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No use fighting

It's not that I've given up, far from it. It's just that it feels futile in the sense that I could fight it till Kingdom come, but then that's just what is happening, right? Kingdom comes, not in the sense that we're getting another absolute ruler, but rather in the sense that we're becoming the absolute ruler. And a ruler, especially an absolute one, needs to know when enough is enough. So yesterday I rigorously rewrote my diet, switched to stuff like fruit and yoghurt instead of my more 'normal' diet. I full well know that it might be a shock to my systems, but it feels like enough is enough.

Never mind what my ex says, she's still very much into the mass consciousness at sheeple level, or so it seems. No offense, but in these matters, nobody is more qualified than me, because I'm hardwired to this body that I've known for well over 47 years now. And I say it's time!

Likewise the occasional dry spells at moorelife.nl. Seems like channeling land is all working on other things most of the time, because my supply lines are regularly drying up, leaving me the choice of going to find more, writing more myself, or just calling it enough is enough. None of these is better than the other, all is as it should be. So now I'm writing, and telling you to 'Just do It!' like Nike popularized it all these years ago.

Yes, I am writing, writing like crazy. And it feels like the One Thing To Do. Not sure yet if I'm sculpting, unveiling, or just making my mind go overtime fantasizing, but what's the difference? It's all good anyway, and that's immensely how it feels. With Dear Denisa and others cheering me on, how could I not feel like a million doing this? 212 pages and counting, so look out Half Blodd Prince! J.K Rowling had her moment in the spotlight, but without undue proudness I can safely say that this feels like the most awesome thing I've ever done, whether anyone ever likes it or not!

Off to work in half an hour, and you'd think that my willingness to work would be far gone with a pet project like that. Nothing is more beside the point! I cherish the day of work, with it's machine-driven forced contemplation moments, that have me drifting right back into Make It Real again. By nightfall there will no doubt be plenty of ideas to mold into adventures for Sander and Seda and their friends. Thank you also for guys like Tinus, a boy who is a friend of my daughters, and who has remarkable deep insights into the workings of Life. We volley with the concepts of the story every now and then, and I've even written him in, not as a personal favor, but simply 'because it feels right'.

My bicycle has been retuned again, and with its chain tensioned and the gears readjusted he runs like a million. I guess I owed him that for years of faithful service. All part of the master plan, which is unfolding at a rapid pace as far as I'm concerned. No need to fret, fear, or fumble the ball, this game is rapidly gaining terrain, and the endzone is approaching fast. Not even time to worry about the angry mob of broad shouldered jocks trying to pull me down, because I'm way ahead of them, and that ain't bragging (but just honest observation).  Touchdown coming up!

John's Mum said it: "The future is nothing but what we make of it!.....", and she was right. And if we all make our future the very best that we can possibly envision it, then our collective one has no other option than to follow suit, and be brilliant also! Just keep in mind to not willingly go against one another, and nothing and no one will be able to stop us. Sure, others may want you to do something, but since you're the one to do it, your voice in the matter weighs that much more. Just remember that it's a rigged game, rigged for your profit. It invariably pays out more quarters than you put into it.......

Love your Liberated Light, 


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Happy, Joyous and Free!

I am on a quest for the Truth. My journey has led me to discover a great deal about myself and the world around me. I have come to see, know and understand many of the great mysteries that eluded me before. Why was I like that before? Why did I have troubles in various aspects of my life? Why did I feel pain and suffering? Why could I not accept or receive Love, nor give it unconditionally? These are but a few of the questions I have had, there are more of course, but the point is... I want to know!I have always looked at babies with fascination as they are so open and receptive, as well as filled with knowledge. I wonder what they could tell us if they could speak immediately after being born? WOuld they tell us of the wonders of it all? There has been research into near-death experiences, but could there possibly be research that could discover what new-life experience is like? Perhaps... But for now, I look at babies with continued awe. Look into their eyes, into the depths of their knowing and you can see it. Past the subterfuge, created by unknowing parents bent on doing the best they can to raise a child in the world today.

They know, babies do... I can see it in their eyes. This is what I am remembering. I am remembering a time, a place where Love is all there is. There is no fear, anger, hatred, violence, greed and deception. Where compassion, joy and bliss are the natural states of being and all recognize that. Where people are connected in Spirit and long to help one another, as though helping themselves. A place where all is perfect and right knowledge prevails.

