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Gaia Portal ~ Planetary Burdens Unveil And Dissolve ~ September 11 2017

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TRUE SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION ~ Arcturian Group May 21 2017 Galactic Federation of Light

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Gaining the Strength to Reach Your Limitless Potential

The stroke of midnight is here. Prepare yourselves for a quantum leap in consciousness. …..What is next for us cosmically? The huge Mayan shift back in 2012 has definitely left us with something to think about, but is anyone really aware of just what that shift filled with subtle nuances entails? How do we identify with anything subtle in this not-so-subtle world?Why aren’t we seeing the effects of a shift in the world? Doesn’t it feel as if things have just gotten far w [...]

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SaLuSa 13-May-2011


It is commendable to take on the burdens of other people, but you must give sufficient time for your own development. It is vitally important that you continue to hold your focus on this final run in, as to the whole purpose of what y...

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The Sirian Councils of Light, Love is the Choice


27 April 2011

Channeler:  Ray Dawn

Hello to you, it is the Sirian Councils of Light and Truth Eternal to speak with you in this way..

We are here to bring tidings of Joy to each of you, to each of your heart spac...

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The Angels of the Energy Fields, Birth this Oneness


20 March 2011 Channeler:  Ray Dawn

Dear Ones, we are the Angels of the Energy Fields.

We are here to be with you in this way to speak of you as fields of energy. We, like you, exist as energy within the cosmic arena. ...

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Accepting A Celebration of You!

a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

Sunday, 5 December, 2010  (posted 21 December, 2010)

Celebrate the holidays, celebrate who you are!  This was a channel that was filled w...

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In the Now…. or is it?

Cheered along, I pull the door closed behind me. The ladies are awake, but their schedule is a bit more relaxed than mine.

Laura will have to be on the train by eight thirty, armed with my netbook to do her homework on the train home. No, I've no...

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The Temple of the Dolphins

We come forth from the watery depths of the river of your souls and the inner abyss of your being.  We come forth to help you breathe deep.  Forget about your humanness and breathe deep with your heart entering a place of pure joy.  you sit upon the shoreline watching the other aspects of yourself play, For too long you keep yourself in suits and zippers and shoes when the very Being within you just wants to be set free. 

Many of you have worked in the 'Temples of the Dolphins in ancient Lemurian and Atlantis.   The sea is a part of the very fabric of your being it lives within you.  Your blood and glands pulse with the Sea from time immortal. Listen within for the Ancient Ocean breaking on the walls beneath the cliffs  Hear the sound of the birds and your heartbeat as we (the dolphins) escort you back into time, a time when you were more fluid, a time when you were bendable, more pliable. Let us swim you into a time when you enjoyed every inch of your body and your life. 

The energy of play is something that you have forgotten as you are so busy being grown up, so busy being official, so busy acting the title of your job, the title of your name, but not the 'title of your soul'.  We ask you to strip down and let the glistening essence of your celestial Dolphin come out.  Do not come out in fear of being slaughtered or being made into tuna, do not come out in fear of being in toxic waters or toxic shame.  Do not come out unless you are willing to be free, free of what haunts you, free of what burdens you, free of what keeps you in between the lines of your life.

Open up your chakras allow us to align them.  Imagine one of us from your dolphin star family, standing in front of you, body to body, chakra to chakra, heart to heart, as we blend and become One you are set free from your human constraints.  You have forgotten how simple life is, you have forgotten that all of your needs will and shall be met when you fully believe it is so.  You have forgotten about all the original love that birthed you, This love is fluid and free moving as are we; it is not to be locked away or boxed up kept on a shelf for a rainy day. It is to be shared with everyone and anyone. You have forgotten to acknowledge your brethren in the same part of the sea that you live, in your neighborhood, in your city in your country, they too are your family. 

In Mother Ocean there are no fences, no walls nor doors to keep anything out or anyone in, everything is a part of the One Ocean.  We have no enemies in the ocean because we believe it is so.  Even those that would like to make us prey, do not – because our intention is as such.  We believe we are not endangered from man, from sharks, from the larger members of our own families.  And it is so. 

We are not here for ourselves, nor have we ever been.  We are here for you.  Eventually (sooner than you realize) you will come to a point of realization that you are within all species and all species are within you, then there will be no need for us to continue our teachings in physical form.  The evolutionary patterns will shift into the next notch.   We are the dolphins.  We leave from this body, but we stay with you.  Remember our words.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - PO box 217 - Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 - www.thequantumawakening.com thequantumawakening@hughes.net

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The Great Staircase

It is I, Kuthumi who greets you once more on the vibration of love, of Light, of all in creation. There are many levels of creation, some may call them dimensions of creation. I can tell you that the levels of the various dimensions were created to help mankind to ascend. You could think of them as sign posts to show the way to God’s staircase. Each dimension another step toward you becoming all that is.

I have spoken recently of your levels of creation as you enter another year in your time and experience. Some of you understand the power you have always possessed within – the power to create with love – correct love. Correct love. Let me ask you, what is it you consider to be correct love? Do you feel being true to your loved one a correct love? Or taking care of a loved one who is ill, is that correct love? Lovingly polishing your prized vehicle, do you consider this correct love? What do you consider to be correct love?

