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Successful Cold Fusion/LANR Demonstration at MIT – Again


February 1, 2012 by Ruby Carat

UPDATE! – February 2 The NANOR used in the open MIT Demonstration is a ZrO2-PdD Cold Fusion/LANR solid state quantum electronic device – now ongoing for five days straight!


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PESN Plugged by Ralph Steiner on Coast to Coast AM


In an interview with Whitley Strieber, guest hosting Coast to Coast in place of George Noory, Ralph Steiner plugged PESN as a top source for exotic energy news. The fascinating conversation included information about Nikola Tesla, Tho...

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Thank You Thursday: Daydreaming


a message from Hillis Pugh

Thursday, 20 October, 2011  (posted 21 October, 2011)  

Be thankful this day for Daydreaming.

Daydreaming is our subconscious coming to conscious when our brain is idle and soul is st...

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Chukanov’s “Angel-I” Quantum Free Energy Generator ready for demonstrations


Kiril Chukanov, of Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC has announced that his "Angel-I" generator prototype has been completed, and produces around 30kW of output with only 7.5kW of input, by harnessing quantum free energy.

by ...

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Seeds for Growth by Lady Mary

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 05/07/10

The warmest and deepest of loving blessings extends from my soul to all of creation on the Earth. My fondness and devotion for the Earth and its humanity is abundant and ...

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