This place does exist as a dimensional reality, I am certain of this. However, the current situation in the world today has precluded most from seeing this. To say that it has happened over time and from acceptance by most participants is true, I believe. However, I don’t believe that is all there is. I have come to see that we can bring that dimension into our current reality, a “Heaven on Earth” as it were, just by shifting our awareness to the higher frequencies. By cleansing ourselves of the detritus built up over a lifetime of unconscious acceptance to the way things are.

This is what my journey is all about. Reclamation of my Soul Sovereignty and non-acceptance of the current state of affairs. I refuse to believe any more that the way things appear to be is the way it is going to stay. By healing myself with Soul Retrieval, I am coming into a wholeness of being that is showing the way to continued growth and healing. I am working the energy as it comes in, questioning why things are happening and being guided to the answers.

This is truly an unplugging from the Matrix as it were, a knowing that I can and will make a difference in my life and a knowing that if I live my life to my Soul’s Purpose, it will be a happy, joyous and fulfilling experience. It is always exciting, and as long as I stay in Love and Kindness and Total Personal Responsibility, I am better able to interact with the world around me. In fact, carrying the peaceful vibrations seems to have an impact on those around me and they too have begun to experience things differently.

So, I continue... And know, deep inside I know this is the right path. It is liberating... Far more liberating than other paths I have walked in my life. Actually, the other paths I followed degraded my energy so much as to require a great amount of healing and work. This is what I am writing about... The breaking free of the “Norm” to become the authentic expression of my Soul. So, it is challenging... and to some it may sound as though I am sick or depressed or any other societal/medical definitions. But therein lies the conundrum, this is what I am trying to break free of.

There was a time many years ago, that I turned to my doctor and said I was having problems adjusting to a traumatic experience, stacked upon other traumatic experiences. She pulled out a questionnaire and left me alone to answer the questions. 30 minutes went by... you know doctor’s offices, and when she returned looked at the answers and proclaimed “you have clinical depression”... She whipped out the prescription pad and voila, I was to be cured! Take these and we’ll reconnect in a month. But be sure to come in immediately if you are feeling angry, suicidal, aggressive or otherwise not right... Wow...

Dutifully, I took the remedy... What happened. Well, it actually got worse for a while. I did have suicidal thoughts, I was angry and aggressive and was actually worse off and kinda scared. I called, got appointment and out came the pad again. Marc, Prozac is not going to work for you, but don’t worry we will try this... and if that doesn’t work, then there are other pills that we can try...

Well, suffice to say... Eventually I got to the place where I was numb. The pills took out the highs and lows and I was just numb. Nothing really mattered and I DIDN’T HAVE MY POWER... That went on for a while, but eventually I saw that it wasn’t giving me what I truly needed.

This practice that I have found works. It is based in and promotes SELF-EMPOWERMENT through DIRECT EXPERIENCE. It is holistic and inclusive and I decide what is to be done for my highest good. I am the pilot of this ship... Some days I flounder in rough seas and others the wind is at my back and I cover great distances. But I look back on the last 3 years and my growth has been remarkable. I am different thanI was in so many ways.

I am happy, joyous and free. Even during the challenging times I prevail... Because of my effort, my insights and my quest for the Truth. I am getting better, stronger and vibrant. This I like, this I love... My life is perfect in all ways and I am so thankful and grateful. Thank you Creator!!!!!

Blessings everyone!

Love and Kindness, Marc

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The Emergence of Beauty

Slowly the beginnings awaken.

The blossoming of the new heart, the emergence of the trusting, wide perspective; the emergence of the new human.  A vessel for the Soul, aligned and connected consciously to the host planet, to all-that-is, to the inner desires of the Omniverse, filtered through and attended to by the unique focal point of one specific soul incarnate: YOU.

This awakening is tribal in nature.  You become one of a collective.  Your ways are refined and innately shared; you pick up on the ways of being of your fellow-tribe members and you identify beyond traditional boundaries.  Knowing full well that eventually this tribe will emerge and be a viable and visible social matrix for organizing customs, culture and societies—for now it is simply HOME.

The longer you reside in this new dimensional space, the more you will naturally synchronize your creative actions and your specific “take” on what is needed in such a way as to harmonize and further amplify the beauty of the whole.  This thriving of the new earth organisms is innate and magnificently wise.  There is a collective knowing of what will benefit the emergent forms you are tipping into and what will allow the energies of all of you –a collective which is continually expanding and amassing—to network and cultivate the social matrix, the energetic matrix the communication matrixes that externalize and manifest your inner belonging.

