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‘Hats Off’ To HATS-6b: Discovery of ‘puffy’ new planet brings scientists closer to finding new life in outer space

An artist's impression of the planet HATS-6b, orbiting the star, HATS-6. (Supplied: ANU) Excerpt from abc.net.au A "puffy" new planet orbiting a small, cool star has been discovered 500 light years away from Earth, by a team of scientists c...

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Jackie Kennedy Tapes Promise Bombshell Breakthrough


By Chris Capps    8/12/11

50 years after the assassination of John F Kennedy, a series of tapes released by his wife are said to reveal that the first lady did not accept the official explanation any more than many...

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Patterson Power Cell


The reason that I am interested in this technology is because, not only is it an overunity energy device, but it also happens to reduce radioactivity significantly. And this device is surprisingly simple!

Please note there is the...

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Chemtrails Make Mainstream Media, Michael Murphy Exposes Geo Engineering


CBS-Atlanta is requesting chemtrail photo's. So does ABC, CNN, FOX, NBC. All Want Your Chemtrail Photos. See Conscious Life News for more details how.


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Amygdala – The amazing brain music adventure

Source: http://viewzone.com/amygdala/indexx.html

By Neal Slade

I want you to think of the best time you have ever had in your life........Got it?

Now, multiply that experience, that feeling, times ten. Multiply it times a hundred, o...

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Gaia-Cosmic Disclosure S1E1 LB728x90

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