I can tell you that each of these examples are correct providing you are excreting true love from your heart. That you are also experiencing joy and gratitude for the experience.

If you are looking after another because you feel you have to, or it is your duty, then that is not correct love, no. It is a burden to you. A burden which can easily grow to resentment and anger which will taint your heart and Soul. Over time you will grow bitter, resentful and when you look in the mirror you will wonder how you grew so many lines on your face. How? It was from what you saw as a burden, what you experienced as resentment which grew in your mind until it became dark and consumed your thoughts and days. Your shoulders bent over with the heaviness and your face portrayed it all. Any love was stifled by what you focused on – burdens, anger, resentment.

Correct love is given freely, not from a sense of duty or pressure from another. That is why I gave the example of lovingly caring for a special vehicle, one that is special to you. For in that caring is also gratitude – and this is the key to correct love – gratitude. When there is gratitude, when you can give thanks for someone or something, then you have gratitude. You have brought your love into balance. Gratitude cannot survive in possessiveness. For possessiveness is born of fear. Fear of loss, fear of betrayal, fear you will be hurt and lose what you give your love to. Therefore, there is no gratitude.

Gratitude promotes a freedom, an expansion of love. When you are possessive, the love is smothered and can become a burden to you, a burden of inadequacy of yourself. Deep within you do not love yourself so how can others love you, care for you? You feel you are not worthy. Yet you crave affection. Because you are so focused on receiving affection from another, you will draw a person into your life who is able to give you the affection and love you desire. But your dark thoughts of fear soon turn into possession as your inner fear grows stronger and darker. Your fear becomes the burden.

This is one example which is very large on the emotional body of your planet – fear of giving love – fear of receiving love. This is the one area all must overcome to enable you to climb another step on the Great Staircase. Until you can give and receive love freely, you will not progress forward. This is not a difficult step. Begin to look through the eyes of gratitude instead of wishing and wanting more. First be thankful for what you have. Take time to experience the joy in what you have. It was what you wanted once.


This will lead you to a correct intent. Your intent as you go through life will be to enjoy all. To take pleasure in all things, no matter how small that pleasure may be.

It is this emotion of pleasure, the intent, the expectation of knowing you can find pleasure within which will bring Universal abundance to you.

The pleasure you find may be the blue sky, a simple flower, a soft blade of grass, or realizing your own worth, your own will to overcome adversity, your healthy working body, or feeling the Light in your Soul. The recognition is the pleasure. The knowing you will find something of pleasure is your intent, your knowing.

Many are experiencing diverse levels of emotional relationship. Some are difficult, even painful. You wonder why this must be so. How you will endure. Difficult situations can be overcome with a correct intent, correct attitude and correct love. Work through these levels to a release of emotion. You can then come to a place of inner peace. First, a correct intent. Your intent is a release of the emotion and the situation. It is important you create a strong intent with no doubt or fear. Be strong in your wish that you will overcome the situation and the attached emotions within yourself. You are not responsible for another. I speak of you only. This first step may require repetition. For example each time you experience inner anger, fear or pain remind yourself of your intent – that you will overcome your emotions and therefore take control of your part in the situation.


This creates a correct attitude. You accept that you will overcome and rebalance your inner peace. You will take personal responsibility for your own actions, emotions, words and attitude. In this you connect to your own Soul Power. You may need a correct action in taking personal responsibility. You may need to apologize or to put your view forward. The correct action may be to leave, to walk away. Sometimes you see a different person than you did previously. You may have created a false illusion of a person in your mind. Created them how you wished them to be. When you see the totality of the person there can be disappointment. As you pause and reflect, you will see that this is not how you thought they were. Take personal responsibility that you created a different image of the person. Since it was not correct in it’s totality, how could the other person live up to your image of them? It was your image. Not necessarily the other person’s totality of how they are.


In this understanding there is growth, there is gratitude. Gratitude that you can now see and understand the relationships in a different way, through different eyes.

You are now free to take correct action. To once more pause and decide what you choose to do. With the emotion of gratitude, you also activate your Soul through your Higher Self.

In this way you are able to give correct love. You may choose to walk away, but you are still able to send the other person correct love for their journey. In this you experience the freedom of Soul, of unconditional love.

This is one of the final steps for mankind to complete and to work through. To understand and to practice in your daily levels of life. As you grow stronger in your Soul Power of self, you will see with a new understanding, a new intent and in this there is gratitude – for your journey, and the part others played in awakening you to overcome your inner fears and doubts. It is through these difficult experiences you endure, that your greatest growth can occur. Then you climb another step on the Great Staircase.

Master Kuthumi

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Transformational Times Energy Forecast – It’s ‘GO’ Time

20 March 2010 - 9:52pm
Channeler: Emmanuel Dagher

Hello my miraculous friend!

Can you feel the energy of excitement in the air? We are officially now in 'GO' mode as we enter the equinox, especially since Mars went direct several days ago after being in retrograde for over three months. These past few months have been such a blessing in that they gave us the opportunity to pause and reflect within ourselves, releasing all of the old illusions and blocks we identified with that no longer serve us as we move forward. Although at times it didn't feel comfortable, if we take a look back, we notice that in these past months a massive expansion occurred within us emotionally, mentally, & spiritually, more so than ever before. We were literally pushed to our limits (core level) it seems in order for the most authentic aspect of ourselves to emerge.

