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Russ Breault

Everything You Need to Know about the Shroud of Turin

The post Russ Breault appeared first on Inception Radio Network | UFO & Paranormal Talk Radio.

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Paola Harris

What UFO Secrets is the U.S. Government Hiding?

The post Paola Harris appeared first on Inception Radio Network | UFO & Paranormal Talk Radio.

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FREE EPISODE of Beyond Belief | Nick Pope & George Noory: The Truth on UFO Case Files

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Is The CIA Manipulating The Weather?

Derrick Broze, ContributorIn a recent speech, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency discussed the controversial topic of geoengineering, leading some activists to ask whether the agency is actively and deliberately modifying the weather.​In late June, John Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, spoke at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting about threats to global security. Director Brennan mentioned a number of threats to stability before di [...]

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The Psychopathy of Greed

Zen Gardner, GuestI always find it interesting that people blame corporate greed for our overall condition. Sure it’s a major factor at one level, but it’s just an obvious outcropping of something much, much deeper. Sadly not that many are willing to go there.That the entire world system is built on a capitalist system in one form or another is mind boggling. Defying our innate conscious awareness to the contrary, the signal has been given and repeatedly endorsed as well [...]

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The Religious Mindset – Gateway to a New Dark Age

Zen Gardner, GuestThere couldn’t be a more pertinent backdrop to this article than the soci0-religious marriage taking place on the world stage right now. The Jesuit Pope endorsing these global social engineering programs disguised as caring for an ailing planet is a perfect example of mass manipulation using religious mindsets and attachments is a clear demonstration of what is being perpetrated on mind-numbed humanity.If only people woke up from this and similar programming w [...]

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Celebrating Genocide – Christopher Columbus’ Invasion of America

Irwin Ozborne, Guest“In 1492, the natives discovered they were Indians, discovered they lived in America, discovered they were naked, discovered that the Sin existed, discovered they owed allegiance to a King and Kingdom from another world and a God from another sky, and that this God had invented the guilty and the dress, and had sent to be burnt alive who worships the Sun the Moon the Earth and the Rain that wets it.” ~ Eduardo GaleanoA good friend of mine, a membe [...]

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Where is Jesus in the Awakening?

Zen Gardner, GuestI began a reply to a very sincere question on my last post Cunning Craftiness and the Tools of Manipulation and it turned into quite a long explanation. It brings up a lot of important aspects regarding what’s going on right now as people are genuinely concerned about these recent turns of events and what seems to be unfolding, and are subsequently digging deep to get some spiritual footing in order to grasp as well as prepare for what appears to be quick [...]

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Matthew’s Message: Flight MH370; Khazarians; Pope Francis’ Visit to US – Sep 20, 2015

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What is Project Bluebeam?

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.Editor, What is Project Bluebeam?Project Bluebeam is a four step process that has an end result on a one world government.  If you’ve noticed, the most recent wars involved countries who did not have ties to the Rothschild banking system, the World Bank.  This is not by coincidence and is done to create a One World Currency under a New World Order premise. While speculation has inferred that George H. W. Bush’s wife, [...]

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The Titanic Conspiracy – Was The Sinking An Inside Job?

The Titanic Conspiracy? with special guest Popeye DtrhIs everything we have heard about the tragic accidental sinking of the Titanic just as we have been told?The sinking of the Titanic is one of most talked about events in history, but could it be that there was something far more nefarious at work than just an unfortunate date with an iceberg?After hearing the evidence that Popeye will lay out, i think at the very least it will cause the listeners to revisit the watery grave that is hom [...]

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Religion Gives Us the World’s Largest Mental Disorder – Religithexia

It is estimated that 80% of the world is religious, which equates to approximately 5.6 billion people who are affected with Religithexia.In psychology, the term “Mental Retardation” was changed to “Learning Disabled”.Perhaps the term, “Religitard” might be too harsh for someone who hangs on to outdated beliefs, so maybe there will be a new diagnosis called Religithexia for those who are “Religiously Disabled”?Etymology: Religi (reverence for [...]

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The Secret History of Astrology

Richard Smoley, New DawnThe history of astrology is in many ways the history of a polemic. The question of whether astrology works, as crucial as it is, is soon buried under other issues, such as what this might have to say about human free will and whether the stars and planets that govern our fates are benign, malevolent, or neither. These issues have been debated for thousands of years.Before we get into them, however, we should probably begin with why astrology is the way it is. [...]

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