Dear one
Much light has once again been delivering
The consciousness of christ
Upon the shores of time and the shores
Of non-time…

This light of purification is now effecting
All things on your beloved planet…
All forms of life are being purified
By the divine waters of grace….
This may be known to you as a “bubbling effect”…
There are rumblings and  earthquakes
Desiring to be released
Thru your bodies at this now moment
Yes….you are one with your mother earth
And she is preparing along with you
To “move into her new dimension
Of love and light”…
Flow with them…dear one
Flow with them…allow the bubbles to arise
And burst
For they will bring much clarity and wisdom
Long remembered
With each allowance of the “burst”
Thus allowing your Mother Earths
Transistion to be softer and gentler
For all upon her…

These bursts are simply old beliefs…
Thoughts and beliefs held deep…deep
Within your sub conscious which are
Ready to be released and let go of….
This is an “inner journey”
Know this dear one…
Any reaction to “any moment”
Is coming from within you
And it is yours to embrace
And bring within
To this shared heart of love….
All…all is transmuted and made whole again
Thru this very process…
So…dear one…do not hold back…
Allow the rumblings and inner quakes
To arise….
Embrace them…
Bring them within to our shared heart
Where all will be made “new again”
You see
You NOW have the power of your full Self
Within you
It is the very power of love ….
The only true power there is…
What is bubbling up
For you to remember and recognize
Within yourself
Is that anything other than
The power of love…
The presence of love
Is not real
And is holding you back
From your greatness…your divinity…
This very divinity is alive and well
Within you now
And if you will simply bring all unlike
What love is
I will
All you need do is embrace them
And bring them home to love…
This is a truth yet it must be practiced
To be re-alized….
Love’s perfect solution
Is within you now
As it was before you took
The thought of separation
From me…
All the reading and seeking
Will not actualize this truth for you…
It is for you to re-discover it
And then to take the action
Of “doing it”….
For you are love
And love always
Seeks itself…
Come within and find me there…
The voice of love…
Love is the answer to all things…
You simply have not remembered what
True love is….
It is the very power within you
That if remembered again
Will transform all things
If they are embraced “by you”

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