Normally in a moment such as these, there would be much singing and dancing!

Are you taking the time to celebrate?  There have been more and more invitations to recognize this glorious moment of dimensional ascension and to take the beauty of the afternoon, for example, as a liberal and specific invitation to you to go out into delight and be happy~!

There is much to be proud of and anticipating of.

Next to where you are now there is already unfolding a new movement in which your tribe is gathering and setting up camp.  You may or may not be involved in an actual physical move.  This will come forth and be clear to you.  Many of you are already in the places you chose for this existence.  Many geographic spaces are being adjusted—by weather, by storms, by fires, by the shifting of the earth’s plates—to allow for a fresh start and even more amazingly!  To allow for old energies from within the earth in some areas, to surface and once again swirl and round-up those for whom these energetic blueprints or configurations will be a familiar and reminiscent place to create a home.

Matter comes into being knowing its purpose in these spaces and you will naturally notice when driving in your car, or walking, that when you enter these geographic areas that the energy feels so much better to you.  Enter these spaces often and ground yourself in these new and old energies which are available now for you to find your way and feed yourselves. 

There will be virtual and physical communities.  You will have physical and non-physical connections that create and sustain you as a matrix of relationships informed by all-that-is and also specifically mirroring that unique energy and perspective which you have brought through in this lifetimes in this specific existence for the purpose of ascending the planetary unified field and ka-boom!  Exponentially expanding the Omniverse at the same time.

It’s quite an experience.  For those of us who are non-physical, who can easily see the vectors of creative energy and track their “landing” the anticipation of our collective experience of this moment of full manifestation is immense.  We are here to call into your awareness this astonishing “future” of your ongoing creativity; so that you might approach these days of bringing your physical form into alignment with the enthusiasm and positive expectation of a powerful creator playing in form. 

Remember my beloved beings of light and love—you are the doorways to this transformation for all-that-is.  You, your combined and unique amalgamation of perspective and form, as you continue your dance, attuning more and more to the cosmic music that longs to experience this renewal of the Gods on Earth—are imagining and creating what we all long to experience through you.

The new beginnings of our unified consciousness are bringing more beauty into the world in which you live.  And as you continually attune yourself to the vibration of love, to the realization of the interconnectedness of al-that-is and to your own divine and perfect perspective, the more you will realize and radiate that beauty.

The ordered essence of the world in which you live being brought forth; that is what beauty is.  And as you awaken to your own divinity, your self-love brings forth the order into visible form, and also allows you to recognize it in all that you encounter. 

Through this, time—the specific time/space point which is the unified field of the Earth plane—and timelessness, are connected; the mystery of the multi-dimensional human soul revealed.

We are filled with anticipation and joy in this knowledge!  We are Ashira.

© 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications http://www.expectwonderful.com – You are free to share, copy, distribute and display the work under the following conditions: You must give author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work.  For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get the permission of the copyright holder.  Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by the author.

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Akashic Records on Planet Earth

Can you explain what is going on with the planet as far as changes and shifts, and how they are related to 2012? 

Planet Earth is changing in a way that is similar to the way that human beings are changing.  Just as humans are moving through Enlightenment, Planet Earth is moving through Enlightenment.  You cannot do this without one another.  Because Enlightenment means returning to the Light that you originally were before you were ever human.  Being human means living in a limited physical body and being limited by time and space.  Planet Earth is in exactly the same position.  Your ability to live as a human, as a soul who is temporarily limited by time and space, relies on Planet Earth existing or having a similar contract that you have.  Both you as a human and Planet Earth, as a Planet, have the same contract -- you have agreed to be limited by time and space temporarily in order to have a particular kind of experience. 

An individual human cannot be held in third dimension without help.  You need many other beings doing the same thing along with you to create enough momentum, including a being who has agreed to be Planet Earth.  Planet Earth cannot do it on her own either.  In order to be a planet, she needs many other beings to support the squeeze into the time space continuum.  All of you are in community together and your contracts have been intertwined.  So as you as a human being, as all of you move through Enlightenment, and you slowly but surely remember who you really are and find ways to hold that higher dimensional awareness in your physical body, in your physical being, Planet Earth does the same thing.  In fact, she initiated the shift.  In some ways she has been ahead of you all in this.  The changes you are seeing in Planet Earth, many of you are experiencing changes that are energetic.  Many of you are finding yourselves feeling a different vibration from Planet Earth than you ever have before.  Many of you have a different kind of relationship with Planet Earth than you have ever had before. 

