Warm and loving greeting to everyone!

I am addressing everybody to start LOVE MOMENTUM NOW! and let the Oceans of Peace and Blessing Eternally pulsate infinitely in our hearts... What is worth to be learn and for our soul to complete the journey, fuel it with giving and serving, the reward of energy we produce is enormous and star is born boundless POWER Beutiful and Fullfilled.

No matter where ever you are, to kiss and hug your family, friends and love ones with a small notes saying "You are love!"
To love our family and close friends are the most difficult as they are reflecting us, and will force us to look at everything about us that is not loving and then they stretch us into learning to love more.

The truth about being free is when no external 'scene' would be able to disturb us internally. (I am aware that most of viewers here are more advance than me, I am writing to share thoughts and those who would like to share theirs are most welcome! tq )
To understand everything that occurs in our conscious life is predicated on the psycho-emotional patterns we hold onto internally.
I strongly believe in clearing our energy centers on our body at least 30 mins a day meditations, to keep intouch with our inner self.

Lets starts with ourselves and than our family, friends and everyone! although everybody have their path to complete before they could reach their higher self, we can help them or the least we could do is share our LOVE EVERGY and SPREAD it!

"Loveina, Loveina, you are light i sought, Loveina, Loveina, you are my heavenly strength, fill my soul with boundless joy...Loveina, Loveina dwell within my soul for eternity, shower me with heavenly LOVE, give me the strength to love all man kind!"

Please support this momentum, you dont have to spend anything, and by giving pure and true love you will receive more in return!

Lots of LOVE! hugs and kisses from me....

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thank you very much.

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