The theme now is all about gigantic movement forward. For those who have been doing their inner-work, get ready for what you've been envisioning and working towards to start showing up in your life experience. Everything will seem to 'click' in place while many wonderful opportunities will present themselves to you, some completely out of the blue and unexpected, so it's important to remain present and aware enough to recognize them as they are happening. With this big thrust forward and the downloading of solar flares (light from the sun that comes into earth's atmosphere and raises its vibration) we will notice more people awaken to their authentic nature. These people will look to those who have long been on this awakened path for guidance, so those who work in areas of personal development, get ready for your services to be in high demand. For those who are still having a tough time, just take a deep breath and let the Universe relieve you of all burdens. If you continue to carry them, they will get heavier and heavier until you have no choice but to let them go. The sooner you are willing to release the doubts, worries, fears, sarcasm, resentments, negativity, false pretenses, etc... you have created, the quicker you will align yourself with the current miraculous flow of the Universe, opening yourself up to positive experiences beyond your wildest expectations.

How will this movement forward affect us globally? In the coming months, well-known figures, big businesses, systems, agendas, and industries that have been operating covertly without integrity will have a very difficult time keeping things hidden from the public any longer, especially with the current influx of energies. As things become more transparent, these old energies will begin to shift out making way for an abundance of new technologies and conscious businesses to emerge. We will also see a big advancement in the coming together of all walks of life with the intention to bring unity, tolerance, peace, and positive change to the world on a deeper level. Although at times things might seem a bit chaotic, trust that everything we are witnessing is a necessary part of the cleansing and integration process laying the foundations for the new earth love/unity matrix to emerge. Staying focused on compassion, respect, and love will greatly assist us in manifesting our most desired life experience at this time, with the full support of the Universe by our side. Hibernation time is over for now.

Buckle up your seat belts, it's going to be an exciting and extraordinary ride these next several months, especially this summer!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,

Emmanuel Dagher

©2010 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved

You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts with others as you feel guided!

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A Life of Joy, Living in the Moment

Shelly Dressel

This channel had a number of interesting energies, the essence of which is learning how to live in the moment.As you are aware, your past is over, your future has not arrived; all you truly have is this moment.  When you are seeking to manifest or create within your life, you can only do so through the moment in which you are living.  Do you have a story, something that represents the experiences that have in some ways defined your life so far?  It could be based on pain and suffering, perhaps a time when you did or experienced something marvelous.  The point though is that your life today is focused upon what happened in the past.  Until you let go of whatever it may be that happened, you will be remain in a place of resistance. 

What is compassion?  Can you look at your life and accept that it is that it is? When you infuse compassion into your life you open to even greater potentials. Therefore you may keep the memories but you let go the energies that tie you to the past.  For many people if you take away their ‘story' they feel cut off and adrift.  So open to feel the true you that lives behind or beneath your ‘story'.   

Lastly if you choose to have joy become the focus of your life, everything that you are seeking will come with greater ease.  And if the perception is that it's not... then at least you can have fun along the way!!  I'm told time and again by the Goddess that we humans take our lives and ourselves too seriously.This is a reminder to find joy in whatever way that we can and allow it to flow through our lives.


Nama sika; venia benya      I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family.  I welcome you with open arms to our time together.  I reach out to each person who is here; I say to you welcome.  I thank you for taking the opportunity to reach out and align with me.  I thank you for seeking to create a transition within your life and doing so with me. 

I feel as if there is such a glorious light and energy that is moving in to the Earth plane at this time.  You hear constantly about the transitions that are taking place; you hear constantly about vortexes of light and energy.  You hear about things that are happening to people in various ways, shapes, forms.

All of it is real; all of it is a part of the experience that people are having.  It is this and even more.  We have spent the last few weeks speaking about Ariellis.  Feeling her energies; feeling what it is to you and recognising how much everybody is having an impact upon how that planet is going to be used in the future. 

The greater ease that you have in flowing your energies from here where you are on Earth onto Ariellis creates more and more pathways of transition.  This is what is creating the greater ease.  There is more going on than what you realise. 

I have spoken of Ariellis as a separate planet from yours, which it is. I have spoken of it as something that you transition towards or into.  You leave your planet and go to that one, as indeed you can.  Part of what is occurring as a result of what everyone here is doing, plus all the others who are working with this energy, is that it is creating a better alignment that allows for Ariellis and the Earth to blend as if one is superimposed upon the other or perhaps to consider it as if one is manifesting within.  There's not an in and an out, an up or a down, although it makes it easier for each of you to have a greater understanding by thinking of it in those terms.  For yourself, consider what that means to you.  

With that we will begin to shift our consciousness.  Have a sense of taking one more deep breath so that you may breathe down within you as the human, as you do so have a sense then of releasing your physical body.  As you release allow your consciousness to expand it very easily moves into the space of the magnetic grid. As you arrive here within this space look around and recognise the space of your higher self.