There are also physical changes.  Most of the physical changes occurring on Planet Earth are occurring on the surface and they are based on what human beings have created and what effects human beings need to experience in order to evolve.  There are some changes deeper in the planet, but they are changes that were set in motion when the planet began its existence.  The end of a planet is written in the moment the planet first comes into existence.  Scientists, such as astronomers and geologists, understand this very well.  The very forces that were set in motion when the planet was created are the same forces that eventually will spell its demise.  There is a careful balance of heat and gravity holding the planet in place. 

The physical changes you will see on Planet Earth are based on recent environmental changes, such as pollution-based climate change, and tectonic shifting that has been operating for many millions of years.  A change did occur to set in motion the potential for 2012.  In early 2006, a deep shift occurred in the Earth's mantle that has caused a ripple effect that will slowly, over the course of about 50 to 70 years, emerge as increasing Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other geologic events.  What you are likely to see, and you are already beginning to see, is a flurry of geologic activity on Earth's surface.  You will see clusters of Earthquakes occurring.  Earthquakes always occur in clusters, but they are usually at a low grade or low level so they are not apparent to the average person.  Scientists have been aware of this dynamic of Earthquake clustering across the world.  You will start to see much larger Earthquakes based on that deep shift that happened in the mantle in 2006. 

It is related to 2012 in that human beings requested, at a soul level, all human beings together requested that Planet Earth help uphold experiences that will lead you to awakening.  When that shift occurred in Planet Earth, energetically it was like her heart opened a little bit more than usual and dedicated something to all of you.  The physical ripple effects of that include more Earthquakes that are larger and they are going to occur specifically where human beings live.  They are going to occur, as you have seen in the last year, right in the heart of population centers.  This is part of the potential for 2012, though it occurs over many years rather than just in that one year.

You are going to see more events in population centers because humanity has requested help from Planet Earth.  When these large, natural disasters occur, humanity wakes up a little more.  You are constantly monitoring yourselves as a human family at a soul level, to make sure that you can shift and expand and evolve as much as possible without trauma.  But, because of the nature of human beings, and because some of you are a little slower to awaken than others, sometimes you need to be shaken awake.  We are not saying people who are shaken in an Earthquake are shaken awake.  Often it is the people far away whose hearts suddenly open, who suddenly feel aware of people who are suffering in other parts of the world and aware of your connection to those people despite the difference.  That is the awakening of Enlightenment that both humans and Earth are doing together.

Would it be a good idea to leave major urban centers and move to the country during the time of these Earth changes? 

For some of you it will be useful and for others it will not.  The dynamic that always held true for human beings will continue to hold true -- each of you has an individual calling and there are certain places on Planet Earth where you are meant to be in particular moments.  What you are going to find as an individual is that it becomes more and more clear to you that you need to move or you need to stay somewhere based on your own intuition and on the events that unfold in your life to lead you. 

Instead of giving a general rule, we are going to remind you that no one knows better than you do where you need to be.  Some of you have a contract to be present for a natural disaster and you will be called or summoned, you will be drawn to, or you will just accidentally find yourself in the location where you need to be when that disaster occurs. 

Others of you have a contract to be away from a disaster, even if it is going to happen in your city.  You will find you happen to be somewhere else on the day that the disaster occurs.  There is no way you can control this logically.  Your conscious self does not control this.  It is negotiated by your soul and the souls of everyone around you, including Planet Earth.  The best thing you can do is to follow your intuition.  If you feel called to be somewhere, then go.  If you keep trying to make something happen, if you keep trying to live in a certain place and it is just not working, notice where you are drawn to live; notice where things flow more easily.  Do your best to answer the calling and trust that your higher self will ensure that you are where you need to be when you need to be there. 

Is the new Earth in the process of being created?  Does the transition to the new Earth exclude our current physical bodies?  Will humans have a choice between living on the new Earth and moving to ascend? 

