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Spinning the Web of Life

by Julian RoseContributor, ZenGardner.comSpiders do it. Take a look – oh what an amazing creation! Working their way out from the first circle; filling-in every loop of the circuit; spinning on the outward pull; determined, full of intention, guided by Divine. So my friends, why can’t we?Look at that final creation on the garden gate on a misty October morning – wow – what a stunner! Stay looking and what do you see? A little universe spun into being, oh so de [...]

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Galactic Federation of Light Kuthumi December-19-2013

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Galactic Federation of Light Mary Magdalene August-27-2013

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A Million Ways to Worship God, Releasing Resistance to Where You Are


a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

Tuesday, 17 January, 2012  (posted 18 April, 2012)

Beloved ones, your every breath can be a prayer, your every heartbeat a song of worship. There are millions of ways ...

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04-04-2012 ~ The Fourth Initiatory Gateway of Light

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♥ “if you build it, they will come” ♥

24 May 2010 - 10:53pm
Channeler: courtland ♥

Brightened Blessings be to You~


If you build it, they will come ~


We raised our hand and declared, “I will go to Planet Earth, pledging to Shine and Share My Light for this magnificent shift into the Golden Age”!  & we did ~ (our Soul’s ~ LIGHT), and they did (our Soul’s ~ Guidance) TOGETHER and THEY (Higher Source) are with us in ALL moments! Mother Earth beckons each of us ~ Humanity is healing ~ WE are THE changes, that will Create!


I Am being called to share, LOL, quite frequently  ~ “if you build it, they will come”, however, it is not for They, that Guide us … it is for US who have been Guided, to Build Light Temples!  We are in need of Light Temples, Places of GATHERINGs … Great Gatherings … where those that are searching and seeking can FIND!  Those that are questioning and doubting, a place where Truth is found and felt! 

Places and Spaces created by SOURCESOULS, LIGHTWORKERS ~ Y O U ~ Doing what YOUR HEART IS BECKONING ~


Something, Somewhere, Somebody is AWAITING You!  Awaiting your Energy, your arrival!!  You see just by the notion of YOUR VIBRATION, You are already a BEACON … You can instantly manifest your thoughts ~


You feel like you are sitting “waiting” for something to “happen”?  YOU are THE HAPPENING … YOU are the “CHANGE” … BUILD IT … CREATE IT … GATHER …  Open your spaces to those that are searching ~ Reach out to those that look around and wonder?  They KNOW, something has happened, something has changed … YOU are that CHANGE!  This is the culmination of what your Journey has been! 


Serving ~ Serving SOULS that Seek … it could be one, two or three …does not matter the number, it matters only the messages!  You have those answers, You are here as a Teacher … to Serve!

from that space of LOVE within ~ Create from that space, the Beckoned Beacon space ~ Your Light brilliantly illuminated!

If it be in places that are in need of change or aid … from LOVE, from Light …this is where SOULUTIONS are made!  Blame or anger will only serve the dimensional frequency of division and separatism, KNOWING that those that have caused dilemma or destruction, the Universe, Divine Knowledge ~ All is in Divine Order … Does it matter how it happened?  Not right now, what matters is WHAT YOU DO to make a difference!! 

To HELP … TO change the Dynamic of the situation  … one must come from a space of Higher Thoughts ~ those that are in need, seek relief and repair ~


There are so many blank faces … everywhere we turn ~ confusion, angst, fear of what is happening!   You have PREPARED for this for MANY a lifetimes ~ S H I N E!


Share the TOOLS that you have enabled within yourself ~ to aid and assist those that, once like you were, are now searching!  People are ready to hear … not only ready to pay attention ~ willing to do what it takes to LEARN ~ their HEARTS Awakening ~  the spark is lit!   As we move closer and closer to shifting our souls, realize that you awakened when you did to BEcome this BEACON of Light … to SHINE upon the path of those to come … NOW is that time!


Field of Dreams ~  Planet of Peace … Language of LOVE … Gifts of Grace … Heart Healing … Magical Miracles … Fear to Forgiveness!   

These are our “soul descriptions” ~


You / Me / WE  have ALL the tools within to do this!  What are We waiting for?  only in this 3rd Dimension do we live by a timetable ~ Present Moment is THE Time to DO, To CREATE, to BUILD, To TEACH, To GATHER  ~ ALL Souls! 


You will KNOW by this message what you are to do or to bring!  You will KNOW Where and HOW!  Listen to Your Heart ~ We are whispering through our megaphones  to You!


“If you build it, they will come” ~ a sight to behold … your beingness, your soulessence, a magnet of Wisdom ~ a source of Peace, Light and ALWAYS LOVE! 



My Heart





I am so very grateful and humbled to share these messages with You ~ Please share freely  ~

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Expanding on Truth!

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Let’s Celebrate

Dimensional Bliss's AnniversaryJuly 11, 2017
In July 2006 dimensionalbliss.com was created to facilitate sharing of seeds of awareness on our life's journeys. InJoY and much gratitude to all. ~sethd8 and the Galactics.


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