It is a place for your expanded consciousness.  It is a place for your awareness.  Feel it as if it's very comfortable to you.  Have a sense of moving from there into the crystalline grid.  As you feel your energies move within the crystalline, feel yourself releasing the magnetic pull of the Earth.  It is as if the crystalline vibration is so familiar and so comfortable to you now; this it simply is you. It is your space.  You need not reach out as if you step into something that is not your own.  

I have commented many times on how much the crystalline grid has shifted. I know that you are each very well aware of this.  I invite you though, to stop or take in this moment.  Feel what it means to you to be within this space.  I get a sense that many of you allow your energy field to be cleansed.  You open up your senses and take in whatever perceptions are here for you.  And I think what is happening is that as you continue your transition into a crystalline biology, whenever you come in to the gridwork or this space, it's a time of using the vibration to clear out debris, to clear out old energy, to clear out anything you are ready to release.

Soak it up and take in you as you are more connected within yourself.  From here you may have a sense of shifting into a separate dimension; allow yourself to move into the soul plane. As you come within this space, feel what it is or see or sense what it's like as you look at your divinity. 

You come here consistently therefore your divinity is here ready and waiting for you.  You need only open your senses and take in whatever information is here for you.  Allow yourself to blend fully with your divinity, so that you will remember what it is to be here fully aligned. You remember that inner knowing of how good it feels.

You are integrating more and more of your consciousness within this space. I the Goddess move in and amongst you and as I do so I reach out to embrace each one of you.  As we merge, we move into the All That Is.  Feel what this is to you.  Feel your expansion; feel as if you're reaching out your arms and expanding.  Let this space support you.  

Whenever we come together for these journeys, I reach out to each of you and get a sense of what you are interested in doing for the journey.  As I reach out to align with you there is a very strong sense of people feeling as if they have been in limbo or as if they have been awaiting something that has as yet not arrived.

In your human reality many, many things can get in the way of manifesting what you seek to have.  Sometimes it might be the vibration that you emanate and that is a reflection of your thoughts, your emotions, your intentions.  There is always resistance. I hear over and over from people that they want something so bad, they want it, they've wanted it for so long, so why hasn't it happened?  This is a form of resistance.  

Other times people are seeking to have something within their life and perhaps there's a sense of them that says ‘hey, that would be nice but I don't know if it's for me'. That is a form of resistance.  Indecision - do I want it or do I not?  This is a form of resistance.  It could go on and on.  And it may be that as I'm speaking there is something within what I say that resonates with you.  It may be that nothing in that form resonates with you; you have moved into a different place.

Whatsoever it is, I say let's just bring it up while we're here within the All That Is.  Let's begin by bringing up one thing or perhaps a series of things if it takes a series to get to the end result.  But bring into your consideration something that you would like within your life.  As you think about whatever this might be, let it come in with as much energy as you can come up with.  

Make it as real for you as you can.  The more real that this becomes, the more you have to create an alignment with.  Consider as if you are a third party, as if you are separate from yourself, and you see yourself where you are right now and you see where you would like to be.  There are threads of energy and light that move back and forth.  You may have one or two thin little threads; others have as if a solid wall of energy that aligns you with whatever it is that you seek to have.

Here in the place of creation, allow yourself to consciously release anything that may be getting in your way.  You may know very well what it is, you may not have a clue. It matters not. Simply let go and allow yourself to step into what you seek to have and as you're stepping into whatever this scenario may be, feel as if you reach out and you touch whatever it is. Feel as if you are talking, laughing, enjoying the moment because it's here, it's happened.  I hear some of you saying ‘finally'.  So you take it in.  You allow.  

Let that slide away from you.  As you do so you may have a sense of sending it downward. So that it comes into and around you in your physical place.  As it moves into wherever you are there may be a need to send out threads of energy that link whatever your creation is from you to whomever it whatever it may be so those threads of energy and light move out from your physical reality. 

There, it's done, it's complete!  It's as if there was a burden or an energy that was there almost like sitting on your back or sitting in your consciousness as if it was keeping you from being able to look at other things until you completed that. It's done, so release it as if you are blowing out a big breath of air; just release it and let go and clear out any of those old particles of energy or light.  

This is now a time when you can think about what's fun.  How much fun do you have in your life?  How much joy is there in your daily activities?  Let yourself feel as if you are soaring through the Universe simply for the joy of it.  Feel what it is to let your consciousness expand in every direction just because.  What would it be like to live without expectation; to live without the burden of having to ‘heal' something, ‘fix' something, ‘do' something? 

What is your life if all you need to do is feel joy?  In this moment as you are here in the All That Is or soaring throughout the Universe as some of you did, let joy come up even bigger and more expanded than it was.  As if you are riding upon a wave, as if joy is limitless.  And as you feel this joy moving through you, let go anything else, let go of anything except the feeling of joy.  

What a relief that is!  It's a relief to feel that deep of a sense.  It's a relief to let go  those burdens you've been carrying around.  It's a relief to let go of the expectation that you have had.  Oh boy, life without expectation.  As you consider life without expectation or without anything except to be in a space of joy, it transitions many, many things or opportunities.  Let us shift onto Ariellis again.