The new Earth is in the process of being created just like the new version of humanity is in the process of being created.  It is not something separate from you.  The new Earth is not something separate from the old Earth.  It is a new, lighter, more evolved version and it does not happen in a single step, it happens in slow, deliberate stages, at all levels of existence -- from the physical to the ethereal, from the minute to the massive.  The Earth has been evolving and developing into what you might call the new Earth for about 30 years now.  Human beings only just began to catch up about 15 or 20 years ago.  Human beings' relationship with Planet Earth depends somewhat on who you are individually, but overall, humanity has had a contract with Earth that together you would hold yourselves in third dimension, that Planet Earth would support humanity physically and energetically.  The contract is that Planet Earth would support all of you and you would love Planet Earth in return.  Is that not a lovely contract?  She supports you, you love her and everything is equal.  That is equal.  That is the perfect payment.  It is the perfect balance. 

That contract of support and love continues but you are all together slowly releasing your contract to hold one another in third dimension.  That means for some of you who, at a soul level, wish to continue to exist in third dimensional lives will need to incarnate somewhere else.  After the lifetime you are living now, when you reincarnate somewhere, you will choose a location in the universe where you can be supported in a fully third dimensional experience.  If you have more to learn, if you want to try new things, if you just love the delicious limitations of time and space, you will incarnate somewhere else.  The thing that is becoming evident on Planet Earth is that this planet is shifting to support a third and fifth dimensional experience for human beings.  That means that the human beings will be most comfortable here and will continue to reincarnate here are human beings who remember more of who they really are, who are able to maintain their memories of past lives, able to see energy and shift energy more readily with their intention even as they play in a third dimensional body. 

The new Earth is supporting what you would call a hybrid, though it is really just a less limited third dimensional experience.  As always, any soul who no longer wants to live a third dimensional experience can simply not reincarnate in a third dimensional body.  That has always been true.  The only thing that is changing is that it will be less and less comfortable for a soul to be here if they are not shifting into fifth dimensional awareness.  This world will make less and less sense to them and they will find themselves struggling to maintain a solely third dimensional experience.  Just as always, there are infinite possibilities for where you can go and what you can do in this universe.  Those souls will simply incarnate somewhere else.  It is important to know that there is not good or bad here.  There is no qualification.  You do not get to stay on Planet Earth if you pass a certain test or if you evolve a certain amount.  You do not get to leave Planet Earth or have to leave Planet Earth for any of the similar reasons.  It is simply a matter of choice, at your highest level as a soul, you are always choosing where you want to be and what kinds of experiences you want to have.  That will remain true.  It is not a judgment on whether you are good or bad or whether you qualify. (March 2010)

Copyright © Akashic Transformations 2005 - 2008 All rights reserved.

The Monthly Message Preview was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith, M.A. Permission is given to copy and redistribute the Messages Previews provided that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author, and it is freely distributed. http://www.akashictransformations.com

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Funny how it seems……

...that my life if changing in ways I never imagined it would. Circumstances led me to rebirth Moorelife, only to have it then take second seat to the urge to write again. It's as if life itself has decided that writing is good, and is silently making arrangements not to disturb me so I can devote all my efforts to that one task. Not that I mind....

Channeling my future Self writing the novel, and got as far as over two hundred pages last night before calling it a night and relaxing with the movie the Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock as the lady who takes in a very peculiar young man. He could only take his school tests orally, but wasn't stupid at all, at least that was what his teachers eventually found out. And, he played a nasty game of football, American style!

While watching it, I kept musing on the relationship between preferences and love. Is Love more than the number of preferences anyone fulfills for you, or does that sound loveless? Or does it depend on what these preferences make you want to do? Aren't you in fact loving the various aspects of yourself, as reflected to you by your environment? If so, what was daughter Collins reflecting that made her feel very much like the main character of my novel. Was it just a pretty face,

or does such a pretty picture trigger billions of other neurons that in themselves only bear a limited relevance to the face? Am I looking at actress Lily Collins, or the daughter of the family she played in the Blind Side, or at the Highest One I could possibly perceive in this holographic collection of features?  Because I'm pretty sure that the mere image is just an echo of an echo of something far more: over the years I've liked a lot, loved even more, but something has never changed: there was an ever-present entity there, worthy of my Love. And even now, as it is becoming perfectly clear where I'm going, who I'm going to get close to, it still feels like it could have been AnyOne, Anyplace, Anytime....

Love your Light,


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"We cannot live the afternoon of life
according to the program of life's morning;
for what in the morning was true
will in evening become a lie."

~C.G. Jung

"Can it then be that what we call
is fluid and elastic?

It evolves, strikes a different balance
with every breath."

