funds, which we do not consider as interference with your free will, as long as it can be done in such a way that it does not disrupt life severely or cause chaos in your systems such as food distribution.

Another necessary intervention will be to dismantle the weaponry. In doing this, we have come to understand that it is not a matter of interfering in anyone’s free will, since anyone who wishes to pick a fight will still be able to do so, and is more likely to learn the lesson of restraint by experiencing real opposition from those who maintain genuine law and order by imposing penalties on those who take advantage of others. This may take the form of a forceful restraint or a time out, but the aggressor will not be rewarded with greater power over others, and it will provide an even playing field, where Lightworkers are not at a disadvantage simply because they abhor violence.

And so, our Councils who have waited for the request to come from you, our human children, have heard your pleas. You have asked for our help, and we will move in your behalf. The efforts we have been making behind the scenes will be felt directly by those of you who have placed yourselves in positions to make a real difference in this process, and who are ready and able to take action for the greater good. As you have requested, the pace is quickening, and you will enter a new period of focused activity and cooperative effort. Our blessings and our gratitude go out to you, Dear Ones.

We are also suggesting to you now that you meditate with an open mind to discover who your twin flame is. This will give you a lovely feeling of companionship and expectation, for it will not be very long before you will encounter your Twin Flames, most of whom are waiting on the ships for your return. In the rare cases of more advance old souls who may both be on Earth now helping out, they too will meet on the ships, and what a wonderful Homecoming Day it will be for all of you! Let me warn you, though. You may be very surprised at how beautiful and advanced your lightbody Twin Flame seems to you. I assure you that when you shed this heavy and cumbersome body and the cares and worries that have weighed you down, you will be a sparkling lightbody too.

Perhaps we should explain for those who may not have read our earlier posts. A Twin Flame is the other half of your soul. When Mother God births a new soul, we send out a spark of our Selves, and the soul is created. The new soul then divides into male and female, and their journey of soul development begins. Because the two Flames are so similar in temperament and energy, it would not be comfortable for them to be closely involved in Earthly relationships. For this reason, most pairs usually choose to take turns on their forays into incarnation on Gaia or other planets, while the Twin “holds down the fort” by remaining in higher dimensions with Us. It is a good system, which allows both partners to evolve as individuals while keeping their deep connection with each other in spirit.

For clarification, we should mention that many of you have soulmates who travel with you during your incarnations to help you during your lifetimes here on Gaia. They are members of your soul family who may incarnate as lovers and friends, cousins and sometimes parents or children, but they are not your Twin Flame.

About a third of the people on Earth at this time are advanced souls who have experienced Ascension in the past and who have worked out many of their karmic challenges. It may not feel that way to you now, those of you who are reading these messages, but you are accomplished souls, working to elevate the level of vibration you share with your Twin Flame. So you see, your efforts now benefit both you and your Twin Flame, who will elevate with you, as well as helping the people around you by your example. We are One, in every way.

As you and your Twin have progressed in your soul lessons, you incarnated from time to time as the opposite sex, or as a gay person, or as any of the myriad sexual identifications such as a woman who identifies as a man, and so forth. In this way, you come to understand each other and yourselves in deeper ways. Eventually, your soul work allows you to come full circle back together to join as One with each other and with Us. There is no more joyous experience in life than the absolute Love of Twin Flames who find ultimate joy in their complete Union.

This is a Love beyond any love you have experienced in this incarnate form, a feeling beyond words. It is the complete Unconditional Love which We, Mother/Father God feel for you and for each other. Open your hearts, our Beloved Ones, prepare yourselves for the exhilarating experience of completion you will feel when you come home to Us, this time in the bodies you possess now, to be renewed and healed, uplifted and rejoicing. It is a wonderful thing you have to look forward to, Dear Children. You will gain the experience of all the lifetimes you have lived, and you will never again need to return to the density of 3 dimensions unless you choose to return to help your Brothers and Sisters who have not yet reached the level of Ascension.

It is an exciting time, and you will find each day growing brighter as your powerful Light energy is joined by your Star Brothers and Sisters in the growing wish to complete this Ascension process so you can be together at last.

We look forward with joy,

Your Mother/Father God and all the Legions of Light

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Hong Kong Dog Rescue Flash Mob in Lan Kwai Fong for “Peak to Fong”!