Having released in such a way and then aligned yourself with joy, what is your perception of this space? Um hmm, joy is the foundation of the energy for Ariellis.  Living without the same kind of rigid guidelines is another experience here.  I so very much love the human experience because I find I am seeing it already, that if there is a total space of joy or lack of expectation, people consider it boring. People say ‘well, what do we do with ourselves?' 

It's as if simply existing and emanating who you are is not enough; you need more. And that's okay. Because that is so much a part of what the human experience is upon the Earth it's okay to let that be a part of your life.  But I invite you to come here and have a hiatus; take those little mini vacations.  Be in this space of Ariellis where you can walk around, you can experience your life, you can practice whatever it is that you may want to practice, then take it all back into your daily life.

As you stand here upon the surface of Ariellis and as you're looking around, ask to look with your inner eyes just to see the earth.  What is your perception?  Does it give you some assistance in expanding your perception by viewing it in this manner?  You may look around at the Universe.  You may have a sense that there is so much energy moving towards and around the Earth at this time.  Here from within the space of Ariellis, you put forth the intention to align with whatever that energy is and you can feel it coming within you.  

As you align with whatever this energy may be, feel how it gives you a sense of vitality.  Feel how it strengthens and enhances everything that is you. Let this flow through you as these energies are making their way onto or into the Earth.

As you think about your life.  You have your story; you have a lot of drama or a little drama.  As you look around, how is that story impacting you within this place?  It has had a significant affect upon you in your time on Earth.  Sometimes even when you go beyond Earth, returning back within your I AM presence, it still has an affect upon you.  There are many, many things that seem so intense and so important to you in your daily life. Yet when you take a step back, it's a little blip, it's a little bump.  

As you stand or move through this space where joy, love, awareness is the foundation, and where you are without any structure; have a new perspective for the drama experiences of your life.  Sometimes this will give you a greater clarity that will help you understand.   Other times it may help you to see it's much better to let it go, just drop it, just let it go. Breathe in awareness.  Breathe in understanding.  Breathe in complete love and acceptance.  This is you.  This is you all the way down to the smallest particle, all the way up through your physical being and beyond.  Breathe and allow.

Do you have a sense of how Ariellis is beginning to feel much like the All That Is or the crystalline grid or the soul plane?  It is as if the energies as they overlap are blending and creating alignments that allow for there to be a greater ease in moving, moving your consciousness, moving your awareness, shifting energies.  The more that you are in the moment, allowing your focus to be here within this space and allowing yourself to feel the joy, the easier it is to shift. 

Come with me; feel yourselves for a moment, here in Ariellis and then feel the soul plane.  Look around, have a sense.  It is different.  There are similarities.  Shift into the crystalline grid; feel the huge variation of energy that is represented here. From there shift back into the All That Is; feel this too as each of these have had their very subtle differences. 

And then reach towards the Earth.  Because you are human, because you are living upon the Earth, you get the greatest differences in perception.  Look at how much of these higher vibrational energies infuse more and more of the Earth-bound reality.  What would you like to see for yourself? The joy and the awareness of being who you are; just simply you are that you are. This allows you to experience a greater and greater depth. 

So coming back around into the All That Is, you have the ability to shift as easily as that anytime that you seek to do so.  You have the ability to let go the drama of your life.  You have the ability in each moment to be focused upon a joyful existence and then everything else falling into line from there.  Yes, this can be your reality!

So with that, come back together as a group.  See this hologram of the Earth.  You see the hologram of Ariellis.  But this time it's as if there is a sense of all that various energy that is coming from the Universe also coming into these holograms.  It is all related. It all has a sense of alignment.  As you allow your energies to be transmitted into the hologram, infuse the energy or shall I say infuse the knowledge that you have within your life what you seek to have.  If there is anything less than that, breathe in the joy and consciously release resistance. 

Do you see how the holograms transition as I speak of this?  It's as if they reflect the varying light and energy as each of you shifts your consciousness and your intention.  See it with the holograms and so too that is what occurs upon the Earth. It is much more than what you realise.  It is also much simpler than what you anticipate.

So release these holograms; allow them to move through.  They move in every direction, moving out through the Universe, moving down around the physical Earth, around Ariellis and they are actually moving through each one of you.  Feel yourself as if you are looking down or looking inward, then open to ask is there a message.  Feel it, allow it, experience it.

Allow your consciousness to begin to move back into the soul plane.  You pause there for a moment and then you shift your focus into the crystalline grid. As your energy flows through the gridwork it comes into contact with the magnetic grid.  Here once more you feel the pull of the Earth; you feel the pull of the gravity.   But it is different, it is shifting.

Allow yourself to continue to move downward.  Feel as your consciousness fully returns within your physical body. As it comes back within your physical body, adjust your shoulders, your back, your head your neck; whatever it may be.  Breathe deeply breathing all the way down within yourself.  As you do so you begin to anchor these energies.  You anchor the consciousness of joy.  You anchor how it feels to have let go the drama or the story of your life; you anchor how it is to live in the moment and allow joy to be your guidance.

You also anchor once more what you created at the beginning but look - there are subtle changes, because now you have let go your story or your drama.  Allow that all to flow through you; experience it for what it is.  Continue to anchor your energies. Continue to allow yourself to come back within your physical body and as you do so you are welcome to come back within this room. 

