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Christ Michael Aton April 28 2015

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Monjoronson Talks About Population & Earth Changes

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Universal Service of Light – Michael and Sananda


30 November 2011

Channeler: Michael Xavier

Christ Michael: Good evening children this is Christ Michael as I welcome you all to this platform tonight that has been implemented to bring a greater level of awareness of universal...

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By Adama thru Johan Nov 14, 2011 - 6:25:16 AM

After a weekend full of gathering Knowledge through different channels, electonically and spiritually, I felt the need to lay down or redraw myself for a while, but quickly found ...

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The Borning of a Rising New Consciousness – Ashtar Sheran


22 September 2011

The Borning of a Rising New Consciousness Asthar Sheran

Beloved Sons of Light, I am Ashtar Sheran and I come hereby to speak to the inner vibrations of your being. Pay attention to your inner work a...

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Message from Christ Michael, Archangel Metatron, Mother Mary

Dear Ones I am Christ Michael and I come to tell you that the cleanup will be heavy (in vibrational issues from all directions and levels), look around you.
And look the cleanup been completed effectively and in severe way , we will not tolerate more injustice, we will not be more flexible with the unjust forces of dark on the earth.

And you too, do the cleaning in your interior home , clean all corners. 
Do not let any negative influence remove your eyes from the truth and light in your hearts.

Pass this message to other lightworkers, I ask you my dearly children open your eyes and use your spiritual senses, to know where it comes from the energy flow that plagues this time of transition and change from the inside out and from outside- inside.

Gaia needs more than ever of your minds, eyes and pure hearts.
I say pure in the sense of truth and not in the sense that everything is a sea of rose.
Be lucid and watch your step and beware of the antics of your ego.
In love and truth I leave you in the light!

Namas Selah

Beloved as we have said in other posts, we ask you to come together in mind and love and do your part which is to grow light, radiate light from your hearts and be a beacon of light and believe it.
Your reality is this.
The father/mother creator endowed you of this property iridescent of love, peace and light, continue lighting and radiating light wherever you walk.
Send love and light to Gaia, she needs this to help restructure her DNA,do not think that the earth is not a being of light live in full development, it has all the property you have in your bodies of flesh, and also evolves as each one of you.
Dear heavenly glimpses of the father/mother, nurture your bodies and your frequencies with love and light. I know that we're all asking this to you since many years and we count on your divinity christ awakened, so is what you really are.

In love and truth, I let you in the vibration of the Source of universal love!

I am Metatron in you and for you.

Nam Selah

Beloved children of light, I salute you, I am Mother Mary.

I come to warn you, so pay attention, many messages are being delivered in my name and they are not truly mine.
My dear children, I cry when I see you succumbed to the false lenses of the ego , please my angels, feel the messages with the eyes of the spirit and with your heart open. The cultivation of your spiritual properties are your responsibilities and we can not do it for you, be steadfast in the light, not discouraged , not faint in your faith in the divine light that dwells within you.
I, like all other beings of light, we live inside of you in the form of vibrations, so my children, do not lose the truth focus on the light and love.
Unfortunately many lightworkers throw stones in the brothers, thinking that because they are lightworkers they are better than their brethren who are not awake. Do not be deceived by the false light that your ego transmits as well my beloved archangel Michael already told you about , be awake by the vibration of Christ inside you.
When I was among you at the time of Galilee, I also went through evolution, my part as a human being as I realized with divine purpose, which is the same for you all. Which is to open your hearts to the Light of Christ which resides in your DNA, involve your mother earth with all the love in your souls and bodies because she needs this energy for her growth, do it by universal love that lives within you, and for mercy on behalf of all mankind and the universe.

In love and truth I leave you with a kiss of love in your hearts and souls!

I am your Mother, Queen of Heaven and Peace

So it is!