~Wayne Muller

[my caps]

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Life’s Gifts and Life’s Tragedies – Making sense of it all

We begin today a three-part series:

Life's Gifts and Life's Tragedies - Making sense of it all

Last week, in previewing this series, I offered the observation that there are people who believe that certain other people "deserve" to have pain and suffering in their life. A few years ago there were those who even said that AIDS was "God's punishment" for lives in ways that were not in accordance with God's Will. Others have made the same argument about different forms of pain and suffering. It's God's Will. It's God's punishment.

Is that how it works? People do "bad" things and God punishes them? He gives them pain and suffering here on earth, then sends them to hell after they die?

What about the pain and suffering of wonderful people, like my grandmother, who suffered a stroke and lived the last years of her life in much suffering and debilitation? What was God's purpose there?

The earthquake in Chile three weeks ago is what brought this all up for me again---and the tsunami in Hawaii that "never was," even though for a while there we all thought (my wife and I were on the Big Island at the time) that we were in major trouble...

Why were some people in harm's way, and others not? How does Fate decide these things? Is there some rhyme or reason? Is there some point or purpose?

No. There is not, and we must become clear that there is not. Not in the sense that most people mean when they think of there being some "point" to it all.

For there to be some "point," there would have to be a person, a being, who would GIVE it all a "point." There is no such person or being. Some people disagree with me on this. They say that the Person or Being is God. I am saying that God is not a "person" or "being," with likes and dislikes, frustrations and resentments, a need to judge and a need to punish, and an agenda for humankind and for each person on the earth.

I am suggesting to you that "God" is an ineffable Essence-what the Upanishads call Brahman-that permeates the Universe; that IS the Universe, and all things, seen and unseen. I am suggesting that Brahman is Pure Intelligence, and that Brahman is a Process. I am suggesting that it is the Process called Life.

Life does not have a preference about how Life expresses Itself. Life always was, is now, and always will be---therefore Life is not worried about the thing we call "death," and demonstrates no concern about it. If you die, you die. If you live, you live. In both cases you continue to Be.

You cannot NOT Be, and therefore Life (God) has no concern, worry, or agitation about whether you are going to Be or not. Nor does Life have a preference in the matter of how your Being is expressed. Only you do. Because you think that you Are, and the truth is, you Are Not.

That is, you think that you are "you," and the truth is you are not who you think you are, you are not "you," but rather, that which comprises you. The "you" that you think you are is merely a conglomeration of that which comprises you, globbed together in a particular form. Put in CwG terms: You are an Individuation of Divinity, a Singularization of The Singularity. You are a Process, not a Person. And that Process will continue forever. It is called Life. In this case, Life manifesting in the form that you call "you."

Even that form is not a form for more than one millionth of a nano-second. That's why I have said "you are a Process, not a Person." The "you" that You Are is constantly changing form. Like a flame burning atop a candle. Is the flame the same flame in Hour 2 as it was in Hour 1? It is the same flame even from moment to moment? No. It cannot be. By the very nature of what the flame IS, the flame is not. For the flame burns itself out even as it is being what it is. It is thus ending its Present Form in every Present Moment.

A flame is the outward manifestation of the using up of fuel. When the fuel is gone, the flame disappears. In the case of Who You Are, the fuel is never gone, so the flame that is You never disappears. Yet it equally never stays the same. In this sense, "you" are not. You are only what you are Right Now. And then, Right Now. And then, Right Now. You can't stay the same for even one one-millionth of a nano-second. So who are you, anyway...?

There is a continuity to "you," even though "you" are different and changing in every moment. What is this Continuity? Is it Atman (the Soul)? If so, does Atman have a role to play in determining whether you die in an earthquake or are one of those spared in the "tsunami that never was"? What determines who lives and who dies?

I am going to give you a startling answer to that question. There is no such thing as `living' and `dying.' One might as well ask, "What determines who is `being' and who is not `being.'?" Yet nothing is not Being, therefore there is nothing and no one `determining' who is being and who is not.

Okay, you might say. But certainly there is such a thing as changing form. We may all live forever, we may all Always Be, but who or what determines the Form that we take from time to time? Those who died in the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile lived on, but changed Forms. Those who lived through the "tsunami that never was" in Hawaii lived on in the same Form. Who or what decides which Form the Beingness takes from time to time?

I am going to give you a startling answer to that question. There is no such thing as `time,' therefore the Being that You Are takes All Forms At Once. It is merely a question of which Form you are paying attention to, which Form you are choosing to experience, in that part of Always that you call Now.