I open to receive any questions that you may have.  You may press *7 upon your phone and that will put you into the queue so that I may speak with you.  As we await the first person I invite you to also focus upon feeling joyful in this moment.

Question: I would like to know what would be most beneficial for my continued spiritual growth at this time.

Answer: Alright beloved, as I'm linking with you I get a feeling of  a couple of different things I'd like to share.  First of all, you are much further along your path than you give yourself credit for.   I have a sense as I'm looking at you that there are so many ways you receive communication and so many ways that you communicate with your divinity, with your angels, with your higher vibration.  Then when it comes into your human self, she is not always picking up on or realizing that is where that is coming from.  So it feels to me that the  next step you are taking is to first of all acknowledge that you have already done a great deal of education on and within yourself.  By accepting and acknowledging that it will take you on the next step of your journey which is to have a human personification of all this ability that you have.  Does that make sense to you at all?

Yes it does, I do feel that.

We feel also that you don't need to do as much of the external work as you do creating of the alignment.  What we mean is that if you take a class; by all means do so for the joy and fun of it.  But don't feel you have to take a certain number of classes, take a particular course or get a particular attunement; you don't have to do any particular process. You need only do what feels good and then open to the acceptance of that. Beloved, as I'm saying, you are much further along than you realize. 

Thank you.

You are very welcome. Whew!  We felt this surge of energy go through as you said that thank you.  It was as if you opened and accepted at that moment and then a surge went moving through you.  So we simply say be open and allow.

Question: Hello Goddess?  With tonight's channeling I would like to ask how much it has helped my physical body with its transition. 

Answer: it feels as if you physical body is holding onto old energies of this lifetime.  By that I mean if feels like there has been a great deal you've gone through physically, mentally, emotionally; your physical body that has manifested the emotional and mental trauma or experiences also.  What I saw you doing tonight during the journey as you were letting go of the pathway you have been upon.  You were letting go of your story. You were letting go of the past in essence, what you were doing was also creating a shift in your molecular structure so that it could allow you to manifest a more healthy, but that's not really the word we want.  We see your body as more crystalline.  It's as if in the integration of the crystalline body you are releasing and letting go of more and more of the density. You have already done a great deal of it.  You are in the stage of integrating further and further what you seek to have in the future. Does that resonate with you?

I hope so!

It doesn't feel that way to you? Even with this journey tonight?

I can feel my molecules vibrating very good.  I've done so much work and I've felt lately a couple symptoms that have thrown me off track. 

So those symptoms you are feeling that make you feel as if you are thrown off track, recognize that that is an occurrence that is happening simply to give you a heads up to reaffirm what you want to have, to reaffirm what you know you have within yourself.  You know right in this moment.  So if you forget at some point which is basically what happens when you get thrown off track; you acknowledge that experience for what it is and then you bring yourself back into balance once more.  We see that it is happening less and less often and when it does happen, you are coming out of it more quickly.  Is that your experience also?

Ummm, yes.

So that's the best way to look at it we believe; that feeling or that sense that you can come back into balance with greater and greater ease. 

Thank you.

Just one last thing, you are also living your life with greater and greater percentages of a balanced life.  

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Question: Goddess, I accepted an offer on my house and it looks like I have to be out by the 30th of this month.  I am wondering if my next step is exploring New Mexico.

Answer:  Let's see what we find for you.  We feel as if there is some resistance in you. We think its fear because you don't really know where you're going to go or what you are going to do.  This fear that we see as we look at you right now is holding you where you are rather than opening to potentials. So let me breathe with you for a minute beloved.  Let both of us just breathe in slowly and deeply.  As you are breathing within yourself, feel my energies as I merge with you.  As you breathe out, consciously let go the fear, let go the resistance, let go of anything.  (Shelly took a deep breath in and out.)  There, okay now it's much more open!  Now we have a sense of seeing several different opportunities.  As soon as we looked at you, we saw Oregon come up, we saw New Mexico come up, we saw LA, we saw the Sedona area like Flagstaff and then we even saw Colorado.  We felt as if from where you are, these shooting stars went out to multiple different places.  The sense we got from that is that you can choose any one of them to be your next place to go.  They all have potentials and opportunities.  So when you go back within yourself, when you think of what is joyful to you and what would make you happy to go do; let that be your guidance.  It feels to us as if you've been holding up a burden for a very long time and the burden is about to be released with the sale of your house.  That is the final closure.    

We sense the next step for you is about finding the place where you can just let yourself go.  You can let yourself relax, you can let yourself unwind.  It feels like there is a friend around you and you are staying with this friend.  She is someone who really knows you, she knows you deeply, deeply, deeply.  You don't have to be strong any more.  You don't have to do all these things. You will stay there at least a few weeks if not a month or even two months.  From there it feels like you can get a better balance of where you might decide to permanently move.  For the first step that's what it feels is going to happen. 

Is this my friend in Arizona, Prescott Arizona?  (In Flagstaff?)  No in Prescott, Arizona, my friend in Prescott Arizona. 

Okay, let's see.  It feels like that but it feels different.  Tell us her name and let us see if that gives us a better sense. 

