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A Grid of Light Unifying all Earthlings
The Unity Consciousness Grid (Earth’s Light Grid) began active tracking by this website since August 2006.  Every time someone visits this grid anchor node site their internet IP address is recorded and then a geocoded.  This allows us to track the number and global position of where the Unity Consciousness Grid is strong and energized, and it also shows where the grid needs additional work done.  We also track the numbers of new content published here;  from written articles, to video content, to other types of media aligned to Universal Law,  and creates seeds of awareness aimed at successful completion of your mission or your life’s work.

Many lightworkers, Wayshowers, Change Agents and Mission Ground Crew Members  utilize this data to help on where to direct their awareness,  focus and activities.   Make no misgivings, we are in the midst of a truly global movement awakening our collective consciousness to the truths of the world we have allowed to exist and a reality which delivers no thing less than self enslavement.  Humanity is also expanding our realizations that we are all, every single human, in this mess together and only when every human is unified and is allowed to work together will our issues be solved collectively and in a unified manner which benefits us all.

Never under estimate the power you hold and the power of some 7+ billion souls unified in purpose, what seems centuries away will manifest in decades.  Mass awakening is occurring every moment now, and the awareness is expanding at an exponential rate.

We see the grid emerge, expand and root deeply into our planet.  In every moment the grid strengthens and sets the stage for our new reality to be co-created by every human with total awareness of the process.  Life is transmuting from being beyond our control to manage to one where we are the ones in control and indeed missioned with the task of ascending our planet and all which resides on and within her to a higher state of existence at a frequency which will no longer support our old paradigm.

The new frequencies will support realities based in love, abundance and equality for every single human being.  Access to clean food, clean water, shelter, education, healthcare and technology will be fully supported for every person in our new frequency/density.  The reality of fear and all the fear based paradigm offered will quickly fade away as those dense energies will no longer be able to hold form in our new frequency (dimension).

The grid binds unity, co-creation,  global consciousness and every aspect of our expanding consciousness  in ways which will become more apparent as your consciousness expands and you move into your new frequency/density.

For me it is a great visual reference to aid in validating the unity I feel in increasing waves of synchronicity and change visioned 40 years ago becoming more and more real every day in every way.


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