Channeling of the Group We are Light in Action in 05/20/2010


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A message from the past…..

short history...
We, who have been following Christ Michael (CM) and His agenda as given through www.abundanthope.com have been given a message that states that all is ready for the big change.  Offers have been made to the dark ones to defect to the light and some, if not many, have taken Him up on this offer.
The most recently pertinent message can be found at:  http://abundanthope.net/pages/Candace_6/Things-are-Getting-HOT.shtml
I strongly urge you to read this message and to study the history of this as far as possible.  I have been following this thing for three years and after all the delays and disappointments it looks like it's ready to kick off!whatever you may think...if this is true [and i believe it is...but that's me]
a heads up would be nice, don't you think?
so read the post at AH.
this will be your heads up, so don't say you didn't get one or didn't know.
if you don't read this...you didn't want to know.
I've been able to develop a working relationship wiith CM
[you could too, if you tried.....]
and this is what he gave me...
[this post can be found at:  http://abundanthope.net/pages/Others_28/Two-Messages-From-Christ-Michael-thru-folks-on-AHS.shtml   ]
as follows..a message from Christ Michael/ATON through Kibo:
CM here  how are you?

[Hard to say...excited and hesitant at the same time i guess.  Want this to be it and still, it’s a big deal.  But it has to come this time, doesn’t it?]


There is, as stated before, little to wait on.  We have offered this last opportunity for the dark to come across to our side of the tracks.  All is ready.  Presentations are being made as we speak.

The seven days could turn out to be more.  We will judge the reaction of the peoples and the remaining dark and act accordingly.  There will be nothing to fear and we fully expect most business to stop as people come to learn the truth of their situation.  We shall encourage necessary services to continue and for criminal activity to stop, as well as curtail any military action.  Interest in these things should fall away as the truth of what is and what is coming is revealed.  There are those that will turn to you and others at Abundanthope support for personal answers.  It will help them to know someone that they consider an insider.  They will, at that point, be much more inclined to believe.  There will be times when we will suggest to some that you are the ones to call to allay their fears.  This will be by design so wonder not that these things have happened.  Some of you have possible candidates for team members that have been less than open minded.  It will be hard for them to remain so when there are two suns in the sky and announcements being made on every channel!

I am urging you to share this communication.  You have been reluctant to do so in the past, feeling that it would serve no purpose in an already crowded field.  I assure you that this is not so.  This is a time for Divine expression through all open frequencies that serve the Light and Love of The One.  Stop feeling unworthy and share yourself in a deeper form than you have.  No one is here at AH by accident.  All is by design.  All of you have special gifts to share and now is the time to share them.  We encourage all of you to hold greater faith in yourselves as expressions of My Self and of Source.  Your unique personalities, the gifts you bring to the table are wanted and needed.  This is the time for all of you to be strong; to stand together in Light and show your love.

Your doubt is not a matter of disbelief, but a matter of wanting to see this event with your own eyes; to finally have proof.  As Thomas needed to feel the wounds instead of just seeing them, and yet, was he not one of the chosen disciples?

So it is with you.

Through all of the delays and disappointments, you have stayed to support My Plan, My agenda, My hope and dream for all of you, and I thank you for your faith in the face of all opposition.  You are My dear children who have heard the call and answered in faith.  I cannot love one above another but I can say ‘Thank You’ to those that strive so hard to see me as I AM and serve The Will of The One as best they can.

So I give of myself to you and share with you these words of support to you, My beloved friends.  The only promise that I can make to you is that we will all see this through, together.  Your beautiful Gaia will see her day and her light will shine throughout my universe of Nebadon.

This is just the beginning of many wonderful and marvelous things as Nebadon continues to evolve to be settled in Light and Life.  An awesome and amazing journey which we shall all take together and even afterwards shall there be infinite and eternal life and service in The One.


The Big –headed Cheese of Nebadon in sunglasses

[i don’t want to call you big-headed, it seems, wrong]

It’s okay...a private joke.  Keep it in, please

[sigh – i won’t get in trouble?]

Why?  Overly sensitive people will understand...let’s stop now before you take the fun out of it.

[okay, okay, thanks Boss.  Love ya!]

I love you too, little one....until next time.

3/2/10  2116 hrs cst

so you tell me...what do you think?
I believe
I know
that it is time for lightworkers everywere
to stand up and be counted
if you are reding these words
this means you, too!
love and light to all everyone everything everywhere
love the site 'Dre
you made a great choice!

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WE the PEOPLE…Founders Think, Speak and Act Now!

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Monjoronson Talks About Population & Earth Changes

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