Tory Bowen.

You know, it does not have a great resonance around it.  It feels like there's a potential, but it feels like there is someone else.  It's so hard to describe her!  To us it feels like she is very much in alignment with you, it feels like she is standing here with us right now.  It feels like.... Um.... We're asking her why hasn't she sent the invitation yet and it feels like she's been doing something or something was going on and she didn't realize you were so close to selling your house.  We're trying to get her name.  It's coming out like Anna or something like that.  We have a sense of dark hair, glasses and like she's jabber, jabber, jabber, jabber; she's talking a lot.  Anyway, we do feel some resonance around your friend in Prescott; it's just not a bright light resonance.  So we would say keep your resonance open.  Maybe go down through your address book and kind of revisit people who have been good friends to you.  It may be that you have kind of lost contact with her over the years, but it's the kind of friendship that is never fully gone away even if you don't talk to each other for a time.  We just sense that you will know.  We wish we could give you a better name or idea.  If indeed it is this friend in Prescott, then go for it.  Go for what YOU know to be your truth and your instinct.  Alright beloved?

Thank you very much.

You're welcome. We feel that with answers like that it's clear a mud!   We're sorry that sometimes that is the way it comes out, but that's the best we can do in certain circumstance. Sometimes days or a week or two needs to go by before more and more becomes apparent.  So give it that time and allow things to unfold as your best bet.  Alright beloved.

We had a bit smaller group tonight and it looks like we have called on everybody.  We ask you not to ask a question if you have done so recently, but please go ahead.

Question: Hi Goddess, I have a question.  Today I felt such overwhelming sadness that just goes to the depth of my being.  I noticed that this has been going on with me for a long time, it's getting stronger I think because I'm working with Shelly, things are coming up.  I have a really abusive mother and sometimes I feel such deep sadness.  I'll be going through the day and doing okay and all of a sudden I feel this wave that is so overpowering and it's getting stronger.  You know Goddess, I feel so broken, so dysfunctional. I'm wondering if you can help me with this.  

Answer: First of all beloved, let us reach out.  I am opening up my arms, we're reaching out our energy and I'm flowing my energy into and around you.  Let us first of all come in and create a space of support for you so that we can support you, can flow this energy; can help you let go of this deep sadness and pain you've been experiencing.  The next thing we want to do as you allow that to flow within you --- we know that you have been working a great deal with me and with the group as you work with Shelly--- but in the space where we are right now, we're going to work again with releasing any lingering energies that have to do with your mother; letting go anything at all that has to do with past experiences.  This journey in particular for you is very profound.  We think that is one reason you were feeling that sadness all day is because you were having an opportunity to let go that past experience.  As you are breathing deeply within yourself, you link to that story that you had in this lifetime, the experiences of this lifetime.  You release that. You step out of that book and into a new book, one of your creation, one that you start from scratch, one that begins right here, right now!  You are now going to be writing a book of your life that is filled with joy; every thought, every idea, every experience is based in joy.  As you move forward, if you have sadness or anything that lingers from the past, then recognize it is over, it is past, it is done! You are going to breathe in the choice that you are moving forward.  You are breathing in that you choose joy, you choose love, you choose a new beginning for yourself.  Can you feel those energies shifting beloved?

I feel the warmth coming through.  Sometimes it's so overpowering I ask the father to take me home because I just can't be here anymore.  It hurts so much and I just can't take it anymore.  In my heart, in my being, every cell is suffering.  It's just too painful to be here anymore Goddess. I'm so sorry.

So use this as a moment to release all of that.  Let it go, let it flow away from you.  Of course if you did choose to transition, God is here, Goddess we are always ready to receive you with open arms.  But we both see that you have a life that is filled with experiences of what it is like to be beyond this; of what it's like to be fully healthy and fully cognizant within yourself, for you to be in that space where your heart center is open and your love and awareness flows through your heart at all times.  So you are moving past this, you are moving through this, you are creating a new beginning. 

It's just so hopeless.  I got broken when I was young and I'm just not fixable.  You know I missed the beginning of your conference because it was playing music.  So when you did the releasing thing, I missed it.

Well, you still experienced it.  We talked about creating a new story for yourself.  Yes all of these things happened.  Yes they had a humongous impact upon your life.  But it does not have to be that way going forward from here.  You've done all the work, you've done a tremendous amount of work.  So remind yourself that you do have those moments when you feel good.  You do have the time when you feel things throughout you.  Let those moments be what grows bigger and bigger. 

What about this sadness?  It's so overpowering.  Why does it come upon me?

Because you are releasing it, because you are bringing it up.  As you continue to release the layers that held it intact, or held it to you;  it's as if it's an old memory or pattern that comes around.

Can you help release or clear whatever needs to be released so it can't hook on?

We don't have a sense of it hooking onto you anywhere. We don't know why you are feeling it so strongly today.  To us as we look at you and see you, we see you as a bright light that is there within you shining forth.  We see as if it's a small aspect or one or two aspects of you that feel that sadness or old lingering pain.  If anything, breathe within yourself with the conscious intention to align with the rest of you that you may release this energy and release this sadness.  You can do it and you are doing it. 

