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The World’s Food Seeds are Going Extinct, but You Can Help

Alex Pietrowski, Staff WriterMost of the truly important news of our times goes unnoticed, under-reported or ignored by the corporate media, and as they focus on the ever-evolving narrative of human political drama, we are missing opportunities to participate in the most important struggles of our time. Seven generations from now, the destruction of the world’s seed diversity by corporate greed will have a much greater impact on the human condition than as much as any [...]

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California Shrugged: No One Knows What’s Up With Frack Water

Heather CallaghanSomething fishy is going on with California’s assessments and so-called fracking regulations…It is an unfortunate reality that good jobs are intertwined with what might be later construed as not only an environmental devastation but America’s next personal health devastation – hydraulic fracking.It is also unfortunate that while Americans flock to so-called “boom towns” for those good jobs, the jobs themselves are tied into the eb [...]

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11 Common Symptoms of the Global Depopulation Slow Kill

Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” – The Georgia GuidestonesThe full-spectrum global attack on human health is quite obvious to see for anyone who is paying attention and in search of wellness. So many of the factors that are negatively influencing public heath could easily be prevented or removed from society, yet the decisions of the ruling class continue to ensure that our food supply [...]

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Elon Musk drops space plans into Seattle’s lap

Excerpt from seattletimes.com

Elon Musk thought three major trends would drive the future: the Internet, the quest for sustainable energy and space exploration. He’s got skin in all three games.

Of all the newcomers we’ve seen here lately, one of the more interesting is Elon Musk.

The famous entrepreneur isn’t going to live here, at least not yet. But earlier this month he did announce plans to bulk up an engineering center near Seattle for his SpaceX venture. The invitation-only event was held in the shadow of the Space Needle.
If the plan happens, SpaceX would join Planetary Resources and Blue Origin in a budding Puget Sound space hub. With talent from Boeing, the aerospace cluster and University of Washington, this offers fascinating potential for the region’s future.

Elon Musk sounds like the name of a character from a novel that would invariably include the sentence, “he had not yet decided whether to use his powers for good or for evil.”

He is said to have been the inspiration for the character Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. in the “Iron Man” movies. He’s also been compared to Steve Jobs and even Thomas Edison.

The real Musk seems like a nice-enough chap, at least based on his ubiquitous appearances in TED talks and other venues.

Even the semidishy essay in Marie Claire magazine by his first wife, Justine, is mostly about the challenge to the marriage as Musk became very rich, very young, started running with a celebrity crowd and exhibited the monomaniacal behavior common to the entrepreneurial tribe.

A native of South Africa, Musk emigrated to Canada and finally to the United States, where he received degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School. He left Stanford’s Ph.D. program in applied physics after two days to start a business.
In 1995, he co-founded Zip2, an early Internet venture for newspapers. Four years later, he co-founded what would become PayPal. With money from eBay’s acquisition of PayPal, he started SpaceX. He also invested in Tesla Motors, the electric-car company, eventually becoming chief executive. Then there’s Solar City, a major provider of solar-power systems.

Musk has said that early on he sensed three major trends would drive the future: the Internet, the quest for sustainable energy and space exploration. He’s got skin in all three games.

At age 43, Musk is seven years younger than Jeff Bezos and more than 15 years younger than Bill Gates.

His achievements haven’t come without controversy. Tesla played off several states against each other for a battery factory. Nevada, desperate to diversify its low-wage economy, won, if you can call it that.

The price tag was $1.4 billion in incentives and whether it ever pays off for the state is a big question. A Fortune magazine investigation showed Musk not merely as a visionary but also a master manipulator with a shaky deal. Musk, no shrinking violet, fired back on his blog.

SpaceX is a combination of the practical and the hyperambitious, some would say dreamy.

On the practical side, the company is one of those chosen by the U.S. government to resupply the International Space Station. Musk also hopes to put 4,000 satellites in low-Earth orbit to provide inexpensive Internet access worldwide.

The satellite venture will be based here, with no financial incentives from the state.

But he also wants to make space travel less expensive, generate “a lot of money” through SpaceX, and eventually establish a Mars colony.

“SpaceX, or some combination of companies and governments, needs to make progress in the direction of making life multiplanetary, of establishing a base on another planet, on Mars — being the only realistic option — and then building that base up until we’re a true multiplanet species,” he said during a TED presentation.

It’s heady stuff. And attractive enough to lead Google and Fidelity Investments to commit $1 billion to SpaceX.