The Formulation of Brahman that called itself the people in Haiti and Chile who "died" in the earthquakes focused its attention on physicalization and de-physicalization (that is, "living" and "dying") in the way that it did during those earthquakes in order that Brahman Itself might Know Itself in Its Own Experience AS THAT.

This is all part of a holy process that CwG calls "God godding", or, if you please, Brahman Being. Being what? Being everything. All at once. Being life. Being death. Being good. Being bad. Being fast, being slow; being up, being down; being big, being small; being male, being female; being all of It. Being, literally, All Of ItSelf All At Once.

Phew. Okaaaay...

So what does that mean about how we, here and now, are experiencing life? You tell me.

No, I mean that literally. You tell me. By your thoughts, your words, and your actions, you tell me, every day of your life, what that means. You are also telling yourself. You are literally telling your own mind what to think about all this. You're doing it right now. Watch yourself. You are reading this, and you are telling your own Mind what to think about what you're reading. Or, you are saying to yourself, "I just don't know what to think."

Translation: Nothing has any meaning save the meaning you give it.

Now, let me say here that I embrace the Upanishadic tradition and teaching of Atman---the Soul; a part of us that lives forever, retaining its Essence and dropping its Individual Expression of that Essence during Samadhi (Oneness with the All), then picking up its Individual Expression again, then dropping it again, over and over through all Eternity in a Divine Rhythm that perpetuates Perpetuity Itself.

I embrace the notion that the purpose of it all is to allow God to know Itself in its own experience, as I have said before. This is done through the process of Individual Souls evolving and experiencing more and more of what they Always Are. I believe that Souls pick and create the Right and Perfect circumstances allowing them to do this.

To put all this simply, some Souls "die" and some Souls "live" because it is perfect for them to do that in that portion of All Time that they call Right Here, Right Now. When they "die" they realize that they have not "died" at all, but continue living forever. Then they decide (after reemerging from the moment of Samadhi) what aspect of Who They Are they wish next to experience---either as their "old self" (the person they were before they "died") or as a new and other self (the concept known as reincarnation as another individual being).

Explaining this further, I understand that souls have the ability to return to the Timeline of Forever Always at any point, in any Form they wish---including the Form they just left behind. Put simply, you can live as the "you" that you imagine your Self to be again and again, experiencing Life in a hundred thousand different moments in a hundred thousand different ways, until you have experienced and expressed the Self in this particular Form at the level of absolute Divinity. And even then you can keep coming back to experience that as long as you wish.

Or...you can come back in another Form (i.e., as another person) and experience Life in that Form as many times as you wish. You ultimately realize that you are Life in All Forms All The Time. You are Always All, and you are All All Ways.

In other words, you are God, godding.

Okay, that's a lot of esoterics for one week. But how to make any of that work for us in any practical way during This Life, Here and Now? That is the question. And that's what we'll look at in Part II of this series, next week.

In the meantime, suggested reading: HOME WITH GOD IN A LIFE THAT NEVER ENDS.

Love and Hugs,

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Born Again, and Again, and Again…

by Owen Waters

Have you ever wondered how many incarnations make up a complete set of human experience here on earth? To many, the answer comes as quite a shock.

The older you get in this life, the closer you come to gaining mastery over the main lessons of this particular life. These are lessons that you planned at a soul level before you were born. When you look back on your life, it sometimes seems that it all went by in a flash.It seems like just yesterday that you were still young enough to feel like you knew a lot about life. Now you’re older, and you’ve learned much more since, it become obvious that there’s a whole lot more to human life than anyone can learn or experience in one short incarnation.

When I lived in Los Angeles in the 1980’s, I used to look forward to visiting a past life regressionist every Tuesday afternoon. Once a week for several months, I’d be guided into a deep, altered state and recall scenes from whichever past life my soul consciousness wanted me to discover next.

Eventually, after many weeks, the novelty wore off, but I was always amazed at the wide variety of experiences that I’ve been through to build a good understanding of the experience of being a physical human on Planet Earth.

Gaining a wide-ranging experience of all the varieties of human living with its triumphs and failures takes a lot more than one life. Typically, a complete tour of human experience on earth takes 288 incarnations.

That’s a shocker, isn’t it?

Here we are, living in a culture which, for the most part, believes that this one life is all there is. Meanwhile, the real situation is that we’ve been around the wheel of reincarnation more times than we care to remember.