Thank you.  Do you see hope for me?

Always, there is always hope for everybody. 

Question:  It was a great experience for me tonight and my brain felt like a cell phone! Like it was going from one side to another.  Then I felt a pressure and pain in my gums.  I'm wondering if this problem or energy that is stuck there will be released now. I have a problem all the times since I exist. 

Answer:  You mean gums in your mouth? (Yes) It feels to us as we look at you as if, it's like those stories or those various life existences have been lingering with you or sticking to you more than what you realized.  It feels as if you've let them go and let them go, stepped outside; but yet something within you was still holding on, perhaps more than what you realized.  It felt like with this journey tonight you were releasing those last threads of something you had released before.  It feels when we look at you now as if there is much greater clarity.  Almost when you came back as if you said ‘well wait a second, who was that person, was that somebody different, was that my sister, was that somebody else?' It feels as if there was a much greater clearing as if a profound transformation has taken place.  As we look at you now, we see you with the much greater balance and awareness. 

Thank you, that's what I felt, that finally something was released. 

So coming back to your gums and teeth; it feels as if there has always been a sensitivity about that and it will continue. But it doesn't feel like it will be as painful as it was in the past. 

Thank you very much.

You're welcome!

All right beloved family, thank you as always for coming in and sharing this evening with me. As you are living your life I remind you to let go the drama, let go the story, let go the past existences that may keep you turning around and turning around in that same space. 

You have the ability to create your life. You have choices in your life, so open and allow those choices to be based on joy and based on love.

I am ever with you and within.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:  www.goddesslight.net

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The Hathor Consciousness on Accountability

Via Shellee-Kim Gold


We are the consciousness known as the Hathors. As we come to you this day we wish you greetings and good tidings upon all.

How is it that so many humans are able to live with themselves? There is such destruction of so much that lives in your realm. Much of that which has been seeded in service to humanity is constantly abused, corrupted, maimed or worse. We look upon this with great sorrow. Yet there is a profound teaching here for you ones upon earth.
And that is that looking the other way while others are involved in such atrocities does not mean you bear no responsibility for all that has occurred.

There are two important aspects to functioning and progressing within earth’s duality. The actions and reactions of the individual. And the actions and reactions of the collective.

Now being part of the collective means everyone gets to both enjoy the fruits of their labour and bears the burdens collectively.

To explain this more simply here’s one typical example of many in your recent history. The reaction to the American 9-11 attacks were a collective test for humanity, but in particular, for the people of the United States.
The choices collectively for the majority in that country were either to believe the lies put out by the media about the ‘terror attacks’ or rise questioningly beyond this in a revolt, of sorts, against the controlling elite, which would create a wave of awakening amongst the masses. And subsequently a unified force field amongst humanity. Allowing the plan for Light to flow earlier and easier.
Although a minority did see through this event and acknowledged the truth of such, collectively the choice was made by the majority of humanity to passively accept the lies posing as truth.

This was another measure by the dark elite to counter incoming light and set the US citizens and indeed the rest of the world into that selfsame state of terror and fear.

The collective reaction to these attacks brought about a different timeline. One that would delay the Light’s arrival further. And so this has since allowed for further manipulations of nations, economies, politics and greater control of the peoples of the world (even if these are cloaked in apparent freedoms). This has been the choice of the collective. And the lessons in collectively empowering a people have continued. For, unpleasant though it may be, this is how you learn.

Now, on a personal level. While there may be some amongst you who do rise to the challenge, who bear responsibility for their lives and question how they can expand themselves further, these ones are still in the minority. Even amongst those who call themselves Lightworkers.

It is heartening to see the diligence with which these ones apply themselves to the task at hand. They are indeed a light unto the world and are the teachers of your realm. For individually these ones have chosen to react to their lives in the manner most sought-after by their higher selves.

This is the individual reaction that allows for the ultimate forgiveness of that which occurs in the life and ultimately, the love and acceptance of the self. When coupled with a desire to be of service to others, this reaction can only be one that allows for and opens the choice (or lifeline/timeline) to reach and live the soul’s highest potential.

This is indeed beauty for us to behold, seen from our perspective. And it is our great privilege and grandest desire to see as many as is possible choosing this path.

There is an enormous amount of energetic turmoil at this time. Necessarily so. For it is forcing ones to consciously decide their own fates as never before on earth. Even in these last and final moments of the dying old earth.
Impetus is required to keep things going in all areas of existence at all times. There must be reasons for an occurrence of both a problem and a solution. Nothing occurs randomly. And there is always a push and a pull to allow for such.

We see there are many amongst you who feel let down at this time. Looking for someone or something to blame will be to no avail, beloved people, for are not all things of our own creation for our learning and advancement?

And while some of you may believe you are victims to ‘bad luck’ or ‘misfortune’ or the global recession, these are, in fact your own creations. Whether at the collective or personal level of creation.

Accountability is a great teaching for those in duality. And we are here to help with the recognition of such. But we cannot do for you, choose for you or ‘see’ for you.

Remember, there are none so blind as those who cannot (or will not) see.

May you be inspired to make choices that are of the way of the highest light. We are ever on standby for your call for help with this.

In service to the One and All
The Hathor consciousness

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