Also, in contrast with the “rent-seeking” and financial plays of so many of the superwealthy, Musk actually wants to create jobs and solve practical problems.

If there’s a cautionary note, it is that market forces alone can’t address many of our most serious challenges. Indeed, in some cases they make them worse.

Worsening income inequality is the work of the hidden hand, unfettered by antitrust regulation, progressive taxation, unions and protections against race-to-the-bottom globalization.

If the hidden costs of spewing more carbon into the atmosphere are not priced in, we have today’s market failure exacerbating climate change. Electric cars won’t fix that as long as the distortions favoring fossil fuels remain.

So a broken, compromised government that’s cutting research dollars and failing to invest in education and forward-leaning infrastructure is a major impediment.

The United States did not reach the moon because of a clever billionaire, but through a national endeavor to serve the public good. I know, that’s “so 20th century.” 

Also, as Northwestern University economist Robert Gordon might argue, visionaries such as Thomas Edison grabbed relatively low-hanging fruit, with electrification creating huge numbers of jobs. 

Merely recovering the lost demand of the Great Recession has proved difficult. Another electrificationlike revolution that lifts all boats seems improbable.

I’m not sure that’s true. But it will take more than Iron Man to rescue the many Americans still suffering.

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Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future

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Taking off the blindfold



I want to explain to everyone what is going on right now all across our planet. This is not going to be an easy task, as much of what I have to say is goin...

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Time Walkers – We Are the Living Keys of DNA Activation’s Across the Grid of Life


3 November 2011

Channeler: Lisa Gawlas

These last few days have been intense both within my biology as well as within my consciousness. I am going to do my best to explain in detail not only what happened, but also, the fullne...

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Incredible! Alien Visitation Proof: The Most Amazing Ancient Objects in the World!


Article structured by Steph, Weburbanist.com / Completions and Additions by Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com  

They’re evidence of extraterrestrial visitation, time travelers or lost civilizations like Atlantis &nd...

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Anything and Everything is Now Possible

{mainvote} 5 January 2011 - 1:33am |  Brenda Hoffman


Brenda Hoffman

Welcome to Brenda's Blog Posted: 04 Jan 2011 01:39 PM PST Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry Creations.com Dear Ones, You have entered ye...

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A Breath of Sunshine

Posted: 15 Sep 2010 09:41 AM PDT

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry Creations.com

Dear Ones,

Is life not feeling like a breath of sunshine? Are not all, if not most, of your concerns fading to nothingness or moving int...

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Have you ever had the feeling of being TOTALLY isolated? You know, the Remy syndrome? Actually, when I was still a SciFi addict, I once read a book like this, and fantasized about experiencing it myself. Never thought that today would be the day....  In seventeen minutes or so, Laura will be leaving too, leaving the house empty but for me and the smaller beings like insects.

Having written Make It Real recently, I remeber still very vividly that insects might very well be remote temporally controlled surveillance cams, wirelessly transmitting their visuals to whatever location in time or space. Some might be afraid of cameras, but my clinging to a certain lady means her affinity to the cameras has rubbed off on me, thus leaving me totally at ease.

All keys to my home are either in my posession, or with family I trust fully. So no  one can come in except by brute force or stealth. And being a programmer, I Know Brute Force: it is the weakest solution to any programming problem named such because of its ineffectiveness. Stealth is not much better, because it only relicates the natural built-in meekness protection of the Cosmos, and so is only even a weaker weakness protection, that is one-sided. So I am not afraid. 

Speaking of RAID: my laptop is a Raid5 Acer One, so no risk of losing valuable data there. Currently, both UPC and KPN have their access delivered to my Home, and they are reliable companies. Again, no reason to PANIC. Hmmm, that's what I told the first boss I wanted to work for. I sent him a card with a big red button on it, to indicate it was still two years before he'd see me again. DON'T PANIC, it said below....

Watching  Paycheck I also find I am extremely confident that I am equally as intelligent as Michael Jennings, who made the Time Viewing Device for his boss. Having redesigned the system, he was so intimately familiar with it, he could figure out how to circumvent a memory wipe from the future, to get his loving arms around the warm blooded killer of Bill Gates. So, I should theoretically be able to close any gates leading to Hell should they have the audacity to open up.

In fact, the extreme calmness around me has given me wings! It feels like everybody has been warned that the Big Genius is @ Work down under, but I could do with that bit of musical interlude while I make myself a nice Latte Machiato....

Just one stokpaardje to ride here: I'd rather applaud the WOMEN@WORK.....

Love'm All, 


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