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Saying Goodbye

a message from Cheryl Richardson     Sunday, 25 March, 2012  (posted 28 March, 2012) “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” -Little Orphan Annie Saying goodbye. It’s something we all do at various times in our...

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Change Direction: How to shift a downward spiral

Cheryl Richardson We all have those days when life hands us one frustration after another, as though we’ve been possessed by some kind of negative force that brings mayhem to even the simplest tasks.  I’m sure you know what I mean.  You’re run...

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Notice Where You Are: How to stop rushing through life

a message from Cheryl Richardson Monday, 25 October, 2010 (posted 26 October, 2010)

“We must be completely present for what we are doing, without sacrificing or rushing what’s in front of us in order to get to ‘more important’ stuff later...

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Spontaneous Wisdom: 10/10/10 lists that make life better

a message from Cheryl Richardson

Monday, 11 October, 2010 

As I sat down to write this week’s newsletter, I realized that today is a special day.  A special date, actually.  It’s 10/10/10....

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Life Preserver: How to save someone

a message from Cheryl Richardson

Monday, 13 September, 2010  (posted 19 September, 2010)

I’ve just finished teaching our Movers & Shakers workshop in Toronto and wanted to send a brief newsl...

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Life Review: What’s new and good in your life?

Scanning across this, I figured: "Oeh, this looks like a plan",  And I just love to wing it.  But still, it might not hurt to read it completely once I'm done posting it.....


a message from Cheryl Ric...

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Finding Work – Three ideas to earn income

Personally, the  whole process described here feels tacky to me (especially step 3), but that's  just my weird hangup. Since it could help others around here, I'm still posting it.....

Love your Talents,


a messa...

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Tiny Treats: The secret to a good life

a message from Cheryl Richardson

Sunday, 1 August, 2010  (posted 4 August, 2010)

I’m just getting back (late last night) from a trip to Italy with Michael.  It was our first real vaca...

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Food for Thought: More on food as a doorway

a message from Cheryl Richardson

Monday, 26 July, 2010  (posted 30 July, 2010)

Last week I shared some of the lessons I learned during Geneen Roth’s web retreat (author of Women Food and God).&n...

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Solution-Focused: Put your energy to good use

a message from Cheryl Richardson

Sunday, 11 July, 2010  (posted 20 July, 2010)

This week, after taking some time off to spend with a friend visiting from London,...

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The Graduate: Lessons to live by

a message from Cheryl Richardson

Monday, 5 July, 2010  (posted 16 July, 2010)

This week’s newsletter is one I run every year around this time. It’s for students who are graduating (and for...

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Soul Treats: Are you giving yourself enough?

a message from Cheryl Richardson

Monday, 28 June, 2010  (posted 12 July, 2010)

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Today has been a much-needed lazy day. My calendar was clear. I was comm...

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Affirm Your Life: Get into the driver’s seat

Read the following quote from Louise Hay:

"Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation for your future."

Now think about. Really think about it. If each of us spent one entire day noticing our thoughts and words, chances are we'd be a little concerned about the future we're creating. For most people, negative thinking and talking is a way of life. But not anymore, thanks to Louise Hay.

Louise has just published a new book called, Experience Your Good Now: Learning to Use Affirmations. It contains everything you need to know - and I mean everything - about developing an affirmation practice, so I won't go into details here. She's the master of this process and I suggest you buy the book, study it from cover to cover, and listen to the CD (that comes with the book) every night for a minimum of thirty days. When you do, you'll discover the following benefits and so much more...

* Starting and finishing your day with affirmations sets up a tone of self-care that permeates every area of your life.

* You train your mind to look for what's good and you end up drawing more good toward you.

* You feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

* You stay focused on the specific areas of your life that most need your attention and they improve.

* You begin to see evidence that your thoughts really do have power.

* You develop an unbendable faith in the power of your thoughts to direct the course of your life. As a result, you no longer feel like a victim to outside forces. You remember who's in the driver's seat.

* You become much nicer to be around ☺.

Two years ago I stepped up my commitment to use affirmations by spending my mornings writing, reading, and imagining them coming to life. It's made an enormous difference in the quality of each day and I know it will for you, too. So, to help you get started, here are a few of my favorites...

My life is a constant stream of miracles.

Abundance flows into my life in surprising and miraculous ways every day.

I love my home and my home loves me.

I enjoy a passionate, loving, kind, and co-creative relationship with the people who matter most.

I feel God's presence in my life every moment of every day.

Now it's your turn. Check out Louise's book, here. It's the best ten dollars you'll spend ☺.

Take Action Challenge

Start by creating five specific affirmations that either affirm what you want more of in your life or what you want less of. Then, write, read, and repeat them throughout the day. 

This week's video is a beautiful example of affirmations in action! We need to teach every child how to do this. You can find the video here. Thanks to Andrea for sending it to us!

Life Makeover for the Year 2009(sm) is written and produced by Cheryl Richardson.© Copyright 1999-2009 Cheryl Richardson, P.O. Box 13, Newburyport, MA 01950, www.cherylrichardson.com. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Have a question for Cheryl? Call in during her live Internet radio show -- Coach on Call -- on the Internet at www.hayhouseradio.com. The show airs live on Mondays at 5pm ET (2pm PT) and is replayed throughout the week.

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