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My Higher Self ~ Abundance and Poverty Consciousness


March 11, 2013

by Healing and Love

MoneyA lot of people have been asking me questions regarding their finances, and more specifically, how to improve them.  I asked my higher self for a response.  Hope you enjoy this response from my higher self.

“There is so much fear and misunderstanding about money that even though you think you need money, you may in essence be blocking its natural flow to you.  This may have been caused by your human ego.  Your human ego may have manipulated you through poverty consciousness for a long time, and for many past lifetimes.

This may be the root of all of your issues and problems regarding money.  This poverty consciousness now has to be released to the light for clearing in this ascension lifetime.  This poverty consciousness may have caused you to be very obsessed with money, which then made you greedy and caused you to hoard money at any cost and through any means.  This is a bad vibration to have as it is based on fear;  fear of not having enough money to survive and have your needs paid for.  The human ego poverty consciousness then caused you to believe that there is not enough money for you to live in a comfortable state causing you worry, stress and anxiety (all lower vibrations).

Remember that what you think about, worry about and what you do will be manifested in your reality.  This in turn may have manifested in homelessness, hunger, and other limitations or lacks in your life regarding money and financial security.   Do not worship money or worry that it will run out or worry that you will not have enough to live.  Money is energy.  Also understand that you cannot take your money with you when you leave this life.  God’s abundance is your birthright and God’s supply has no boundaries of all things that are good and plentiful.  This includes money.

If all of this is so, then why do so many people have financial issues?  Why are so many people suffering financially?  Please understand that in this NOW, you are everything that you have ever created in all past lifetimes, as you are a multidimensional being.  This includes the collective consciousness.  This is why you may be experiencing poverty.  This is why the collective consciousness is suffering collectively financially.  Just look at what is happening in your economies around the world.  It has to come up for release; the fear, the worry, the lack.  So to eliminate your poverty thinking and lack thinking and your poverty consciousness thinking, do not vibrate with poverty consciousness.  How do you do this?

You must watch your feelings, your actions, and your words with respect to money.  Do not worry and do not have feelings and thoughts that are fear based with respect to money.  If you vibrate with poverty consciousness energy, there will be financial problems for you.  You have to raise your vibrations regarding money and poverty consciousness to abundance consciousness.  You do this with gratitude and trust.  God’s intention is for you to have abundance consciousness, not poverty consciousness.  Do not worry that you will starve, and do not worry that you will not make the payment on your mortgage or other things that are due to be paid.  Worry is a very lower dimensional vibration and lowers your consciousness level immensely.  Worrying about money is poverty consciousness and will cause you to have poverty.

Release any subconscious memories which tell you money causes you pain or that it is bad or causes you to worry about money.  You must eliminate poverty consciousness and apply abundance consciousness in your life.

Again, please stop worrying about not having enough money (This cannot be stressed enough), and focus on gratitude for the money that you do have.  This is the key and will change your outcome with respect to money.

Gratitude will bring you more of what you are grateful for into your life. Gratitude is about being thankful for everything that you receive in your life, no matter what form it takes, no matter how large or small.  It is an effective tool for showing appreciation to yourself and to others and for opening up your heart.  When you open up your heart, your consciousness rises.  If you embody gratitude and practice this in your life, it is very healing and then you will be able to tap into the flow of abundance consciousness and receive the loving vibrations of that abundance consciousness from God, namely money.  Then things may change for you financially.

Remember you are a Devine Son / Daughter of God and God does not want his children to be poor and to worry about being taken care of.  Have gratitude for all the supporting and loving people you have in your life; have gratitude for your health and for anything that is happening in your life.  Have gratitude for all the beings around you, the plants, the trees, the animals, the birds, everything that has a consciousness (even that ant crossing the driveway).  All are part of One Consciousness and all are here to learn.  Honor ALL life.  Do not be mad that you do not have enough money or that you can’t pay the bills.  Remember that you are manifesting your thoughts and emotions.  If you think you are poor, the universe will give you more of it.  When you are truly able to feel this gratitude in your heart, then it will enable you to receive love in your heart and thus move past a lot of negative emotions, and money will start to flow for you.

