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The reason that DNA activation is occurring very rapidly at this time for those tuning in to the Aqua Faries who are working on the Indigo line's ultra violet blue wave is this: Our elemental aquafarian family of water molecules are busy magnetizing the light energy into the water flowing around the pyramid that surrounds the DNA double helix. The pyramid looks like a harp with the shortest string with the highest frequency at the top of the pyramid and the slowest string at the bottom.The more photonic energy that is pulled into to the water around the DNA,
the faster the water molecules can unite their sound energy with the light energy. When these frequencies are pulled into the water molecules, the octahedron is formed- this is the sacred geometry of light and sound.
This is the sphere that is created. The Earth itself is such a sphere.
When the octahedron grid is activated on Earth, Earth will no longer
be a planet--she will be a star. Those who activate with her, will be the starseeds who will become immortal.

We have only been playing the first three strings in the harpstrings of our mind. As we rearrange our consciousness out of the touchable, see-able KNOWN reality and into the INFINITE UNKNOWN reality, we activate the higher harpstrings. This, in turn, activates more DNA strands.

There is more gamma wave photonic energy coming to earth than ever before. The 12 strands of DNA are the divine blue print of all twelve dimensions of light fields which are streaming into our solar system and into Earths atmosphere.

Our frequencies grow from the inside out. We accumulate layers of frequencies by riding in consciousness on the spheres of crystal light, crystal dust and crystal get. We ride inside of our merkaba's to collect 12th dimensional frequencies, 13th dimensional frequencies from the light cities of inner Earth, 14th dimensional frequencies from our starry families in Aquarius, and 15th dimensional frequencies from the original breath of source onto the spark that created the flame of angelic consciousness.

We are once again igniting this flame of the infinite unknown from deep inside of our crystal cells. In the tiniest, etheric, nanoscopic center of each cell is the spark of Source. Deep within and under the heart area of our bodies is the crystal heart. That crystal heart is actually the Soul that contains all that is within the consciousness of all of our souls in all dimensions. That soul within our crystal heart has been sleeping within the third dimension because it has not been allowed to be connected into the infinite unknown of all layers of soul memory.

We activate this soul memory when we breathe the source energy into that spark of Source that is deep inside of our crystal cells. That breath ignites the spark into a flame. This is what is causing the hot flashes in our bodies at this time. We are being ignited from within. This is how our frequencies are accreted.

When we exhale these frequencies out into the atmosphere around us, we are accreting a morphogenetic field. That field of energy is what is known as prana. It is the etheric golden stardust blasting into our spark of Source in our Crystal hearts from our Sun Alcyone, all 11 million suns in the Milky Way and all of the stars in all of the skies. The gamma waves are melting away the death seal in our pineal glands. This light wave interacts with the sound wave in the liquid light within the DNA strands. The veil that broke the two strands of DNA away from the other 10 strands is now becoming a rainbow bridge that is reconnecting the strands. The TINY Aqua Blue Crystal elementals are working within the water chambers around the microtubules inside of the DNA.

In order to bring the frequencies of the Aquafarians from the etheric chambers of Inner Earth into the water molecules we have worked on creating a continuous portal from the crystal heart of Mother Earth into our Crystal Heart. We were told that we could not go to Aquafaria, but we could bring aquafaria here. We worked on this project for three years. We were told that we must spend more time in the frequencies of Aquafaria than in the frequencies of this 3D reality. Now, the Aquafarians are living inside of us. And we can exhale the full spectrum of light and sound into our morphogenetic field to create our Heaven on Earth.

That morphogentic field is becoming visible to some of us at this time. This field of energy is created by the TINY aquafarian water particles from our breath. These entities are working inside of our bodies to translate our DNA and they can be seen as the x-ray of what is on the inside by those of us who have accumulated the gamma waves and x-ray wave frequencies.

The aqua blue crystal fairies are the tiniest entities who bring their complete Consciousness of the Aquarius Galaxy from Sun Alcyone through the Heart of Mother Earth Aquafarian Chambers into our DNA as they swim within the harpstrings of our minds to activate the higher frequency strings in those who are in tune with their resonance.

Many are feeling, hearing or sensing a humming, buzzing within their heads. This is the sound of the tiny Aquafarians at work atuning us through their sound waves with the water molecules through the gamma waves entering into our pineal gland.

We have been given three main symbols over and over again during our history. One symbol is the pyramid, one is the fish symbol and one is the pine cone symbol. The true meaning of these symbols is the tiny aqua crystal light elementals are swimming in the water molecules (they look like little tiny fishes). Their beautiful sound is the tone of home or the highest frequency of the music of the spheres. The pyramid is the microtubule that has the shape of a pyramid, but it is more like a harp.

The next symbol would be angels and mermaids sitting in the clouds playing their harpstrings. This is exactly what he aqua crystal light mermaids are doing. They play the harpstrings of our mind in order align us into our full spectrum of light and sound.

The more frequency bands from the dimensional unified fields that
are pulled into the DNA, the higher the level of DNA strand assembly.
The faster the frequency waves oscillate, the faster the DNA
strands accumulate light energy into the liquid sound fields around the pyramid that surrounds the DNA double helix.

The more we tune into the rainbow frequencies of all twelve dimensions of consciousness, the more we pull in frequency bands from the dimensional unified field. This causes more and more DNA codes to assemble and become operational within the DNA strands. To learn more about our etheric family who have come to Earth from Sirius B in the form of Blue Dolphinoids thousands of years ago, please go to  CosmicDolphinMagic.Com.

Please bring your earphones to and absorb the frequencies. The frequencies are Cosmic Consciousness AquaFairian re-birth frequencies. This is the light and sound of our re-birth into our 12 DNA of our full spectrum rainbow body.

We would like to invite you to our new website
Please bring your earphones and enjoy our updated frequencies. The new website is full of brand new information about the Blue Oraphim Dolphinoids alignment through Aquarians on Earth into the Aqua Fairies of Inner Earth. Our mission is the re-birth into our full spectrum rainbow body.

Every channeled message received over the past three years has been put into pdf files that can be found in the ASCENSION LIBRARY section.

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