Here’s why there are as many as 288 lives in a complete set of human experience. There are twelve astrological signs and twelve stages of reincarnatory life experience. These stages of experience range all the way from ‘Inexperienced Human’ to ‘Mastery of the Human Experience.’ So far, that amount of variety requires 12 times 12, or 144, lives.

Then, there is the need to experience both the yin and yang versions of everything, which is typically achieved by making the choice to be either male or female for each incarnation. When you multiply 144 times 2, it equals 288.

Sooner or later, the young and inexperienced soul becomes, in human terms, an ‘old soul.’ Then, they start tying up the loose ends in their own history of experiences in preparation for graduation into the next stage of experience in the long and fascinating journey back to the ultimate source from which we all came.


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Owen Waters is the author of "Freedom of the Spirit: Four Powerful Steps to Spiritual Freedom". This deeply insightful e-book combines some of today's most proven and time-tested spiritual practices into one powerful and effective package.

Available for immediate download at:

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How To Stop Absorbing The Energy of Others

How do you constructively deal with intuitive empathy? What practical methods can you employ to avoid becoming overamped or depleted? I'm going to present some strategies I use. Try them. See which appeal. One is not more preferable than another. Most important is if your choice works.

Walk away

Let's say you're chatting with a man you've just met at a conference and your energy starts bottoming out. Here's how to tell if you're being zapped: Don't hesitate to politely excuse yourself; move at least twenty feet from him (outside the range of his energy field). If you receive immediate relief, there's your answer. Most people are oblivious to how their energy impacts others. Even energy vampires--people who feed off your energy to compensate for a lack of their own--aren't generally intending to sap you yet still they do. Obnoxious or meek, vampires come in all forms. Watch out for them. For years, reluctant to hurt anyone's feelings, I needlessly endured these types of situations and suffered. How many of us are so loathe to appear rude that a raving maniac can be right in our face, and still we don't budge for fear of offending? Whenever possible--if your well-being feels at risk with an individual or group--give yourself permission to make a tactful and swift exit. In a spot, physically removing yourself is a sure quick solution.

Shield yourself

A handy form of protection many people use, including healers with trying patients, involves visualizing an envelope of white light (or any color you feel imparts power) around your entire body. Think of it as a shield that blocks out negativity or physical discomfort but allows what's positive to filter in. For instance, your sister is on the rampage. She's about to blow up; you don't want her anger to shatter you. Now--take a deep breath, center yourself, engage your shield. Literally picture it forming a fail-safe barrier around you which deactivates anger. It simply can't get to you. Shielding is a deliberately defensive technique aimed at guarding your feelings, not repressing them. It works by establishing a perimeter of protection around you that functionally doesn't permit harm in.

Practice vulnerability

One tenet of my spiritual practice is to remain as vulnerable as I can to everything; not to shield, the antithesis of defense. Some people prefer my strategy, some don't. Use it if it succeeds for you. Here's the premise (not madness) behind this: if we solidify our bond to our inner self, we'll become centered enough not to need to defend at all. Thus, the best protection turns out to be no protection--a stance that initially alarmed me. It didn't seem possible I could do hands-on energy work with someone who had cancer or depression, for example, without absorbing their symptoms myself. But it was. What could be more liberating than to find I could hold my own and still remain open! Too often we're taught to equate vulnerability with weakness. Not so. I like being vulnerable and also strong. This disarms people. To me, the appeal of such an approach is that it's a non-fear-based way of living in the world. It requires that, increasingly, you harmonize with whatever you confront, let it flow through you, then recenter again, stabilized by your own resilience. Pace yourself. A vulnerable posture will feel safer the stronger you get. It is a choice and a life-long practice.


To cement your inner bond and hold your center in any situation, I recommend a daily practice of meditation where you focus on the spirit within. Doing so gets you into the habit of connecting with yourself. Start with a few minutes, then gradually increase the duration. The technique is simple: follow your breath and explore the silence. It is not void or empty; that's the mystery. As thoughts come, and they will, continue to refocus on your breath. Every inhalation. Every exhalation. The spaces between thoughts are where your spirit waits to be discovered. There is something real in there worth finding. My spirit feels like a core of head-to-toe warmth vertically aligned though the center of my body. Imbued in the warmth itself is an intelligence and intuitive responsiveness to my rhythms and questions. It speaks only truth, which resonates like a chiming in every cell. Silently become acquainted with your spirit. You can return to it to reinforce who you really are--not just the self you present to the world, but that part of you that is timeless. Make room to pursue it.

You can also see the video of this message here

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