For as long as you are in a state of gratitude, then abundance will pour into your lives as will love.  God and the Universe support you and you are always guided.  No matter how bad things appear to you financially, if you can come into your heart and reach a space of gratitude from your heart, then doors will open up, you will be guided and the way will be clear for you to the next step in your life.  But just like you are practicing gratitude, you must also practice trust.  When you ask for something and if it does not come right away, do not get mad or discouraged.  Trust with all your being in full faith that what you asked for will eventually come.   You have to believe and trust and live your life as if it is already there.

Also, in order to receive, you have to give.  When you give you receive a hundred times fold.  If you have no money to give, give with your heart.  Give your time by volunteering.  It is the intent to give that matters.  Again, money is just energy and comes back to you.  When you give away money, it comes back to you.  Do not hoard it.  Trust that you will receive it back.  You will.  It is a change in attitude that is required to have abundance consciousness.

Every time you spend your money, regardless of what you buy, bless it with gratitude for the service it is providing you. Bless it for the food you receive, the utility bills that pay for your utilities, etc…Then just let it go, knowing that it is just a source of energy which will return to you.  This will not prevent the block of the flow of God’s abundance.  Understand and recognize that money is providing a service that you should accept with appreciation and gratitude. Remember that you are responsible for creating your prosperity.

If you have fear and if you have poverty consciousness, you will be poor.  The Universe will give you what you are feeling, thinking, saying and doing.  Open up to abundance consciousness to change your financial situation and have gratitude.  You will be much happier and much richer, financially and spiritually!”


Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and the link below is included.

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Marilyn Raffaele: The Arcturian Group – March 10th 2013


MARCH 10, 2013

Dear ones, we come today encouraging you to hold calmness and peace while within that sense of waiting that so many of you are experiencing at this time. This sense of waiting for the new to come into manifesta...

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Heavenletter #4489 Human and Divine, March 10, 2013


God said:

In the world, suffering is justified, and yet suffering is not justifiable. It seems like suffering is handed to you, yet suffering is an interpretation you make. You consider suffering a consequence of something or another. Something happens or doesn’t happen, and you call it a cause for suffering. Such and such happens, and you are to respond appropriately with suffering. In Truth, there is no time. Therefore, there is no sequence. There is no consequence. There is nothing that happens because of one thing or another. Different things happen in a lifetime on Earth.

You look for explanations. You like to describe causes. You like to delineate reasons why something occurred or did not occur. You like to say, “Because of this or that, this or that happened.” Assigning cause is assigning blame. Whatever has occurred has occurred, and where you go from here is your responsibility. Beloveds, perfect reasoning doesn’t alleviate. The questions you ask cannot be answered.

My children may even hold Me responsible. You say that I did it. Or you say I wasn’t paying attention. Or you say I cannot exist. What you say cannot exist obviously exists.

Beloveds, life is what it is. Whatever life has handed you, it is now yours to do with. It landed in your lap. Accident or destiny, faulty or faultless, your life is the car you drive. You have to steer it. The question to ask is:

“Where do I go from here? How do I carry on? My position in life has shifted. Components of my life have changed. It is my life. It is mine. My life is a journey I have taken on, and so I journey. Sometimes I travel green valleys. Sometimes I mountain-climb. Sometimes I have to take another turn. Whatever the conditions, I venture forward. Who am I to protest the weather? By what right would I give up loving my life because of something that happened? I still have my life, and my life is for me to live. I have great resources within me, and I find them and journey on.”

The world has bought the idea of terrible, frightful, desultory, hopeless, unforgivable. Are you to forgive life for being life? By what divine right are you? If there is a cause, it is because you divide life into loss and gain.

Sometimes life pampers you, and sometimes it takes your shirt. You are a prince or princess who does not have to be pampered. You don’t have to get your own way. You are not less nor are you more depending upon what life hands you. You are the handler of your own life. To be human is a wonderful thing, and you are very human, and yet being human is not an excuse for anything.

You are a Divine Being as well. Then be it. Divinity rises above. You are a Divine Being. You have a soul. So what if you are housed in a human body and referred to as a human being? Be a noble human being. Be a soldier in the army of love, and love yourself and love life and be a friend to yourself.

You may think you are wounded. Well, then, kiss your wound and get up. In the act of getting up, you heal your wound. Licking your wounds is not the action for you, for you are meant to be the hero of your own life. Who is going to be the hero if not you?

Come to your own rescue. Pick yourself up. Put your shoulders back and stand up tall. You are not a victim. You are a valiant hero. You don’t just lie there. You get up, and you go forward.

Such have I told you to do.

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